The Top 4 Non-Technical Reasons to Use Symfony for PHP Development

With so many frameworks available for PHP development, it’s often confusing and a difficult task to choose the relevant one for your web development needs. There are different things one can try to learn in depth about these frameworks, their benefits or disadvantages. For example, reading the documentation available for each of them, learning from the experienced professionals or even trying out using the framework on self-basis can help. There are certain things one can only learn by experience or by using a framework for a longer period of time. Similar is the thing with Symfony framework as well.

Symfony Web Development

There are certain non-technical reasons behind the increasing popularity of Symfony framework. These are the things that are usually left unnoticed but are the most compelling factors that can drive businesses to go for Symfony web development. The present article explains these reasons in detail.

1. Quality Assured:
Since the launch of Symfony, it has been well-adopted as a web development framework by the experts and the scenario today is that it is a well-acclaimed PHP framework loved by the PHP web developers across the world for its reliable web building environment. The framework’s growing references, active community that includes users, developers, integrators and contributors can assure the quality it provides for web development needs.

2. Technology Sure to Stay There:
Sensiolabs is the company that has been standing firm behind Symfony since a decade. Even to this day, the team of SensioLabs relies on this framework for its development needs. Hence, this makes Symfony a reliable tool or technology for web development, which is also assured to stay in for many years to come. Moreover, the framework has got vast developed ecosystem for customer management and provides great support to its users. It’s an open source framework which gives its users freedom of using it for open source as well as proprietary applications development. Hence, the enterprises looking for a reliable technology for their corporate web development needs can opt for Symfony web development as Symfony is the future technology which is assured to stay in the future.

3. Examples of Great Contribution are Already Available:
Symfony web application development is present everywhere. Number of websites and apps have already been developed on Symfony. For example, consider the popular ones like Yahoo, Drupal, DailyMotion, phpBB and Web applications of various types including the general public sites, intranets, community sites, social networks as well as the management applications are relying on Symfony today.
So, as an assuring factor, you already have number of real time websites and apps as examples of great contribution of this framework.

4. Good Support Available:
When opting for web application development with Symfony for your enterprise, you are always assured of getting prompt support from its community in case any kind of problem arises. With readily available works and documentation, one will even find it easy to carry out the Symfony web development process.

For those looking to hire Symfony web development services for web application development for their enterprise, can rely on Grey matter India. GMI has professional and highly experienced Symfony developers who can create fully functional and user engaging web applications for the corporate needs.

Qualities Of The Best iPhone Application Development Companies

In this smart age, smartphones and apps rule the digital! Every business; big or small is keen to get an iPhone app for its business to get a large customer base. So, if you are also planning to get an iPhone app for your business and you are planning to get it done by the professionals, this post is for you, as it focuses on finding the best iPhone application development company.

iPhone Application Development

With time, the competition is getting fierce and the number of agencies providing iOS app development services is soaring high. This is where the million dollar question arises; which company to choose? Well, the app will play an important role in the success or failure of your business. So, it is extremely important for you to choose the right company. Out of so many companies, how will you come to know which one is right for you?

There are a few qualities that will help you know that it is the right one for you. You might feel that every company is offering the same services; so you can choose any of them. No! It is not so. You must look into the qualities and then select the best one. So, let us take a look over some of the qualities of the best iPhone application development company.

1. Good portfolio: While looking out for the company, most people make mistake of asking the experience of company. Well, you must ask since how many years company is into iPhone app development. Also, ask them to show their portfolio. Check the reviews and ratings of those apps. You can also download apps and check how they work. This is will give you complete idea regarding their work.

2. Use of the latest tools and technology: Looking to the portfolio is not enough. The success of the apps developed a few years back does not guarantee the success of your app. The company must have the professionals who have extensive knowledge of the latest tools and technologies and should make the use of the same.

3. Good communication model: A good company will let you be the part of the project and will communicate with you on the timely basis to update you regarding the status of your project.

4. Importance of great look and feel: An experienced company will know the importance of visual appeal of an app and they will design the user friendly app that ensures amazing user experience.

