Top 10 Ways Symfony 2 Is Better Than Symfony 1

Amidst the multiple frameworks of PHP like CodeIgniter, CakePHP, Zend and many more, Symfony stands out from the crowd for the unlimited benefits it provides to developers as well as businesses. Symfony has got a lot of command tools and the configuration gets easy. Also, it has got an extensive cache system and if you want to add in more features, you can also do that by plug-ins. Of course, it is an open source framework and compliant with most platforms and libraries. It can be used to build applications that can adapt itself as per the changing business environment.

Symfony Development

With so many benefits, Symfony framework has been extensively used across the world to build fully functional websites and applications. A lot of companies have started offering Symfony development services. With the advancement in technology, Symfony has come up with its second version known as Symfony 2, which of course is better than Symfony 1. So, let us take a look at some of the most important reasons to choose Symfony 2 over Symfony 1 and how it is better.

1. Structure of directories: In app/ directory, Symfony 1 contained one or more apps, whereas Symfony 2 contains just one app inside the directory and it doesn’t have PHP code, as it stores the configuration templates.

2. Console: In Symfony 1, console was known as Symfony and it was in the root directory; whereas in Symfony 2, the name of the console has been changed from Symfony to Console and it is in the sub directory instead of root directory.

3. Auto loading: Auto loading in Symfony 2 is universal and faster than that of Symfony 1. Also, unlike Symfony 1, you do not need to clear cache when classes are added or removed and the autoloading process is carried out using a tool known as composer.

4. Bundles: In Symfony 1, everything that a plug-in could do can be done using bundles in Symfony 2. Also, they are more powerful than the plugins. These highly flexible bundles let you customize the app and add up more functionality.

5. Applications: Unlike Symfony 1, you do not require creating separate applications for the frontend and backend; you can have a single application. However, you can make separate apps using bundles.

6. Doctrine 2: Well, in Symfony 2, Doctrine 2 does not depend upon code generation. It allows the annotations which will help you to set relationships clearly.

7. The templating component: If you want to create any type of template system, the templating component will provide you tools to create the same.

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8. Backward compatibility: This helps you to upgrade from minor version to major version of Symfony.

9. Maintenance and upgradability: Symfony 2 makes sure that the applications last long.

10. Documentation: Symfony 2 has detailed documentation that also includes the start guide.

Now that are aware of some of the most important ways in which Symfony 2 is better than Symfony 1, it is advisable for you to switch over to Symfony 2 and get the most out of it. Good luck with that!

Why Should You Outsource PHP Development Services to India

Outsourcing services to India is not new, it’s being done for decades. The only difference then and now is that earlier people used to migrate to provide their services and now with the advent of technology, their services do.

Today, services from India are outsourced on a grand scale and PHP development services hold a major share in it. Now, PHP development companies based in India cover a bigger and brighter part on the software industry globe and have got very good grades too in PHP application development.

PHP application development

Hiring a PHP development company from India for developing web applications is a deal worth grabbing. There are numerous benefits of it and to understand them in a detailed manner, here is a list of advantages of hiring a PHP development company from India:

1. Highly Efficient Companies:
Indian PHP development companies have proved their mettle in the world. Around 65% of the best software development companies are from India and this proves them reliable in terms of workmanship. The programmers and developers in these companies are highly skilled and polished with greater dedication towards work.

2. Reduced Costs:
Indian companies offer services at much lower prices and thus there can be a lot of cost cutting in the project. However, lower prices in no way mean lower quality of work. Instead, they provide highly efficient solutions as compared to any other country in the world.

3. Customized Solutions:
A customized solution brings out a sort of uniqueness in an application and at the same time provides ease of operation too. Now customizing solutions is something in which Indian developers have great expertise. Using their proficiency, they provide highly customized solutions fully compatible with the needs of the business.

4. Advantage of Time Zone:
Time saved is time earned and this suits well with the businesses which share a different time zone with India. Businesses that have time zones different to India do their part of work in their working hours and the hired Indian companies do their part in their own. This allows the project to be running 24×7 and thus get completed in less time.

