How To Choose A Perfect Drupal Theme For Your Website

The demand for Drupal development services are constantly on rise. Drupal, an open source content management system is very popular and extremely active amongst the Drupal community. Thousands of companies worldwide choose Drupal for developing feature rich website to reach the masses. To make your site more attractive you need to consider your options and select a right Drupal theme. Either you can customize a free theme, buy a premium theme, design and develop your own theme or hire a developer to create unique theme for your business.

Drupal Development

With thousands of themes available in the market you have plenty of choices. But in this article, we will see how you can select a right theme for your website to make it more attractive to the masses.

Use and customize a free theme

A free theme is always an obvious choice. You can see the free Drupal themes on live demo websites. Such sites allow you to click and interact with a website running the Drupal theme. As plenty of free themes are available you need not have to be careful when choosing a free theme. Usually, themes are code and you need to select a theme carefully for your site – just select the good ones that suits your business.

Purchase a premium theme

You can buy a premium Drupal theme for your site and if they have some extra features it will make it easier for your to make quick changes when you wish to. But while choosing a premium theme, consider the security standpoint and check whether the theme (the one you have selected) is already in use on various sites out there.

Make your own theme

You can make your own theme at an minimum cost. You will need your company’s logo and color scheme. A good Drupal theme makes it really easy to make changes in the look and if the theme makes use of the color module you can even change all kinds of colors without actually touching the CSS. Even you can upload your own logo. If you wish to do tweaking you need to make a separate sub-theme with some customizations based on the base theme. If you need different fonts just check out collection of free font kits at FontSquirrel.

Hire a Drupal developer

If you are not able to find a suitable theme for your site consider hiring a Drupal developer. If you are sure about what you want the website to look like, you can hire a right Drupal developer within your budget. The Drupal developer will design a custom theme for you site and will also assure that you totally install the theme.

To conclude, Drupal provides many options to select the right theme. If you spend less money and time on your Drupal theme the less flexiblity you’ll have. Either you can select the readily available options – a free theme or buy a cheap premium theme that fits your business perfectly. The more flexibility you wish, the more time and money you’ll need to spend…!

A Sneak Into The Key Benefits Of Building Your Website With WordPress

Does the idea of creating and managing your website bother you? If yes, then WordPress Development Services is an ideal solution for your business. Avail the services of any WordPress development company or hire an freelance resource which will help you create unique business website as per your requirement that are easy to manage. Most of the small and medium sized business are skeptical about managing their website as they think they do not possess the required technical knowledge. But with the advent of WordPress, the market leader in content management system managing and developing websites have become a lot more easier.

WordPress Development Services

Highlighted below are some of the key benefits of using WordPress for website development.

  • There are thousands of themes available in the market for WordPress. The themes allow you to change the design of your website with ease.
  • There are plug-ins available as well which allow you to extend the functionality of your website easily. There are almost more than 10,000 plug-ins available that helps you to add as much functionality to your WordPress site. For instance, social media sharing, photo slideshows etc.

  • The sites developed using WordPress are easy to update. If you create a word document you can publish a new article to your site. Once it is done you can update it anytime you want which will help you to engage your customers and potential visitors on various search engines.

  • WordPress sites are loved by most of the search engines as they are easy to update frequently. Also, the content is tend to be structured well which helps you to get a good ranking as compared to a static website. Google has even suggested and recommended WordPress to develop business websites.

  • WordPress is suggested by almost everyone and a recent survey shows that approximately 8% of the website on the world wide web are run by WordPress. There are thousands of WordPress developers, designers, consultants and enthusiasts to help you if you are stuck up anywhere.

Throughout the world, you can find and locate thousands of WordPress development companies which offers WordPress Development services for small, medium and large enterprises. You can easily find one and outsource your requirement to them and get your website and blogs developed at an affordable cost. WordPress helps the business owners to strike a perfect balance between a costly high design website and a free website. What you really need to think is to develop a website that is properly optimized for search engines and built to bring in new business for you.

WordPress is free, hosting is inexpensive and business owner can get going in a very low budget. Also, thousands of themes and plug-ins are available that can help you to quickly extend the functionality of your website or customize it as per your need without actual knowing the technicalities of how to program!