5. Customized app development: A company that understands that no two businesses have same goals and requirements; and that everyone needs a different kind of app is a great company. So, hire a company that is ready to develop your app taking into the consideration your needs and requirements.

Now that you are aware of the qualities of the best iPhone application development company, it is advisable for you to look for these qualities before selecting the agency, so that you end up getting the best app for your business that will help you achieve your business goals. Good luck for the same!

Top 5 Software Development Methodologies

Software development methodologies have become an integral part of the software development process; though not on the technical aspect, but it works the best when it comes to the planning. The software development companies these days make the most out of the software development methodologies. The professionals use them to customize the software development as per their requirements. In short, it is a framework which is used to plan, structure as well as control the information system. There are several methodologies; each with its own benefits and disadvantages. So, you must study all of them before you decide which is the best one; as per your needs. So, let us take a sneak peak over some of the most important software development methodologies here.

custom software development

1. Waterfall Model
This is one of the oldest and commonly used traditional way to develop software; where in the process goes in linear sequential flow which means that a step begins only after the competition of the previous step and that there is no scope of going to the previous steps in case there is a change in requirement. However, it is extremely simple and easy to understand, thus being apt for the beginners. It is extremely easy to manage and it saves a large amount of time. So, it is the best model to choose if you have a small project and if you are extremely clear with the requirements.

2. Prototype Methodology
The process includes developing a prototype solution at first to show the functionalities to client and make the necessary changes, before the actual development of the software. One important benefit of this methodology over waterfall model is that, it solves most issues beforehand, which avoids the risk of failure.

3. Agile Software Development Methodology
This approach allows you to do frequent changes in the development project. It is a conceptual framework that minimizes the risk, as it develops the software in iterations which can range from one week to one month. The best thing about it is that, it responds to the changing requirements.

4. Rapid Application Development
As the name suggests, this methodology focuses on speed. It not only provides quicker results, but also focuses on high quality. The prime focus is to accelerate the entire software development process and active user participation contributes the most in achieving the goal. Also, this methodology reduces the risk as well as efforts of the developers. Moreover, customer feedback opens the room for improvement.

5. Spiral Model
This model starts the development process on the small scale, identifies the risks, makes the plan to handle and reduce the risks and then decides if it is the time to move to the next iteration. It involves large amount of risk analysis which makes it apt for large projects.

Now that you are aware of some of the most important software development methodologies, it is advisable for you to study each of them in detail and then choose the one which suits the best to your needs and requirements. Good luck for the same!

How can You Develop Performance Dashboard Reports for SQL Server 2005?

Before dwelling deep into the SQL Server dashboard report, let us first of all understand what the database dashboard reports are and what to get from them. A database dashboard report is the report built using all the performance aspects for SQL Server instance. These reports help to recognize any performance problems existing on your DB server and thus will help in resolving them earlier. Similarly Microsoft SQL Server 2005 performance dashboard reports are built using the performance aspects of the instance of the SQL Server 2005. However, the requirement here is that the instance being monitored and the management studio client – the tool used to run the reports, both should run on SP2 or later. SP2 or Service Pack 2 is the latest release of SQL Server Management Studio. Performance dashboard reports are the report files that are used with custom reports feature introduced in this release.

sql server database application development

So, what kind of problems do these performance dashboard reports can identify? The most commonly occurring problems like CPU and IO bottlenecks, missing index recommendations, latch contention and blocking are easily identified with these reports.

The question that arises here is from where these reports get this data. Answer is that the information taken in these reports is derived from the dynamic management views of the database. No additional data capture mechanism is needed. This means that information is always readily available for the knowledge of the administrator. The dashboard reports, hence, provide administrators a cheaper mechanism for monitoring their database server.

So, what do you need to do to develop performance dashboard reports for your database server in case its SQL server 2005?

In order to develop performance dashboard reports for SQL server 2005 you initially need to install the SQL Performance Dashboard manually.

However, there are a few pre requisites for this like:

1. You need to have Management Studio installed on the system where you intend to use these reports.
2. Your system should support advanced OS like Windows Server 2003, Windows Vista or Windows XP.
3. Your system should be running SQL Server Service Pack 2 or later.