5. No Language Barrier:
English, being the business language of India dissolves the language barrier between businesses and PHP development companies. As a matter of fact, India has the largest English speaking population. Since there is no communication gap, the projects run well in full swing and produce better results.

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6. IT Act 2000:
IT Act India, 2000 has been remarkable in terms of growth of the IT sector in India. A lot of technology parks have been built providing good infrastructure to the software development companies. Also, Indian Government has been very liberal in promoting IT services in India.

7. Support and Maintenance:
The support and maintenance provided by PHP development companies in India is superb and unmatched. With aids like calls, chats and emails they solve queries in least possible time and troubleshoot all the issues.

With the growing economy and government great policies, India is emerging as a hub for offshore software development. Particularly in PHP application development, Indian software companies are proving to be experts. In short, outsourcing services to a PHP development company in India is only profit no loss deal. Cheers!

5 Myths about Windows 8 Application Development

Windows 8 has been revolutionary in many ways. It has held its place firmly and is growing stronger and stronger day by day. Windows 8 applications are unique in their own ways and have kept impressing users. With around 500,000 apps, Windows store has a lot to offer to its users and the gel up well with all its devices.

Windows Application Development

There are a certain myths and presumptions that both; businesses and developers have regarding the development of these applications. Here are some of the misconceptions regarding Windows applications that we need to eradicate.

1. The User Base of Windows is Limited:
Businesses believe that the number of Windows users is less and restricted. However, this is not true. Microsoft has sold around 200 million licenses of Windows 8 in the year 2014 and numbers are still increasing. Also, this user base is loyal and abides with the operating system firmly.

2. There are Fewer Development Tools Available:
There is another myth that needs to be cleared out. Many multi-platform development tools like PhoneGap (Apache Cordova) and Xamarin allow you to create native apps for Windows. PhoneGap framework allows developers to build applications using HTML, CSS3 and JavaScript instead of conventional languages like C# and Objective-C.

3. Windows 8 Application Development is Costly:
This is so not true. You must research and look for the reputed windows application development company that builds you the application at affordable price. However, make sure you look into other factors like experience, after development support and other services before choosing a company.

4. Windows 8 Applications are Difficult to Design and Use:
Microsoft uses C# to design Windows applications which is a modern programming language. Now C# being a .NET language can access code compliant to any .NET language. Moreover, the applications run smooth on all devices and please users by their easy operating ability.

5. Windows 8 Apps Never Close Down:
Now this is something funny. Windows apps do close down if one knows how to close them. You have to just drag the app with touch or mouse to the bottom of the screen. Alternatively you can click the app and hit Alt+F4 for doing so.

Windows 8 applications see great future ahead and even Windows 10 could be the same or better. However, if you want an app for Windows 8 then hiring software development company for the same would be a wiser idea. Software companies provide complete solutions with proper maintenance and support and thus prove to be beneficial in the long run. Good luck for your next Windows 8 application.

What Your Offshore Software Development Company Should Offer You?

Everybody can’t be a software developer but certainly can be an Entrepreneur. Ironically, in today’s hi-tech world no enterprise can survive without software assistance. Businesses of all sorts today require software programs for their day to day operations and generally outsource software services for developing them.

Now, outsourcing from offshore software development companies is something that has gained momentum over the decade. These companies provide technologically advanced software solutions at highly reasonable prices. Businesses have started showing greater belief in these offshore companies nowadays and this is majorly due to the quality of work they provide.

Offshore Software Development Company

However, selecting a good offshore software development company is a tough job altogether. There are a number of offerings that software companies present before you, but a few of them decide their fate majorly. Here is a list of things your offshore software company should offer you or else you might have made a wrong choice hiring it.

Best in Class Technology:
Technology changes with each changing day, therefore, the company you hire should be ready with up to date technological solutions. It takes no time to get outdated and your company should be prepared for that.

A Fixed Deadline:
The best offshore software development company for you is the one which can commit you the least time for project completion and meets the deadline. This eventually saves the time of both; yours and the software company.

Best in Industry Price Quote:
The best price quote doesn’t necessarily mean the lowest  price; it means a price that is reasonable and justifiable. Your company might offer you a price higher than the competitors, but it should provide you services justifying their prices.