10 Must Know Reasons To Pick PHP For Website Development

PHP is the most widely recognized language suited for server side development and usually runs on a web server. Its design clarity, various modules and better upkeep of other technologies makes it the most popular language in the web world. Its popularity can be gauged by the fact that many big organizations like Harvard University and the popular social networking site Facebook are based on PHP. The PHP websites can be easily maintained and upgraded from time to time.

The PHP Development India can help you build amazing websites and web applications using PHP. Let us see some of the few reasons of picking PHP for website development.


  • Cross platform: Using PHP cross platform applications can be developed with ease which works excellently on UNIX, LINUX and Windows platforms and interfaces well with MYSQL and Apache.

  • Open source: PHP being open source is absolutely free and easily available. PHP is much simpler language to understand that the rest and gives excellent results.

  • Huge community: PHP has a very large community of developers worldwide. Owing to its extreme popularity you can find good amount of PHP developers, contributors, users etc. If you are wishing to hire PHP developer you can find them easily.

  • Support: You will get number of guidelines and references on internet owing to its popularity. Also, you can register online and find many online forums, support groups, libraries etc. to get you through if you are stuck up somewhere. You can avail support in various multiple languages as well.

  • Quick: PHP is very fast and offers quick turnaround time. When you hire an PHP developer their efficiency and experience brings you fast online solution that you were looking for since very long time.

  • Extensions: PHP is extremely scalable and offers multiple extensions. When you choose to work with PHP you can be rest assured about the results. The results are measurable and helps you to calculate your return on investment and gives you edge your competition as compared to others.

  • High returns: PHP allows the developers to create dynamic websites and ensures participation and better results.

  • Embedding: The most interesting quality of PHP is that it can be embedded into HTML with ease. This makes it easy for the developers to convert an existing static website into a whole new dynamic one.

  • Stability, Flexibility and Speed: Stability, speed and flexibility are the major qualities of PHP which attracts business owners across the globe to choose PHP for their project needs and deeds.

  • Support for other tools: If the business owner wish to access other web-based tools like Google Maps or may be any other tool PHP makes it extremely easy to access.

To conclude, PHP offers huge advantage and adds a value to your website development needs. So, what keeps you waiting? Contact us today for PHP Website Development…!

Overview Of The Services Offered By The Mobile Application Development Company

The mobile application development company works in collaboration with you to define the outline of your application requirements in detail. They have expert mobile application developers and designers to deliver the best application that meets your business specifications. The mobile development firms are efficient to bring the innovation and creativity with technical proficiency to deliver high quality application that meets your expectations. They possess a wide experience in designing and developing the applications for iPhone, iPad, Android and Windows Phone devices. The team identifies the best and appropriate solution for your business and delivers fast and high quality apps on time. Below are the services offered by the mobile application development companies.


iPhone and iPad App Development

There are varied range of services in iPhone app development and every company will possess the team of experienced iPhone developers who are focuses on delivering the right solution to you. They go through a detailed requirement gathering and deliver accurate and consistent app that is compatible with any kind of platform and technology. You’ll get sleek designs, standard quality and high resolution within your budget that your potential visitors will love. The team understands the user perspective and offers different features like Facebook integration, Apple passbook etc. The app allows the user to quickly access the information and services at their convenience as well as allows every company to adapt to the new features of iOS and develop apps suitable for their business.

Android App Development

Android platform offers numerous opportunities to the android developers to create innovative and unique apps with all the technical possibilities. Every mobile development firm possess a team of experienced and professional android developers and designers to create high-end android apps through its complete set of development tools. The team ensures complete customer satisfaction, cost-effective solution, flexible engagement and timely deliveries. They make use of the agile methodology and involves customer interaction and works towards meeting the customer oriented requirements.

Windows App Development

Windows Phone offers the developers a new platform that provides huge benefits over the other mobile networks. Windows Phone integrates easily and cost effectively with the existing Windows based IT infrastructure and closes the gap between the individual to access the critical business information. The individual can access the Windows Phone for both personal and business needs. The Windows apps are developed by the developers in accordance with your business requirement and delivers world class app that meets the customers expectations in an cost effective and flexible way.

To sum up, it’s good to hire the services of the mobile application development company for development of applications irrespective of any platforms within the budget. So, what are you waiting for? Get in touch with us today and avail the above services at an affordable price!

Why Developing An Android Application Is A Good Option?

