Hire PHP developers for cost benefits, expertise, flexibility and lots more..

You need not have everything in-house. Business demands your attention at all levels. You need to be looking at finance, marketing, supply chain and a host of other tasks at the same time. It’s best to leave the technology to the experts. Well, if your next web project is in the pipeline, hire PHP developers for the task and you can then handle the more pressing business issues that require your personal attention. PHP development today is so evolved and PHP developers ensure that your website is built with all the recent trends and development options in mind.

Here’s why you should hire PHP developers:

Hire PHP developers for cost benefits, expertise, flexibility and lots more..


Expertise today supersedes the need for cost reduction

Hire PHP developers for cost benefits, expertise, flexibility and lots more..

Hiring developers either by outsourcing and offshoring generally triggers a sense of cost cutting. Well, that being true, it’s no longer the only valid reason for hiring talent elsewhere (other than in house resources). Well, dedicated technology experts can give you a solution that is current, trending and future ready.

Cost reduction also matters though

When you hire PHP developers you definitely will get a cost advantage. Expert services at a almost 50% reduction in cost is almost alluring. Well, think about your budget. Hiring by outsourcing is a great option for those with a tight budget. PHP is open source and developers customizing it can definitely afford reduced costs.

Keeping up with Technology changes

Hire PHP developers for cost benefits, expertise, flexibility and lots more..

Technology experts can think about technology and you can concentrate on the business issues that require your attention. PHP and all such web development technologies change every now and then. A dedicated hired resource will definitely help keep up with these changes and ensure that your website is upto date and as per current trends.

Flexibility and Follow the sun advantage

Hire PHP developers for cost benefits, expertise, flexibility and lots more..

If you decide to outsource, you can effectively implement the follow the sun model. This means that if your business targets a global customer base, you can provide them with support and services on a 24/7 basis without having your employees to work nights. It’s a great way to conduct business bringing it closer to customers and more accessible.

You can concentrate on business

Hire PHP developers for cost benefits, expertise, flexibility and lots more..

You can then divert your attention to other aspects of your business. Finances, suppliers, customers, market research, sales, profits etc. there are plenty of business processes that need your exclusive attention. Concentrate on these aspects of your business and leave the technology to the PHP experts!

Getting the right resources to do the development work will ensure that you have a robust solution for your web requirements. If PHP is your choice of technology for web development, ensure that you hire the best PHP developers for the project at hand.

CMS Web Development Usability Guidelines

Using a Content Management System out of the box would definitely invite some usability issues. Well, there are plenty who do use a CMS out of the box, but there are plenty of opportunities where you can tweak a few things here and there and improve the usability of your website.

CMS Web Development Usability Guidelines


















Here are a few usability tips based on general usability principles for your website:

Everything that is not necessary – leave it out!

















User interface is the most important part of your website, and if there is a single element that you perceive as unnecessary – remove it or leave it out from the design. There are some CMS that have excess of functionalities on the home page for example – but if it is not useful for your end user, leave it out! You can Use CSS to hide stuff if you have to, but clean up the user interface.

Keep the users independent of the complexities

Powerful CMS, Complex CMS, Highly Secure CMS – users don’t care! They care about visiting a website and getting things done! Well, if those criteria were used by you to select a CMS – great – it’s good for a business. But leave the customers out.

Speak the language of the users

Your website is your virtual salesman. It should be able to communicate in the language that your customers will understand – make it so. Use terminologies that a user will understand – no technical jargons, unless you are targeting a technical audience.

Know and understand your users

Find out whom you are creating the website for. CMS development with the end users in mind will definitely grow popular with your customers. Ensure that it’s easy to use and intuitive and leads the customer from one step to another.

Using natural mappings is a good idea

Using a mapping where the user interface mimics the action, is a great idea. Also, remember that a good interface mirrors the thinking of the end user and provides users with the most ideal navigation or tasks to be performed on the website.


Build a user interface with consistency across pages, screens and various components. This would include navigation, buttons that require clicks from users, form controls, text styling, links styling, layout of the forms, terminology used on the pages, etc. Users will instantly know where to go next and can relate things instantly.

Effective home page

Creating an effective home page is about the best thing you could do to improve the usability of your CMS. Well, do not clutter it with unnecessary things- graphics, animations, videos etc. make sure that your home page reflects your business completely. It should have just the right features to lead the customers to the right inner pages. The pages they are looking for!