Detailed Description of the Project:
A bit to bit description of the project and processes followed is something that not all software companies display to their customers. However, the company you choose should explain both; the workflow and the outcomes through the reports. This will help you to gain in-depth knowledge of the system on which you are going to work.

Quality Work:
Your company should give you quality work adhering to the promises made. The software you receive should be bug-free and should work flawlessly. A solution designed by skilled and qualified developers is always ahead of time and your company should possess a panel of such experts.

Support is the most important consideration while selecting an offshore software company. Your  company should offer you both on-project and post-project support. This is essential as you might require support anytime during operation of the software.

Last but not the least, your software development company should assure you of a good software solution. This assurance you can have in many ways like the reputation of the company, its past work record, its working culture, etc.

These are some of the things you should definitely get from your chosen offshore software development company. Be wise while selecting your software solution provider and make the most out of them. Cheers!

The Don’ts When Hiring The Mobile Application Development Company

In this smart age, most people use smartphones and 90 percent of people who use smartphones prefer applications rather than browsing through websites. Businesses tend to switch to mobility in order to reach to more audience. In this app freak world, if you still depend on website and do not have a mobile application for your business, you are lacking much behind and giving a chance to your competitors to be ahead of you.

Mobile Application DevelopmentYou must get a mobile application built for your business in order to reach to a large audience across the world. Through mobile app, your customers will be able to access the information easily. They will be to use your app on the go and do the tasks quickly because of the easy and quick navigation and user friendly interface. This will help you gain even more customers and generate high revenue. So, you must hire a mobile application development firm and get an app developed at the earliest.

When it comes to choosing the right company, you must do it with utmost care, as the success or failure of your business depends upon the mobile app development firm that you choose. With the constant increase in the demand of mobile apps, the number of companies providing the mobile application development services is rising. However, you need not get confused when choosing the right company. There are a few important points like the reputation of the company and your budget, which you must consider when making the decision.

Well, there are a few mistakes which most people tend to make when choosing the mobile application development company. So, let us take a look over some of the most commonly committed blunders, so that you do not repeat the same mistakes.

1. Reputation: Not considering reputation of the company is one of the biggest mistakes that you can make. It is advisable to ask your friends and family or check reviews of the company online before choosing it.

2. Price: Sealing the deal with the firm without asking how much they will charge you is another big blunder. Always ask the price, negotiate and get it written in the contract before signing the deal.

3. Experience: not asking how much experience the company has is again your fault. You must always hire a company that has at least a few years of experience into developing mobile applications.

4. Expertise: The Company must be providing a lot of services, but it should be specializing into mobile application development. So, choosing the company that does not have expertise in developing mobile apps is again a mistake.

5. Location: If you are looking out for a firm in your vicinity, it is a huge blunder. You should focus on services, price and experience rather than focusing on the location.

Now that you are aware of some of the most commonly made blunders, it is advisable for you to keep these mistakes in mind so that you do not repeat them. Good luck!

The Future of Mobile Application Development – Infographics

In this smart age, the use of smart phones continues to grow. 91 percent of the total world’s population uses mobile phones, out of which 61 percent of people have got smart phones. Looking at this continuous increase in the use of smartphones, it has been predicted that 1 Billion smartphones will be sold in the next year, which will be double than the estimated number of PCs to sell. You will be amazed to know that by the next year, the number of mobile devices used by people will be more than the total world population. As per the survey, it has been predicted that the world population will be 7.3 B; whereas the number of mobile devices will be 10 Billion.

More than half of the smart phone users make the use of applications in their phones, increasing the demand of mobile application development. While the popularity and use of the iPhone and Android mobile apps are increasing gradually, the use of Windows and blackberry apps are decreasing. The smart object devices will be accessible via apps and wearable technology. Some of the best mobile app trends are outside promotion, context aware marketing, preparing to be worn, advanced user experience and mobile-connected smart objects.