Ever since Android has been launched its making rapid advancements and news across the globe. More and more people are using Android smartphones and tablets as it offers unique and attractive features. Many Android Application Development Companies in India are exploring lot of opportunities in the Android application development market and are helping businesses by developing an app that attracts prospective clients, visitors and users.

If you are running a business and wish to develop an android application, a number of interesting mobile apps can be developed with the help of this open source framework. You can create customized applications, mobile games and many other projects with this amazing framework. In other words, it’s a new generation operating system that runs on Linux and provides flexible environment to the android application developers to develop unique and meaningful andriod applications. Here are some of the reasons why developing an android application is a good option.

Platform stability

As Android is based on Linux it will not crash easily. The applications that are developed using android operating system are less likely to crash.

Large developer community support

Since every individual use android platform there is a huge developer community support worldwide. This means that you will find large number of developers who will ensure that the android applications are completely bug free.

Multiple sales options

You can sell your android applications in several ways via the Android App market. You can also sell your apps with the help of third party stores. You can even think about setting your own store. This is the biggest advantage because other popular platforms require sellers to sell via their own stores.

Lucrative return on investment

Android applications are not at all cheap. If you are planning to develop your own mobile app you can hire the android app developer to make the stuff for you and then identify a store that gives you good commission. This way you will be soon making good money by promoting your app effectively.

These days mobile users opt for features, functionality and varied options. To meet their demands you can find good mobile app development partner because they can help you to create an app that will prove a success for your business. You must select a company that has a proven track record of delivering high quality service and are technologically sound. Unless you understand people, their diverse needs and interest and understand why they need your application they will not be able to suggest ways to you in order to improve your application in future. So, what are you waiting for? Contact us today for Android Application Development…!

The Top Content Management Systems Revealed

Content Management Systems have become one of the most powerful web developer’s tools that businesses require these days. But have you ever thought about the need of having a CMS and why it is required? Well, the problem begin when a website went beyond the traditional design and included dynamic and fresh content with live communities. The websites need to be updated on daily basis with different people adding content to the site and some content that is updated automatically via the use of RSS feeds.

CMS Web Development

As there are many CMSes available in the market, we will focus on those that are based on PHP. The advantages of using such CMSes for CMS Web Development include portability, support and large developer community with frequent updates and improvements. In this blog post, we’ll discuss how developers can find the right CMS for web development and will review some of the best CMS’s that will enable you to get started with your own website.


Drupal is a free open source CMS written in PHP and distributed under the General Public License. Drupal’s inbuilt functionality and varied add-on modules provides developers with features such asblogs, electronic commerce, forums, peer-to-peer networking, newsletter, podcasting, picture galleries, file uploads and downloads and much more.

Installing Drupal is quite easy. All you need to do it is just create a MYSQL database, upload the Drupal package to the web server following the onscreen instructions via the web browser and configure your new site. Once you have done with it you can select from hundreds of free themes or modules and start tweaking your site and adding content.


Joomla is an open source CMS platform for publishing content as a MVC web application framework that allows developers to built complex websites and web applications with ease. It is built upon PHP and MySQL. It is free and can be used to developinventory control systems, custom product catalogs, integrated ecommerce systems, reservation systems etc.

Joomla CMS has a base of very large developers around the world and its out-of-the-box features includesuser management, media manager, language manager, contact management, polls, search, template management, web services, banner management, web link management, content management and lots more!

The installation process is quite similar to Drupal. Just create a MYSQL database, upload the Joomla files to the web server and follow the onscreen instructions. Then customize your installations, select themes and post some content.


PHPNuke is a automated web-based news publishing and CMS system based on PHP and MySQL. It enables editors and visitors to post various articles. The registered users can comment on the articles using full-featured PHPNuke commenting system. Like Joomla and Drupal, PHPNuke consists of many out-of-the-box features includingadvertising, content, downloads, FAQ, feedback, forums, news, private messages, statistics, surveys, web links etc.

Installation of PHP is similar to Drupal and Joomla with only difference that you’ve to first buy the software before you actually begin the installation process. After that simply create a database on your web host, upload the software, follow the instructions and once that’s done log-in and start tweaking to your new site.


WordPress is an open source content management system widely used as a blog publishing application and is very popular today. With thousands of WordPress sites live today, it is supported by a community of large developers and provides features such asspam protection, comments, easy importing, workflow, bookmarklets, wordpress pages and links, wordpress themes, full user registration, intelligent text formatting, multiple authors, password protected posts, easy installation and upgrades etc.