The Installation Process:
Go to and download the SQL Server performance dashboard reports tool. Click on open or run this program to install it on your system. You can manually install SQL Server 2005 performance dashboard reports and for this you have to go to additional components folder and double click on the relevant file “SQLServer2005_PerformanceDashboard.msi” to run the installation wizard which guides you to the entire installation process step by step.

Once the installation is done you need to make the dashboard reports available to the database administrator and hence, for this you need to copy all the report files with .rdl extension to the custom folder. Then run the setup.sql file on each instance of the SQL server 2005 installed, which you wish to monitor with the dashboard reports. Then open new management studio window and right click on instance name followed by reports and further the custom reports option. Next move to performance dashboard folder located at %\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\90\Tools\PerformanceDashboard. Here you will find the performance_dashboard_main.rdl file, clicking on which will launch the Main Dashboard page which will display the performance report for you. Hence, performance dashboard report is generated.

You can always hire experts to do all these things for you. Yes there are firms that offer professional services for every database need right from SQL Server database application development services to SQL Server QA and testing. Grey matter India is one of those best IT solutions firm offering services for .NET application development to the enterprises so that they can cross-platform, web applications developed for their needs at the ease of database maintenance, with SQL Server services. The company provides complete range of SQL Server 2005 services for database design, development, support, reporting, integration, analysis, QA and testing.

Important Guidelines to Create High Performance Modules for Zend Framework 2

Zend is one of the most popular web application frameworks used by the developers across the world for PHP development. The open source, object-oriented framework has been upgraded for better performance and support for efficient development of PHP based web applications. The latest version of this popular PHP framework is named as the Zend Framework 2 and supports PHP 5.3+ for development of web applications and services. PHP Zend development with this newbie framework in town will be an awesome experience for the developers who can now use some of the coolest features of modern PHP coding like namespaces, lambda functions, closures, late static binding etc.

Zend Development

For a newbie developer, PHP application development with this latest Zend framework 2 would be a thoroughly refreshing and learning experience as they would have to plunge into a new world of PHP application development with large number of resources to explore and number of unexplored territories waiting to be ventured out. However, with basic skills for Zend development, one can possibly and more easily work out to possess efficient skills in ZF2 to create versatile and value adding modules for development of applications.

Following are a few important tips for the newbie developers who are new to the Zend framework 2. These tips will help these developers for the creation of highly efficient and high performance modules for ZF2.

Check Out for Similar Module
Before you start working on your new groundbreaking idea, it is important to check out whether an identical module has already been developed before by someone else. For this you will require running search with appropriate keywords.  If an identical module exists already, then just go for sending pull requests to make the module much better and customized as per your need. This way you can ensure that you are creating an entirely new and unique module altogether.

Add Flexibility to Modules
If you want to create a module which has features configurable to user’s needs, then just add them to the option for configuring them. This way you can easily tailor your modules for a customized configuration.

Create Unit Tests for Modules
In order to ensure that modules you create are well-written and work efficiently without any problems, you need to create unit tests for your modules compulsorily.

Use Service Manager to Create Objects
It is advisable to create most of your objects using service manager during module development process. This will keep things transparent and thus help the developers understand the dependencies among the objects much clearly.

Get Yourself Familiar with Zend 2 Code Conventions
Zned 2 framework has got strict coding conventions just like other PHP frameworks. It is recommended for every developer to get familiar with these conventions for better and errorless coding practice.

Set Only Needed Dependencies
Zend being a modular framework does not require users to download it entirely for resolving dependencies in modules. It is recommended to set only the required dependencies for the ease and convenience of users.

Hence, with above guidelines in mind a developer can create efficient modules for Zend Framework 2. For those looking to develop Zend applications based ZF2 for their entrepreneurial needs, can opt for the help of experts like Brainvire. Brainvire Infotech is a leading web development company in Ahmedabad, India, offering full-fledged services for Zend application development and development of eye-catchy websites based on popular PHP frameworks. The company has experts with years of experience to work on client projects according to their requirements.

Useful Tips for the Retailers – How to Run Multiple Online Stores?

