Top 5 Benefits of Hiring PHP Development Company

Do you want a web based solution for your business? Are you planning to get a website or web application to add wings to your business? Are you confused about which platform or language to use? Well, benefits of PHP are not hidden anymore! The field of PHP web development is doing great since quite a lot of time now. With each new framework entering the market, it is becoming even stronger, serving businesses and developers across the globe.

PHP Development Company

Whether you want to build a small informative website for your small business or a huge complex robust feature-rich website and web app for your large enterprise, PHP is just the right choice for you. However, if you are planning to do it yourself or get it done from freelancers, it is not a good idea! It will waste your time and money, and still not get the best output.

One wise idea is to hire a PHP development company and get the work done from the expert PHP developers and professional designers. It has a series of benefits as compared to doing it yourself or hiring a freelancer. So, let us take a look over the reasons of hiring a PHP development company for getting a PHP website or web application for your business.

1. High QUALITY work from the experts:
The PHP professionals working in the reputed company are not only highly qualified, but also skilled and talented. So, they have got extensive amount of knowledge of the field and they also remain updated about the latest tools and technologies. So, you will get the work done by the experts resulting into high quality web solution for your business.

2. QUICK and ERROR FREE work from the experienced:
When you hire a web development company, the team has got senior members who have got several years of experience into the field of PHP development. So, they make the use of the tested and proven methodologies which leaves no room for error. As they have been doing the same work since years, they take lesser time to do it as compared to that of the inexperienced.

3. COST EFFECTIVE due to minimal capital expenditure:
If you hire a reliable PHP development company, you will not have to buy work stations and tools. Also, you will not have to incur internet and electricity charges. Summing up all these costs and comparing it with what you will pay to a web development company, you will find out that hiring a company is cost effective.

4. SAVES TIME which you can invest in business:
Rather than spending so much time into research, design and development, it is wiser to let professionals do the same and you can instead work on something more productive, which can help you in growing your business. So, free up your time by hiring PHP development company to build up your website.

5. SUPPORT and MAINTENANCE services post development anytime:
If you hire the best PHP development company, the technical team will offer you 24×7 customer support services, so that even if you get stuck anywhere at any time of the day or night, you will get it sorted then and there. Also, if you want to make modifications or update your website, you can contact the same company and they will do it for you.

Now that you are aware of some of the most important benefits of hiring PHP development company, it is advisable for you to do it at the earliest and get the best web solution for your business so that you can take it to the next level!

A Few Realities You Would Like to Learn About Open Source Development

Today there are plenty of web development platforms available as open source technologies. For example, consider major web development platforms like Magento, WordPress, Joomla, Symfony etc., all these are open source. So what does it mean?

Open Source Development

Open source development is a process of making code accessible to others through a shared platform. Here you allow others to suggest or make improvements in your code in a public space. You can allow your community and users to know what would be the changes to come up in the near time in the software and what not. Here the developers of the software can ask community for help, get suggestions and accept or may be not accept the suggestions for implementation and can even discuss the long term roadmaps with them. Code is released with license so that the contributors or the developers can know what they are allowed to do in the software and what not before they use it.

However, talking about the open source development, there are certain myths existing through a longer period of time. However the reality behind these is completely different or unknown. Let us have a look at some of them.

Myth and Reality 1

Many of them think that keeping their software open source is like giving it away freely for use to others. But this is not true as you still own it and are not giving away its complete control to others. You are not enabling other person or a firm to own your data or services that you are providing to your users.

Myth and Reality 2

For many open source code means security threat to their data. But the reality is that your code is open, it does not mean that your data is insecure. When you are making your software code open source, you are not releasing your data to the public. Yes, there is difference between the two. Do not mix them with each other. Data is responsible for driving your platform but your software code is totally independent of the data.

Myth and Reality 3

For many open source means to give complete freedom to an unknown person to make any change to the software or platform. Reality is that there are a few contributors who have access to and can make changes to the code base as per client requests like fixing of bugs, implementing any changes in the lay out or tasks related to performance boosting. However, even these changes which contributors give are reviewed for quality and maintainability and will undergo several tests before they are actually implemented in the original software code. So, with open source software you need not be worried about its mishandling by an unknown person.

Open source development offers transparency in the development and progress of the software and helps the software to sustain in changing situations like budget change, projects getting dropped out or collapse of the software company.

There are firms that can offer expert services for open source development. Make sure you select an appropriate one to match your needs for developing your software based on the open source platform.