If you want to use this CMS just download the software and if you do not wish to host the CMS on your own web host then simply sign up on the WordPress site and use their resources and servers to host your site or blog. Also, create a new MySQL database but the difference here is that you have to edit wp-config.php and add the database details you have just created. Once are done with that upload the file with all the other WordPress files to the web server and use the browser for the rest of the installation process.

So, what are you waiting for? Contact us today for CMS Web Development…!

Affordable Android Application Development From Grey Matter India Technologies

The smartphones and tablets are used by every individual these days. Be it iPhone, Android or Windows Mobile smartphones enables users to perform numerous tasks with ease. Android is the most popular and leading operating system used by the major brands such as Samsung, HTC etc. Android provides a comprehensive set of libraries, multi-media user interface and various features to develop a mobile application. In addition to this, Android allows third-party development services and hosts a myriad of applications.

Android Application Development

Android Application Development covers a vast categories like business, travel, location based applications, games, entertainment etc. Android being an open source in nature enables the developers to create attractive and meaningful applications. There are many android development companies and freelance android developers who provide android application development services at an affordable cost. The marketing of the application developed on android platform is very easy too. Here are some of the benefits you can avail by hiring an experienced android developer from a company:

  • The android application development companies possess a good amount of experience in developing innovative and useful mobile applications. They are well-versed with the Andriod SDK, APIs, security architecture, design, testing etc. for creating high quality applications. Once the development process is finished the application goes through a testing process and if any kind of problem is there it is rectified in the earlier stage itself.
  • The android development companies can effectively meet the project deadlines. The companies possess a good amount of professional and experience developers who can simultaneously work on multiple projects to achieve the desired results in a very short span of time.

  • The android development companies are expert in understanding the android market and can help you to develop an effective marketing strategy in order to promote your app at a global platform.

  • The companies possess a good understanding about the Android platform and have successfully developed many applications in the past for their varied customers. By checking their portfolio you can get an detail idea about their capabilities. More successful applications means they have the expertise to effectively build your andriod application and will not waste your precious time and money.

  • Having well versed with the Android SDK the android application development companies will able to improve the functionality of the existing android application and the android handset.

To conclude, if you are looking for security, independence, versatility and benefits then Android is the right platform for you. The android application development will not only monetize your application but will also create a cross connectivity between various applications. So, what keeps you waiting? Contact us today for Android Application Development Services…!

Magento Development – The Best Ecommerce Platform To Expand Your Online Business

Magento is one of the excellent open source ecommerce platform that help businesses to build online store having out-of-the-box features and functionality and helps increase sales as well as revenues of the online business. Today, it is extremely necessary for the business merchants to have an online presence. Magento Development India can help the businesses worldwide to build robust and dynamic online stores and functional shopping cart system that you are looking for.

Magento Development India

Many online business owners prefer Magento platform for their ecommerce needs as it offers numerous features and benefits as well as help them improve their brand image and productivity. It is true that Magento stands strong in technological market and offers effective solution for all the ecommerce needs. In this blog post, let us discuss the reasons as to why Magento is the first choice of the business owners for development of their ecommerce online store.

Open Source

Being an open source ecommerce platform the developers find it easy and comfortable to upgrade the product for free without even searching for other options. This means your product gets updated from time to time without much hassle.

SEO Friendly

Magento is very SEO friendly and ensures your website crawls on the top of the search engines. With the help of this feature you can see a vast improvement in the rankings of your ecommerce site. Also, there will be an increase in the online traffic thus leading to improved sales of your estore. This feature makes Magento one of the preferred choice for building ecommerce websites.

Multi-site Functions

With the help of Magento you can easily manage and connect one online store to another. Hence, the business owners can enjoy benefits because with the help of one admin panel they can easily manage multiple online stores with ease. Magento allows to add a maximum of 10 online stores to your existing ecommerce website. The customers can switch among the various online stores, place an order and complete the online transaction without any problem. Also, you can generate reports of the various online stores with ease and that is why Magento is highly recommended by the ecommerce store owners across the globe.

Numerous Extensions

Magento offers number of extensions including Google Analytics, WYSIWYG Editor and lots more. The extensions help you to display the products in different style and decrease the loading time of the web portal. This will entice the customers to your ecommerce website and keep them connected with your business. So, Magento offers countless extensions which will surely help your online business in many ways.