Usability is essential for your website. If CMS development is what you choose for your next web project, ensure that you include the right elements of usability on your website and leave out the clutter!

8 Ways in Which SharePoint Development Can Help Your Business Succeed

One of the top business collaboration resources today, Sharepoint provides businesses with many features to improve efficiency and work more effectively. Sharepoint has been around since 2001 but has only gained lot of traction with 2007. With SharePoint 2010 and 2013, more and more businesses have turned to this technology and have started to harness the power of this powerful resource for their business growth.

SharePoint Development

User Experience

SharePoint has a very familiar interface which greatly enhances user experience. SharePoint development is tightly integrated with the desktop applications that users are already familiar with – this provides users with a consistent user experience. This greatly simplifies how users interact with and process business data. This eases out a lot of tasks for businesses and users or employed can quickly adapt to this technology.

Business Activities Simplified

SharePoint offers out of the box work flows for initiating, tracking and reporting common business activities. Document review and approval and issue tracking can be easily accomplished. There is no coding required. Well, tight integration with client applications like email and web browsers make things easier for employees.

Regulatory Requirements

SharePoint enables business users to set security settings, storage policies and auditing policies. It also allows you to set expiration action for business records. Compliance and regulations in business become more and more easy. Business information can be controlled and managed more effectively.

Content Management

Intranet and internet site content can be easily updated and submitted. Even Multilingual content can be easily managed via new document library templates that are specially designed to maintain the different versions and translations of a single document.

Access to business data

With SharePoint, users can gain easy access to business information and data. Enterprise level Managed document repositories enable businesses to store their business critical data in one central location which can be easily accessed by employees at any time.

Accelerate shared business processes

Smart electronic forms can be used and web browser functionalities can be used for critical business functions. Accurate and consistent data can be easily collected and manual data errors can be eliminated.

Sensitive information protection

Real time data can be accessed and sensitive information can be effectively protected with the help of SharePoint portals. Proprietary information can also be safeguarded and access to such information prevented.

SharePoint poses a lot of opportunities for businesses to take advantage of. SharePoint Development enables you to create interactive, live business intelligence and give users a single place for locating and using and accessing business data more effectively. Centralized management systems are gaining more and more importance in the business world today. Getting the right features to integrate with your existing systems is a great way to ease the adaptation of SharePoint into your existing business functions. Custom applications and familiarity with the infrastructure is what makes SharePoint implementations more and more in demand these days for businesses.

Key Steps Involved In Ecommerce Website Development

Key Steps Involved In Ecommerce Website DevelopmentNo matter how big or small your company is, having an eCommerce website is very crucial to expand your business online. Whether you are a product company or a huge retailer, it is actually good that you started thinking about having an online strategy to effectively market your products and services across the world in least possible time. Taking advantage of eCommerce website can be ideal for any business owner to effectively increase their profit margins and online sales. If you add an additional feature or functionality to your website, you have taken another step to further enhance your website to the next level.

Regardless of what method you chose it is important you follow the below steps for successful ecommerce website development.

Buying the domain name

Every ecommerce website needs a platform and a catchier name that is easy to remember. Do a little research and consider buying a good platform name that is efficient and catchy at the same time. For example, “Amazon” has a right name which is easy to remember and at the same time sounds catchy too.

Selecting the right platform

The next step to consider is the selection of the right platform that will be used. You can build an eCommerce website and shopping cart from scratch. However, this will involve a long development time. The best alternative is to select an already existing platform that is reliable. For instance, there are Shopify, Amazon Webstore and Volusion.

Customization of design

Key Steps Involved In Ecommerce Website Development

You can effectively use and customize the themes that are readily available in these platforms. This is the most important process in eCommerce website development as you can customize your website according to your likes and dislikes. The another important aspect includes having a nice theme color, catchy logo, categories to the products, good landing page and nice images of the items.

Search engine optimization

Now that your site is well designed and developed, the another important aspect is search engine optimization (SEO). As an online business owner, you want to make a good amount of savings in terms of online marketing and this can be achieved via SEO. With SEO, your website will achieve good visibility and many people can easily find you through search engines. Thus, investing in good SEO will help you in long run. The key aspects of SEO includes quality descriptions to the items, well linked and optimized pages, high-quality content etc. This is very important thing to have in a website which will ultimately lead to higher online sales and more profitability.