Tips for Designing Mobile Apps for effective Functionality and Usage

In today’s world, the smartphones are no longer a luxury instead they are now a necessity which everyone desires to own for well-communicated lifestyle. Apps are the essential elements of these smart phones which enable users to do much more with their mobile devices. It’s true that the apps are highly popular in the present mobile friendly world but what makes sense to the mobile users is a value-driven app.  An app that is highly attractive and offers rich-set of functionalities is what the users like about a mobile app. Today there are billions of apps available for download by the users and hence, if you want your mobile app to win in this tough competition it should be out-of-the-box type and should be designed well to meet out the user’s criteria. After all it’s the mobile app design that sets the trigger to make your users visit your app and stay connected with it for longer time. A user engaging design with effective functionality can not only attract users to the app but can also retain them to offer better and improved profits to the app owners.

mobile application development

Design of a mobile app can be laid out in two different perspectives – one is UX and the other being the UI. Both user interface as well as user experience play an important part in designing of a mobile app. Not only attractive, your mobile application should also be easy to use and should offer higher user experiences in order to get on to the minds of the users. It’s always a good idea to design mobile app only after analyzing who will be the targeted users of it. Yes, before you take your mobile application development approach to the next level of implementation, you need to thoroughly understand its audience in order to get it just the way your users like it.

Following are a few important criteria one needs to consider when designing a mobile app that offers effective functionality and usage to its users.

Design Your Fonts Better
Wise selection of font attributes like color, size, spacing etc. can have a great impact on the appearance of your app. You need to adjust them accordingly to create outstanding mobile app design with catchy experience for the users.

Easy Navigation
Proper navigation is necessary in order to make your app easily accessible to your users. Complex navigation structures may lead your users to be confused and hence, can reduce its impact on the user who fails to find what he/she was looking for.

Colors should be Pleasing
Color selection for various parts and elements of your app will have a great on its beauty. The right color scheme with right balance of colors without excess can make an app look attractive, eye catchy and more appealing to the users.

Proper Tabs and Buttons are Important
Tabs allow for easy access of the app for the users and hence, should be designed properly so that users can easily make use of them to move out to different parts of the app. Moreover, if you are designing an app you should be careful of designing your buttons for the app such that both right and left handed can use them effectively.

Apart from this, factors like security, image resolution, simplicity and design based on well-defined OS guidelines can play an important role in mobile application development approach. Through agile approach, one can ensure better development process for creation of feature-rich and attractive mobile apps as per the requirements of the businesses.

Top 3 vNext Facts You Just Can’t Afford to Miss!

For everyone who seems confused after reading vNext, here is the answer to your question. ASP.NET vNext is the next version of ASP.NET web framework. This framework unites ASP.NET MVC as well as Web API into one model and it is cross platform. It was going to be called ASP.NET 5.0 on the release. However, now it is going to be named ASP.NET Core 1.0. As it is new for developers, businesses and everyone else, it is important for all to know what is the new framework all about and how will ASP.NET vNext affect everyone. development

Here are a few facts about ASP.NET vNext that everyone needs to know.

1. Combined application models: The best thing about it is that, it combines not only MVC and Web API, but also SignalR and web pages; everything into one framework which is together known as MVC 6. In short, ASP.NET MVC6 goes well with model, view and controller and it does not require System.Web anymore. This is one of the most amazing things, as we are approaching towards the vision of ‘One ASP.NET’ finally and different technologies can use the same code patterns now. This is how Microsoft has taken the world of web application development to the next level.

2. Two CLR versions: When it comes to the ASP.NET framework versions, there are two main versions; one is the regular one, and another is the ‘CoreCLR’, which is known as Core Common Language Runtime. The regular one is known as the Desktop CLR or Full CLR. However, the CoreCLR is the cut down version of the Full CLR, it is open source and it is known for the optimization of high throughput with low memory. It is also known as Cloud Optimized. Both CLR versions are great, but ASP.NET will decide as to which one to choose on the basis of the dependencies needed. These benefits of CoreCLR will allow you to do cross platform deployment and will result into simple deployment models and the problems related to version conflicts will be lesser.

3. New compiler: The new ASP.NET vNext uses ‘Rosyln’ compiler which is written in its own language; for example: C# complier will be written in C#. This technology is super fast and it lets you use the ‘edit and run’ capabilities. It is an open source complier and it is hosted on GIthub. The developers do not need to compile the dot net app and deploy it, as the code files can be deployed and it will be compiled in place. This will be extremely beneficial, as if the deployment method is simple, the way ASP.NET apps are developed and deployed will change.