People, Process and Technology are three main pillars of support on which every business is based. Especially, for a retail business that has got multiple retail stores situated at different locations, getting these three things right and intact is very important. Managing and keeping a sync between components across all the retail locations is crucial in order to ensure that the business performs smoothly.

retail web development

This blog presents useful guidelines on people, process and retail web development for the retailers who are planning to start a multi-store and multi-location based retail business. Following are a few important points which can be handy for all the multi-store retail businesses to keep their teams, processes and technologies in line.

Behind every successful business there are people, people who are passionate about their industry and have the right attitude towards their work and employer firm. Hence, if you want to ensure the success of your multi-store retail business, you need to find and hire the right people suitable for your requirements. Though you would hire skillful individuals it’s quite important to train individuals to your process in order to get the maximum output from them.

Best processes make up great firms. So, if you want to get on to the list of successful multi-outlet retail businesses, then you need to ensure that the best practices are followed in your stores. Yes, you need to teach your staff about the right process to do their jobs. Make sure that only the established standard procedures are followed in your stores. Document the same and distribute among your staff for awareness or you can even employ people who can keep everyone moving towards and following the standard work procedures.

Your staff and processes will work smoothly only when you have the right tools or solutions to empower them. Having the right technology for your multi-outlet store is as crucial as having good staff or process. Talking about the technology, you should first of all have web tools for your business like website, mobile app or responsive apps targeted to various devices in order to attract more business by creating awareness of your brand among customers. For this, you will need to find out a retail web development company who can provide you reliable services suitable for your entrepreneurial needs. You can even consult experts for better guidance regarding which platform would be the best for your website development or mobile app development needs.

Following are a few technical tools which can lead your retail business to a sure shot success.

Point-of-sale/Ecommerce Website:
In modern retail world, it is important for a business to sell its products or services across geographical barriers and across multiple channels. Yes, your customers should be able to purchase your products from your ecommerce website from any location, any device and any point of time. For this you need to ire professional POS development or ecommerce web development services.

CRM Software:
Retaining your customers is very important to drive your business to success and a CRM software is the most efficient tool that can help you do this. With CRM software, you can save your customer information, track their purchase history and buying behavior so that you can intimate them with latest offers of their interest in your store. This way you can strengthen your relation with your existing customers and make them come back again and again to your store.

Inventory management software:
Staying on top of inventory with multiple stores at different locations is quite a difficult task. So, multi-outlet retail businesses should have a reliable inventory system that allows to view, track, and update stock levels for several outlets. The software should give a single, updated view of the firm’s inventory.

Technology is a crucial component for smooth functioning of any retail multi-outlet business. So, make sure you find the right software tools for your business and get them developed from a well-established software firm offering competitive retail web development services.

The Recent Trends in Web Development & Their Impact on Businesses

Lots of improvements have taken place in the field of websites and applications development in the past few years. Yes, can you just think of the earlier days when internet and website development was confined to the desktop, when there were no smartphones, when Internet Explorer was the prime web browsing tool for internet browsers and when there were completely different web development methods and technologies to implement.

Web Development

The things have drastically changed in the past few years with mobile applications gaining a significant importance than the web applications. Smartphones and tablets have become the prime internet browsing tools today and are the sources for online shopping. Hence, to keep up with these changing trends even the development methodologies have been changing over the time. The result is better web development methodologies that have greatly impacted the way the business is done.

The question that arises here is why businesses should adopt these changing web trends. Businesses today are adopting the latest trends in order to attract customers. It’s a human nature to get on with the changes and hence, responding to this state-of-the-mind of people, businesses today are moving on with the web development trends to give their customers a positive impression of their brands. These days it is important for a business to have a website as well as online apps supporting every browser and device to sell their products and improve their brand reputation. A responsive website or app is essential for modern businesses to survive in the tough competition and give out a message to the customers that they are not behind the times.

Now let us have a look at a few major changes that have taken place in web development in the recent times and are expected to happen in near future.

Shift towards JavaScript Frameworks
This is the era of JavaScript frameworks that help developers to create client side applications much efficiently and more easily. Today, there is a need for responsive web applications that can compete with native mobile apps and desktop software. So, JavaScript frameworks that help with this are getting popular and are rapidly being adopted by the businesses as well, in order to survive the tough competition and attract more audience to their brand with trending options.