To conclude, the above mentioned points are some of the key reasons as to why Magento is considered the right choice for varied ecommerce needs. Are you willing to have your ecommerce store built using Magento and want to introduce your products or services in the market then get in touch with us today…!

The Services From Internet Marketing Company You Should Opt For

The internet marketing companies offers a whole lot of services unlike what’s commonly perceived. People on the internet browse various things, listen to music, buy various products or services online i.e they react immediately. Hence, you would recognize how it’s very critical for Internet Marketing Company India to properly manipulate all the technical and creative aspects of the internet in order to serve your internet campaigns effectively.

Here are some of the services that internet marketing companies offers:Internet Marketing Company India

Search Engine Optimization(SEO)

This is the process by which the internet marketing companies tries to improve a site’s online visibility and results on various search engines like Google, Bing etc. The most frequent and higher the website appears on the search engines to a particular result the more web searches will refer to it to address a specific goal. SEO is achieved in many ways such as RSS submission, directory submission, content creation etc. All these activities generates more traffic to your site which influences the search engine ranking and overall visibility of your site on the web.

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing makes use of popular web based media and networking site to promote a company or product. It is known as viral marketing at times and involves extensive relationship building. But once you achieve your social marketing tip there is no stopping. Twitting or Facebook post updation is a marketing act and it’s what the social internet marketing companies do in behalf of their clients to reach to the maximum users worldwide and encourage them to re-post and initiate a word-of-mouth marketing.

Web Design

Your website’s looks matters a lot. So keep it natural and aligned with your brand. You can find many professional internet marketing companies who will help you change your website elements to make it more attractive and appealing to the search engines and web users. Also, they can help you to improve your site’s navigation, content, color schemes, logo etc. until such time that the site is fully SEO friendly without compromising your corporate identity or preference.

To sum up, the services of the best internet marketing companies aims at providing only the good results for all their clients regardless of the industry they represent. They are not hard to find and it is advisable that you seize the opportunity to apply all these three services on your site and gain benefits. You’ll see guaranteed results within the first three months of the campaign and have your business reap positive impacts from the internet marketing company India.

So, what are you waiting for? Contact us today and avail the best benefits out of our Internet Marketing Services…!

Best Practices For Offshore Development

Usually, people do not have a positive impression when it comes to outsourcing of their project requirements to Offshore Development Companies. In any part of the world, businesses are always looking for innovative ways to reduce their overall operational costs. Similarly, professional and experienced resources are looking for newer opportunities or projects to work on. Outsourcing your project requirements to an offshore development company has been one of the most successful exercise in the recent times.

Offshore Development Company

The businesses outsource their management or maintenance of their IT infrastructure to the offshore companies or individuals that work on a remote location. The offshore software development can produce excellent and great results when combined with a few of the well-defined practices. In this article, we have highlighted some of the best practices that can help you with the success of your offshore development projects.

Getting Started

It’s always good to get started with the small projects first. Do not outsource your entire project development task to the offshore company at once as this is not a good idea. Instead begin with a smaller project as this will give you a fair idea on the skill set and expertise of the offshore development company. You can later on proceed with the larger projects once you’ve achieved desired results.

Getting Feedback

As an organization, you will not be the only person involved with the offshore development project. Your staff will be using the final product. Therefore, it is advisable that you must consider their opinions on the offshore development team and ask them about their feedback on the project. Getting feedback from your team will ensure that your application is useful and usable. Also, your team can suggest you some useful changes to your project while it is in the early stage of development.

Share your Vision

It is good to maintain a professional and friendly relationship with your offshore development team. You need to communicate with your team on regular basis. Take some time and share your business vision and ask them as well. The business owners and software development professionals can go a long way if they understand and support each other with their needs.


The offshore development projects cannot be completed overnight. You need to decide on a certain deadline or time frame for every aspect of the project and get it completed. However, if the offshore development company fails to meet the deadlines at any phase during the development you must address it immediately. You may find certain issues such as lack of understanding, lack of resources, misunderstood expectations etc. Regardless, of any of these issues you must address it immediately. After all the cooperation from your end if the company does not meet the project deadlines is an indication that their resources are not completely dedicated and working on your project.

To sum up, the aforementioned are certain key practices that can help you gain success with your offshore development project. So, what keeps you waiting? Contact us today for Offshore Development Services…!