Now that you are aware of the most important things about ASP.NET vNext, it is advisable to keep these points in mind before you use the framework to develop your next website or application using ASP.NET, so that you can make the most out of it and take your business to the next level in no time.

If you want an app for your business, come to GMI. We have the best development professionals to turn your idea into reality and add wings to your business.

Role of WordPress in the Popularity of PHP

It would not be wrong to say that WordPress is one of the most eminent content management systems built on PHP. Consider any PHP development company offering services for web development these days, maximum of them would be offering WordPress development services because this is what most of the businesses demand for. Most of the enterprises look out for PHP development services based on WordPress because this gives them a competitive advantage as well as benefit of time and cost savings. Developing a corporate website in WordPress would not cost as much as it would with the other platforms and moreover, as it is easy, it would take less time for developers to complete a project and hence, one could get their requirements fulfilled within shortest possible time thereby reducing the time to market for their products and services.

PHP Application Development

What Statistics Say?

According to the recent statistics it has been predicted that more than 2 million websites out there are based on WordPress platform. Even the major groups like The New York Times, eBay, CNN and many more have got their blogging websites built on this popular CMS platform. So, if you are thinking of CMS systems and their wide variety available these days, better consider these statistics to realize the popularity of WordPress in the present technological world.

Creating corporate online presence is very important in the modern internet connected world and hence, WordPress offers a rapid and cost effective solution to meet this requirement of the modern businesses. The platform is based on PHP and hence, indirectly gets fame to PHP as well.

Dependency of WordPress on PHP

WordPress is based totally on PHP and does not require any third party components to support the web development process. Moreover in order to host a WordPress based website, one would require PHP hosting services. Hence, such a dependency on PHP makes WordPress one of the best reasons contributing to the popularity of PHP platform. Even consider the plugins used by WordPress websites, these are developed using the PHP language.

WordPress is popular as blogging tool and hence, question arises here for many that whether this can also be used for development of websites of any kind or not. Answer is yes, WordPress can be used for development of websites but not the complex ecommerce websites which require complex database services. Only small, simple and basic featured websites can be developed with this platform. However, a PHP development company would not consider any platform other than WordPress for development of blogging sites because there’s nothing par this to develop blogs.

Grey Matter India is a popular PHP development company offering quality yet cost effective web development services to meet the needs of businesses across various industrial sectors. The company has got professional and experienced PHP developers who have excellent knowledge of working on different sorts of PHP projects. These developers are capable enough to develop web solutions based on almost any PHP framework to best meet the client requirements.

Top 4 Reasons Your Hospital Needs a Mobile App Today

The world is moving towards mobility, as it has transformed the way we have been living for years. As the mobile phones and apps have made our lives easier, a lot of industries like transport, media and entertainment and travel, to name a few have adopted the use of mobile phones and apps. These industries got success by using mobile apps for business and have observed high rise in customer engagement and revenue. The healthcare industry is also gradually adopting, as easy and quick communication through apps during emergency can save lives. So, the field of healthcare app development is also gaining momentum these days.

mobile application development for healthcare industry

Mobility is extremely important in healthcare industry, as the value is directly related to lives and not money. It contributes the most in improving the level of quality of services. Here are some of the most important mobility trends in healthcare industry.

1. Administrative process: When it comes to managing entire process right from checking in to discharge, there is a lot of hustle. Patients have to call and take appointment, wait for receptionist to answer and manage according to availability of doctor. A mobile app for hospital will help to manage time and information, as patients can check availability of doctors and take an appointment from the app itself and doctors can use the same app to manage their meetings and schedule. A mobile app will help to restructure entire administrative process and manage time and information.

2. Digital health records: Documenting the health records of patient is one of the most important things to do in hospital environment. One of the huge challenges is to store ample amount of information, as it needs huge storage space and retrieving the same when needed. So, using a mobile app to store and retrieve the health records of patients will streamline the process at great scale. Accessing patients’ information from remote locations makes things easier for physicians. Also, the advanced technologies help doctors diagnose severe things like brain stroke with the help of a mobile application.

3. Mobile communications: There are a lot of departments in hospital and a mobile app can collaborate all of them. One mobile app can make the internal communication extremely easy. It can also help people to communicate with people working at another branch of the hospital. This helps a lot of time and serves like a boon in times of emergency.

4. Automated inventory management systems: When it comes to hospitals, there are hundreds of products which need to be stocked and almost all of them come with an expiry date. So, managing the products has always been the most difficult part. Well, the automated inventory management system of a mobile app can help you manage medicines and products.