To conclude, ecommerce website development have contributed to the success of businesses. Building an ecommerce website is quite different from building an ordinary site and leaving your website just like that will fail all your efforts in achieving an online success. This is a continuous process that will go on as long as your business is in existence. So, what keeps you waiting? Contact us today for Ecommerce Website Development…!

Why HTML5 Is Best For Mobile Website Development?

Every individual today possess a smartphone or a tablet. The smartphone users are tremendously increasing at a whopping rate and the growth is estimated to increase by several folds in the coming years. In this smartphone or tablet driven digital environment, businesses are facing challenges of creating and offering their customers a unique mobile experience so as to gain maximum attention from the possible viewers. Now-a-days, smartphone users expect the same kind of website functionality on their mobile devices and HTML5 is the most suitable and robust language that allows businesses to create dynamic web content.

Using HTML5 for Mobile Website Development allows businesses to keep the web pages light and focus on other functionality that can be highly beneficial to the end user. In this blog post, let’s see the reasons as to why HTML5 is most suitable for mobile website development.

Creates rich user experience

HTML5 enables the developers to develop a complete app-like experience with inclusion of rich features and functionality that customers wish today. It’s multi-platform and allows you to reach a global audience with ease. Also, websites developed using HTLM5 allow saving of the data on the local server so that frequent interaction with the backend server is not required. This is why a mobile application development company preferes HTML5 over other languages.

Location based features

Another important feature of HTML5 is that it allows integration of location based features to the browser. Using this feature, it is easy for customers to locate any store near them by clicking on the option like “find near me” and get hold of any special deals and discounts that are available in the nearby stores close to them.

Shopping cart

HTML5 allows easy completion of the check-out process to the end user in just a single step from the page they are currently browsing. This makes the shopping cart functionality much easier and enables the user to checkout conveniently. The businesses should offer simple check-out process to their users as over 75% of all the online purchases never gets completed because of the complicated check-out process and customers thus abandoning their loaded shopping carts.

Enhanced visual and textual detail

HTML5 allows the mobile developers to create websites with high-resolution image galleries and textual detail. The customers can zoom the image and can view the product in more detail like never before. The ability to double tap the image and zoom it for more visual clarity is highly important to create a convenient smartphone experience.

To sum up, if you are a skilled and professional HTML5 development company, you can develop outstanding and out-of-the-box mobile websites that offers customers a great experience and makes their lives far easier. The companies need to focus on this wonderful tool as a part of their business and create mobile apps or websites that are highly beneficial to the user. Have more to share? Leave your views in the comment box below…!

Responsive Design Is Not A Shortcut – Mobile Application Development Is Equally Important

It’s not just about fitting your business on a mobile screen. Today’s businesses require that little extra. Going mobile today includes mobile application development as well as a responsive website. Well, in order to improve customer experience on mobile devices, responsive has become more of a mandate than an option. Native apps however require analysis of business requirements and planning.

Analyze the needs of your business

Responsive Design Is Not A Shortcut – Mobile Application Development Is Equally Important

Lets take an example of a law firm or a consultant who generally works one on one with customers. Using a website to spread awareness of his business makes complete sense. A responsive website in this case will suffice.

On the other hand, if we take a look at some businesses who have user logins, accounts and registrations, or ecommerce websites, taking a twofold approach that includes a responsive website and a native mobile application only makes sense.

The third angle to this is, the previous example of the law firm or consultant need not restrict themselves. Innovative apps that can provide clients with useful information and redirect them to your consultancy or firm could greatly help your business grow.

The point here is that, if mobile is the way to go – do it right! Native mobile apps plus a responsive website could give your business an edge.

Do not use Responsive as a Shortcut to Go Mobile

If cost is a determinant for going mobile, many businesses select the easiest shortcut – responsive web design. Well, the recent shift to mobile shopping, mobile payments and mobile everything.. only implies that businesses need to evaluate their mobile needs. Select the most appropriate part of the business that can go mobile and that will best serve the needs of their customers.

Restaurant apps for example, can provide customers all the relevant information including menus and placing an order for take home or home delivery. This makes sense and justifies the cost of development too.

Other businesses can similarly evaluate the most appropriate business process to create an app for. For everything else, you already have a responsive website that will take care of your mobile customers.

Why Native apps are important

Native apps allow developers to add more functionality to your business app. They take advantage of the native mobile features like GPS or Accelerometer or other mobile hardware. They are thus optimized for performance and can provide your business with the right features. Restaurant location apps etc. are good examples.