Improved Web Security
Number of security breaches have been witnessed over the past few years and hence, is a major concern for the web developers. Hence, better methodologies are being developed for secure web development and are a must to be implemented by the modern businesses who are focusing on online ecommerce development for better sales and branding.

Growth of HTML, CSS & UX
The recent changes in HTML and CSS can be witnessed in the latest improved HTML5 and CSS3 versions that have made web applications behave like native apps while helping applications become responsive to the various devices. On the other hand, importance of user experience has significantly improved. Users today expect good design, simplicity, easy navigation and intuitive experience from the web application. Hence, for businesses it is important to go for web application development with user experience as a primary factor in order to get better response for their business apps.

Single Page Web Applications
Today, it’s the trend for creating apps for mobile devices and hence, instead of multi-page applications, single page apps are in demand today because these take lesser time to download on mobile devices. Moreover, even navigation and resolution of these single page applications in better than multi-page applications on mobile devices. So, the organizations today are considering single page web applications for their business in order to draw the attention of majority of audience available over mobile phones these days.

Invaluable Benefits of Custom Software for Your Business

Any business that is planning to invest in a software for its corporate needs, should go for a custom software development rather than buying the ready-made off-the-shelf software. A custom software can best fit into the needs of your firm and can give you the desired functionality or performance. But in the case of a packaged software there could be issues regarding the inappropriate or mismatch of the functionality as required for your custom needs. This is because every firm has its own different need and hence, one cannot expect a packaged software to satisfy it as the way a custom software does. Because custom software will be developed considering your requirements, it will surely give you the results as you want and hence, give you better results for your investment made and in turn will also improve the productivity for your business.

Custom Software Development

A customized software is made exclusively for your business and hence, is the best choice for incorporating exclusiveness in your business issues. Let us now have a look at different benefits your business can derive from a custom software.

Go for Changes Anytime
With a custom software developed for your needs, you are always independent regarding the decisions to be taken for your software whether it is for an update or changes to be made for including new tasks or business operations. You do not have to wait for a specific release in order to get new features for your software. You can get them done by a custom software development company at any point of time. So, a lot of time is saved and hence, this can in turn positively impact your ROI.

Guaranteed Satisfaction
With a customized software you are always sure that your business needs are well met because ultimately it’s upon your requirements that the software is built. It would be a great difficulty and a case of investments wasted if your business software does not work as per your needs. But, a custom software would be developed with your current and future requirements in mind. Hence, with custom software satisfaction is guarantee for you but if you are opting for off-the-shelf software make sure to check it before purchase to identify whether it meets your business requirements or not.

There are almost no or negligible chances for the modifications required to be done to a custom software to suit the business needs. While it’s quite opposite in the case of a packaged software where the changes are must in order to get desired functionality from it. So, costs are drastically increased with a packaged software.

Competitive Advantage
You can get your custom software developed in the way you like and get in it the most competitive features for use. Your business software would be developed specifically for your requirements and hence, will be a unique one. This provides a competitive advantage to your business over your competitors.

Scalability is an important factor one looks into while selecting a business software. Your business software should be scalable enough to persist with the present requirements of your business while should also be capable enough to accommodate the future requirements as well. Hence, when you get custom software developed, you can easily communicate with your developers and get your software developed in this way.

So, always go for custom software development for your business needs instead of a packaged software.

Top Reasons to go with Android for Enterprise App Development

In the constantly shrinking world today, there is a lot of importance attached with the communication sources that reduce the distance between people. This is a no exception for the business world where the enterprise mobility is the trend these days. With mobile work solutions, enterprises today are able to improve their process efficiency, client relationship and overall profitability as a result. It is nothing but the mobile applications that helps enterprises go mobile with their tasks and solutions. Hence, in the modern business world there is a lot of importance for the mobile application development. Businesses today, are seeking development of mobile apps targeted to major platforms like Android, iOS, Blackberry etc., in order to drive business and reach out to maximum number of users. However, its Android application development that’s going really good with the enterprises that want to get mobile applications but with less cost overheads.