Now that you are aware of some of the best mobility trends in healthcare industry, it is advisable for you to peep into them and get the most out of it. So, make sure you hire the mobile application development company that offers the best healthcare app development services so as to get the successful app.

How can Retailers benefit from Mobile App Development with Beacons?

Even the retail industry today has got wings to fly, fly in the world of internet in search of more traffic and sales. Yes, retailers are now looking out for mobility solutions like mobile apps for the betterment of their business. In order to remain with the trend and to get hands on the latest technologies for attracting and retaining customers, most of the retailers these days are going for mobile app development, Android and iPhone app development being the priority.

Beacons App Development

Beacons is the emerging technology which can help retail industry in various profitable ways. It’s already being used in several other industries than retail for the purpose of betterment of business and increased customer reachability.

With Beacon technology to help, retailers are now able to help customers find their products more easily while on the go and that too within least possible time. This is because when the user has mobile application of the store downloaded on their device and his Bluetooth is set to on, user will get relevant message about the offers, discounts etc., in the store that is nearby the location of the user. Retailers can also send push notifications to their customers based on their location in the store and hence can help customers make better purchase. These messages will be about the discounts or offers available on the particular products the user is looking to buy and therefore, it will educate and most often lure the customers to buy the product of which they were earlier just looking at without consideration of purchase. Hence, one thing is sure that beacon app development for business can help retailers to overcome the competition by letting customers know about their products and their related offers instantly.

Retailers can go for either Android or iPhone app development with beacon technology in order to catch up with the latest whether it is the platform to be targeted or the technology. Beacon is the future technology that is sure to bring out significant changes in the retail industry in the years to come. The following are some of the benefits that retailers can achieve through beacon app development for their business.

Pick Out Potential Customers
Retailers can now identify and send personalized push messages to the potential customers with Beacons. The technology helps retailers to connect with their customers at a more personal level through their devices and hence, enables them to understand the preferable needs and buying patterns of their potential customers.

Appealing Customer Experience
IoT enabled Beacon technology can improve customer experience for the benefit of the retailers. As the customers are notified of the products they are searching for, Beacons provide an easier and faster way to locate the products of need for the customers. By matching to the customer requirements, retailers can ensure better selling of their products.

Location based Push Notifications
When a customer enters the area nearest to the store, he/she is notified of the current deals of the store through message. Location based notifications are more appealing and have more tendency to attract customers to visit the store for shopping as compared to the routine push messages that are sent for promotion to the customers.

Hence, one thing is for sure here that Beacon app development offers retailers a good opportunity to grab on, to get better leads for their business. Moreover, as it is a future technology, business can get an advantage of getting ahead of its competitors who might yet not be aware of this technology and moreover it can continue to get on better traffic and sales with the help of the technology for a longer period of time from now.

PHP Development in Chicago – Why you need the Best Services?

If you are owning a business in Chicago and want to develop a web application and promote it, then it’s for sure that you will have plenty of options while selecting the website development services for your needs. Yes, there are number of web development companies in Chicago that can provide you affordable services for your PHP application development needs. But, choosing any one of these blindly will not help you in anyway and moreover, will also lead to unnecessary headaches and expenses in the near future. The right way is to select only the best PHP Development Company that can provide application development in Chicago best inclined to your needs as well as in your budget. Hence, it is not just the right company you need, it should also be the best in Chicago, if you want to create an amazing website experience for your customers.

php development company chicago

When you are opting for web application development, you need to get everything right from the basics because in case of any error it will adversely affect your business and might take you back to the drawing board. Moreover, if you want to get the best from one of the most popular programming languages of the world, then you will need the help of the best. Few of the reasons for PHP getting so popular among the web developers is its simplicity, performance, cost effectiveness and ability to easily integrate with other applications.

Only a professional PHP application development company in Chicago will have experts specialized in PHP who can deliver maximum possible value to your project. Such a company will have experience of having built several web applications on PHP for different industrial sectors and hence, will be able to easily respond to your needs. When you hire a professional company you will be assured of the quality of the services you get because professional companies usually have a team of experts working on a single project which may include developers, designers as well as the testers. Such companies will be following strict development rules and standards in their firm and hence, will provide you with effective services for legal and standard web development. Here very few will be the chances for you to get cheated in case of quality and hence, you will be assured of returns for your investments made.