Well, not going mobile is like business suicide in today’s world. How you decide to go about it is what matters. Responsive is a definite yes. But native mobile application development requires strategic and meticulous planning. Go mobile the right way and see the difference in your business growth!

Custom iPhone Application Development Benefits For Your Business

Since its inception, iPhone has carved out a huge market for iPhone Development. iPhone one of the most preferred smartphones today offers rich interface and great user experience, making it a great platform for iPhone application development for varied businesses. iPhone development is a revolutionary market to develop various apps for mobile application development companies because it offers flexible development options supporting un-matched applications and software.

Custom iPhone application development allows every businesses to have an industry specific mobile app designed for their distinctive requirements. Customization of the iPhone application is basically done by outsourcing your requirement to a firm that specializes in iPhone application development. The reason for outsourcing your iPhone application development and customization needs is due to the complexities introduced with the new devices and their varied specifications.

According to a recent report from a market research firm it is estimated that with more technological advancements, iPhone application development industry is expected to become more cruical for major business operations around the world. In this blog post, let’s have a look at some of the benefits that custom iPhone application development offers to businesses.


Custom iPhone Application Development Benefits For Your Business










Custom iPhone app development can help in brand awareness of your products and services with added features that offers demos, product information, videos and support to customers who make a product purchase. The custom iPhone app development will also help in generating a loyal customer base with focused branding of your products and services.

Reach wider customers directly via custom apps

Custom iPhone Application Development Benefits For Your Business



















Custom iPhone app development includes outstanding features like mobile analytics and push notifications. The custom iPhone app development enables a strong connection with your customers and helps to cater to their diversified needs and converts them into a potential buyer. The enterprises can reach their customers directly through their custom apps and identify their needs as well as cater to their demands by enabling some more features by tracking the data through the apps.

Secure online transactions over mobile apps

With the rise of mobile apps and customers inclination towards online purchase, it is highly important to encrypt online transactions to eliminate risks like hacking, online theft etc. Custom iPhone app development enables you to have encrytion within your smartphone or tablet app thus ensuring efficient and secure transactions for your customers to make online purchase.

Extremely economical

The other major benefit of custom iPhone application development is that it is extremely economical and within budget for businesses as well as individuals. The reason behind this is that the iPhone development market has become extremely competitive owing to the vast opportunities it offers to the mobile app developers.

Are you looking out to build a custom iPhone app for your business or looking out for a mobile application development company that can cater to your iPhone app requirement and help you develop a robust mobile app. Contact us today for custom iPhone development services and get the best of it…!

Why Developers Should Opt For Newest Technologies in Mobile App Development

The popularity of mobile apps has gained an immense popularity over recent years. Every business regardless of its size and market wish to have an mobile presence to support their business and customers as well as get a wider reach. This in turn is forcing developers to develop an mobile app that offers improved user experience and bring in new aspects within an app. The enthusiasm and demand has taken mobile app development to new dimension altogether.

Why Developers Should Opt For Newest Technologies in Mobile App Development

The users are constantly demanding more from every app. To avoid complacency the developers should implement new technologies, tools and programs such as cross-platform development, Kindle SDK and lots more. However, the extent to which these new technologies are adopted by developers differ based on various criteria. Here we look at few reasons why adopting newer technologies will boost the mobile app development process.

Time horizon

If you select the latest SDK versions and tools for your app development, you will definitely provide more run time for an app on the app store. Consider that Android versions 4.1 and below do not support much apps today. If developers would have opted for a lower version then their run time would be very low. Using the latest tools and SDK versions, the developers can surely extend the shelf life of an app considerably.

Align your app with smartphone features

Newest Technologies in Mobile App Development

The smartphones are getting smarter with each passing day. Developers should include the wonderful features of a smartphone such as camera functions, cloud capabilities, GPS etc. in their app. Aligning your app with these smart features can only happen when the developers embrace new technologies that are designed keeping in mind these unique and innovative smartphone features.

Think about user preferences

Users today adopt new features rapidly provided they get a distinctive user experince. Apps such as WhatsApp, DropBox have completely revolutionized the way individuals interact today. With the help of newer technologies and tools the mobile app developers developed such amazing apps successfully. Use of latest technologies also helps optimize user contextual experience, make use of location based services and other features to provide a deeply customized experience to individual smartphone users.

Opt for cross-platform development

The cross-platform app development that works well across different mobile ecosystems can help companies to achieve higher return on investment. They can also target a wider range of smartphone users that use different mobile operating systems by empowering the use of latest technologies that supports cross-platform development. The latest tools also help developers to build strong apps using web technologies such as HTML5, JavaScript, XML etc.