Android Application Development

Some of the best reasons for why enterprises should opt for Android platform for mobile apps development are as follows.

1. Easy Development and Extensible Platform
Android application development is really easy with readily available Android SDK that provides a flexible development framework for the users to work on. The platform allows for third party API integrations and therefore can well cater to the growing needs of the enterprise with the passing time.

2. Support for Various Types of Robust Apps Development
With Android, enterprise can opt to develop apps suitable for their needs like mobile application development to suit certain sub system of the enterprise, app to support the work process in the entire system etc. The platform allows developing robust and highly scalable enterprise mobility solutions and hence can very well cater to the needs of various business sectors.

3. Feasible to Implement
Applications developed on Android platform are feasible to implement and hence, can easily help to achieve the desired needs of an enterprise. For the firms looking to implement a BYOD policy can go for Android applications that are quite user-friendly and also easier to adapt.

4. Enable Easy Work Collaboration
Android apps have rich features to facilitate conversations, transit information securely and hence, promotes a better source for work coloration for the enterprise irrespective of the work location of the employees.

5. Data Safety
Android apps are facilitated with enhanced security features that protect the sensitive information of an enterprise. They enable a secure data transfer process and thereby reduce the risks of information leakage or theft of the trade secrets.

6. Easy Analysis
Android apps can be easily integrated with Google Analytics tool in order to track the information regarding your app and how users interact with it. For example you can learn about your app users like their demographics, who are visiting these apps or are the users of apps, how they came to know about your app and much more. You can very well track the performance of your Android business app through analytics tool.

7. Best Business Benefits
It’s easy to pack an Android app with features considering the usability aspect of its users. Hence, one can easily create custom Android applications for enterprise needs. Hence, with extensive customization possibility, it is possible to draw the best business benefits from the Android apps.

All in all, it would not be wrong to say that Android application development can be of best help to enterprises looking for mobility solutions. Such apps can enhance the work process in a firm, increase staff productivity, enhance customer services and overall can boost up the productivity of the firm to an entirely new level.

How To Save Your Website From Getting Generic?

In this web world, every business has got a website. You might want one for your business too! Hiring a web design company will be a great option to do so. However, in this competitive world, where the professionals are overburdened with work, they might use some automated options when it comes to design, font and color which makes your website look no different than others.

creative web design

Website is the face of your business and you can impress the clients in the first go with the uniquely designed website. So, how you think you can make your website look amazing, yet unique? What things you must do to keep away from generic web designs? Well, there are some easy tips and tricks to keep in mind during website development process that will help you to save yourself from ending up with a generic design for your website.

There are a few points you must take into the consideration when developing a website in order to make it unique. If you are hiring company that provides website designing services, you must share these points with the designers too. So, let us take a look at some of the most important tips and tricks that prevent your website design to be generic.

1. Everyone’s using flat design and so are you; don’t!
It is not the flat design is good or bad; it depends upon the type of requirement of your website. You cannot choose flat design over material design, just because it is famous and everyone is using it these days. You must understand the technicalities and find out which one suits your website.

2. Ditch the common fonts; go for something different!
Fonts play a huge role in the look and feel of the web design. Using normal font is no crime, of course! Also, it is an ideal way to keep it simple, as simplicity is the new sophistication. However, you need not be too flashy or gaudy when it comes to fonts. There are other options available in fonts which are simple, yet different than the ones which are commonly used. So, make sure you try out some new font styles and check which one looks the best for your website.

3. Full screen headers are too common and now risky too; avoid them!
In the recent past, the full screen headers have become common. However, now that it has been extensively used, people are not going to get impressed anymore by the same kind of fonts and ghost buttons. Don’t waste your time and efforts in those full screen headers anymore. Instead, it is always a good idea to do something that helps you convert the visitors into customer quickly.

Now that you are aware of some of the most important guidelines for making your website generic, it is advisable to make sure that you hire the company that provides the best creative web design services and make sure that the professional web designers put the above mentioned things into practice, so as to end up getting a unique design for your website. Good luck with that!