It’s always a good to select the firm that can deliver you services best inclined to your requirements. Such a firm will learn about your needs in detail and then plot a strategy to work out on it to achieve your goals. They will use your requirements to draft out a blueprint to provide you the viable and realistic solutions for your PHP application development needs. Only the professionals will have an idea of the latest technology and hence, by hiring professional PHP Development Company in Chicago you are sure to get the best services for development of your website with the latest technologies and standards. Hence, with the latest technology based web solution, you can surely lead your competitors and get the maximum traffic for betterment of your business.

Top 5 Coercing Reasons your Business Should Have an App

Do you own a business and have a website of your own? Have you been thinking about getting an app developed? Do your customers and well wishers ask why you don’t have an app for your business? Do you think you should go for an app for your business? If answers are yes, you are at the right place. However, how do you think your business or enterprise can benefit from the app? Well, this post is all about the reasons you should get an app for your business. With the advancement in the field of enterprise mobile app development, you have got a lot of options when it comes to a mobile app for your business. You have a lot of platforms, designs and companies to choose from, to get your app developed. However, let us first take a look over some of the most important benefits of mobile application for your business.

Enterprise Application Development

1. You get a chance to provide the best ever user experience to your customers!
Once users download app, it is going to stay on their home screen. So, they can access it easily whenever they want, unlike website which needs a browser and a lot of time to type the name and then search. Your clients can quickly open your app and access the information easily.

2. It is a good way to for better engagement!
Nothing is better promotional tool than your own business app. You can promote your products or services on your app by listing them down on your app along with the proper description. Make sure your content is good enough to convince customers to buy products or services from you.

3. You can track your users using your app!
Once a user downloads your app, you get a chance to track them by analyzing their browsing patterns. You can know if they are happy and content with your app or not. This is the best way to improve yourself and serve your clients in better way.

4. App helps you drive more traffic, get more downloads and more sales!
Once you let users access you easily and improve their browsing experience, it is obvious that even more users will get attracted to your app, which will ultimately increase the number of app downloads, and thus increased sales and revenue.

5. Your competitor has one, and so should you!
The last but certainly not the least, all your competitors have got mobile app for their business and if you want to beat the competition and get ahead of them, you must have an app for your business too. This way you will not only beat the competition, but also will stay on the top of the charts.

Now that you are aware of some of the most important reasons of having an app for your business, you should get one developed at the earliest. There are a lot of enterprise mobile app development companies today in the market. So, it is advisable for you to research and then choose the best company for your app.

Top 3 Factors to Consider While Hiring Zend Development Company

Are you planning to develop a web application for your business? Do you know which the best language to build an app is? Are you thinking to hire the professional app developers? Do you want guidance for all these? If the answers to these questions are yes, you are in the perfect place at the perfect time. PHP has been ruling over the years and will continue to grow when it comes to web application development. Out of all frameworks of PHP, very few match the quality and flexibility of Zend, because of which the field of Zend development is gaining popularity across the globe.

Zend Development

Zend is an open source framework that supports MySQL, IBM DB2, MaraiDB, Microsoft SQL server and Oracle, to name a few. So, it is always a good idea to build your web app using Zend. However, instead of developing it on your own, you must hire Zend developers to give it a professional pat. The professional developers will have several years of experience and expertise in developing apps using Zend. Also, they will have all the knowledge to use the latest tools and technologies. One of the main benefits is that, it will save your time. However, all you need to do is select the company wisely, as there are a lot of companies that provide Zend development services.

Here are a few factors which you must take into the consideration when you hire Zend developers.

  • Background check, Skills and knowledge:
    Never ever rush when it comes to hiring a company. You must check its background first to make sure the company is reliable and reputed. During an interview, ask the questions specific to Zend, so that you come to know the level of knowledge and skills they possess in to the field of Zend development.
  • Passion:
    It is understandable that experience and expertise are important. However, it is not something to advise, as you already know you have to check those things. What you might not know is check their passion. Technologies come and go in a blink of an eye and it is extremely important for developers to remain updated and abreast of all the latest tools and technologies. Only if they are passionate about knowing new things, they can do justice to your project.
  • Feedback:
    You should understand that the seasoned and professional developers who have got extensive amount of knowledge and experience will provide you feedback and suggestions after you share your idea or requirement with them, which will help you to make your idea even better and more suitable for your business. This is an important thing which will help you in selecting the developer for your project.

Now that you are aware of some of the most factors to consider when hiring the Zend developers, make sure you keep these points in mind to select the right Zend development company, so that you end up getting the best app for your business and that too in your preferred timeline.