The businesses can either expand their in-house capabilities or outsource their app requirement to mobile development companies who are well aware about the latest tools and technologies required to develop an app. The app can be developed so that latest technologies can be achieved without significantly impacting the operational cost and stabilizing projected margins. Develop your app compatible with more mobile platforms and achieve higher ROI for your business.

So, what are you waiting for? Contact us today for Mobile App Development…!

.NET Application Development for Various Business Functions

Dot NET Application development helps businesses to adopt a rapid application development strategy. It essentially also allows businesses with opportunities for developing applications for very specific business functions. The platform independent features of this framework enable businesses to integrate their information systems and services more effectively.

Application development before the inception of .NET was done with COM and DNA for the Microsoft platform. These technologies were complex and integration with internet was kind of a task. Well, .Net development can be used for various business functions.

Not limited to these, but here are a few examples of .NET Application Development for various business functions

  • Customer Relationship Management Software (CRM)
  • Accounting Applications
  • Website Development
  • Ecommerce Development
  • Supply management
  • XML Web Services

Well, .NET has a lot to offer businesses a lot of opportunities for development with great features. The main advantages of using the .NET framework are:

  • In case of large applications, .NET greatly reduces the code.
  • The built in Windows Authentication is beneficial to keep the application secure.
  • This server side scripting language processes the code on the server before displaying the results to the browser. Hence speeds up the process.
  • HTML and .NET can be easily blended to create dynamic pages.
  • Asp.Net websites are easy to deploy.
  • It is language independent.
  • Development is WYSIWYG hence easy to grasp

Other than these, .NET provides developers with the freedom to select the language of their choice to create websites or applications.

Languages like J#, C# or VB can be used by skilled .NET developers to create websites or web applications for your businesses. High level of performance can be achieved with .NET, as it has compelling features like JIT compilation or caching services as well as native support. .NET instantly reports any kind of mal functions like memory leaks or unbounded loops, and hence is more efficient and very developer friendly. Developers can easily build highly efficient software using this powerful tool.

The .NET framework meets market demands and enables businesses to work efficiently. It helps you build highly secure and robust web applications that are suitable for businesses.

To be able to create customizations and flexibility is generally spoken of in case of open source software. But ASP.NET as a proprietary of Microsoft does provide great features for customization. It is however essential to find the right .NET developers to get the software just right for your business.

Types of software that are best candidates for off shoring

Offshore software development has been a flourishing industry for the past few decades. The general notion is that off shoring brings significant cost savings. The cost savings are actually the easiest to understand, but the tables are turning and today, off shoring is looked at as a “business solution”. Companies offshore the critical tasks too and some companies even think that getting quality work is the reason for outsourcing. Well, offshore units also have highly skilled and trained software developers in large numbers. Some companies have a follow the sun model of operation and hence prefer part of their software or part of their business to be handled offshore. It simply improves the efficiency of the business.

That said; let’s explore the type of software that are best candidates for off shoring

Web Design and Web development

Web-Design-and-Development Offshore software development












Web design and development is the best candidate for off shoring. It is risk free, there is not remote access required to your business data or servers. You can set a task and ensure that you see the results as clear as they will be in the production environment. You can see the final results and how things will look like and work at every stage of the project. With low security risks and with greater quality work, web design and development are the best candidates for off shoring.

E commerce development

Ecommerce is the most recent addition to the web business’ world. Ecommerce development has been a promising option for outsourcing. Well, it’s a great way to get high quality websites for your eStore at affordable rates.

Mobile application development

Trends have changed and ever since the mobile explosion, mobile apps development is one more addition to the list of good candidates for off shoring software development. Mobile apps are very much in demand and are essential for almost all business verticals. Whether they are used for business processes or for customer experience or pure entertainment. This is the next great opportunity for businesses to offshore software development.

Software testing and Remote Support

Software testing and software support and such other routine tasks can be handled by an offshore firm that can easily provide you with quality work and almost 45-50% cost reduction. Businesses can then concentrate on the more pressing issues that need attention. All the other tasks can be managed by outsourcing or offshoring.
It’s a paradigm shift……

Initially perceived as a great cost saving option, today is seen as an opportunity for businesses to get quality work, business continuation with follow the sun model and other business growth opportunities. Offshoring software development is a great way to fuel better business progression.