Future of Mobile Apps

Super Six Benefits of Cross Platform Application Development

Mobile application development is a blooming field since its inception. The number of mobile app downloads per month is increasing each day. With the increase in the use of apps, its demand is rising too at a rapid pace, giving rise to the release of new tool or technology at short intervals. The number of platforms on which the mobile app can be developed is also increasing. While iPhone apps are getting popular, Android application development is also catching pace. Windows and blackberry cannot be ignored too!

Cross Platform Mobile Development

If you are a business owner and if you are targeting a large audience for your business, you will want your app to run on every device, irrespective of the platform it works upon. So, it has become a necessity more than a trend, to develop mobile apps for multiple platforms, known as cross platform application development. So, let us here discuss some of the most important benefits of the cross platform application development.

1. Greater reach: A cross platform application is an entry pass for all the app store across the world, so that everyone can download and use your app. This will increase your customers and user engagement. All the smartphone users can be your customers; be it Android, iOS, Windows or Blackberry.

2. Time saving and Cost effective: As you have to develop just one app instead of a different one for every platform, the time to develop and the cost will be reduced to a great extent, as you have to hire just one team of developers to build up app for all the platforms. Not only the development time and cost, but also marketing and maintenance time and cost will be reduced.

3. Simplicity: As there is just one that is running across all the platforms, there will be the uniformity in the look and feel of the application. The simpler the design, the more professional look it will reflect.

4. Easy development: There will be low technical barriers, as the developers will have to make use of known technologies. So, it will be easier for the team to become accustomed to the cross platform environment.

5. Easy maintenance: It will be extremely easy to make changes in the cross platform application, as it is just one app that is running across several platforms. So, as soon as you make the changes, they will get synced across all the platforms and devices.

6. Easy marketing: Marketing becomes in easy in the cross platform application, as you need not target the specific group of people based on the platform. You can make the advertisement on the basis of generalized messages and market those messages on various media, targeting greater mass of audience, all at a time. Also, marketing becomes easier when you have got a lot of fans.

Now that you are aware of all the benefits of cross platform application development, it is advisable for you hire a mobile application development company that provides the best cross platform application development services. Good luck for the same!

Dispelling the myths about C#

Do you know the benefits of C# language over C, C++ and Java? Do you know the reasons why should move to C#? Do you want to know why there are still some people who do not prefer to go for C#? Well, if your answers were positive, this one is for you.

C# DevelopmentC# application development is easy for everyone, as its syntax is easier than all other languages. As it is the modernized language, it can do whatever C++ and Java can do, thus giving you the best of both worlds. In addition to that, it is object oriented and has got the cross language capabilities. With the increasing number of benefits, the number of people making use of C# to develop applications is increasing big time.

Although most people are aware of the importance of C#, there are still a lot of people who do not prefer to develop apps in C#. Well, there is not just one reason behind it; there are many. However, all of them are myths. Some people have got false beliefs regarding the C#, which must be removed from their mind, so that they become aware of its importance.

In order to dispel the myths of C#, you must at least know them. So, let us take a look at some of the misconceptions regarding C# that are prevailing in market, since quite a long now and which need to be eradicated as soon as possible. So, here we go.

1. It takes time to learn C#
This is one of the biggest misconceptions in minds of people; as the fact is that, it is extremely easy to code in C# because of the simple syntax, less complex than Java. Also, the symbols like lambda cannot be simpler, which has made it extremely easy and simple for developers, making it one of the best languages for the mobile application development.

2. C#  puts the career of Java developers at risk

Anything that you can do in Objective C or Java, you can do it with the help of C#. This in no way means that C# can replace Java. Every programming language has its own pros and cons. So, of course there are a lot of benefits of C# over C, C++ and Java. However, Java has its own powerful features, and no other language can replace Java. So, the Java developers need not worry; their career is certainly not at risk.

3. Java is superior than C#
Java was developed as an answer to C++ to do the things which C++ could not do. Well, there are certain things about Java which C# has not got. Also, there are certain things about C#, which Java has not got. So, yes, the features of C# and Java can be compared and run in parallel. However, Java cannot be called superior to C#.

Now that you are aware of the myths of C#, it is advisable for you to put in some efforts to help in removing these misconceptions out of this world. Good luck!

Top 4 PHP Myths: Know, Understand and Dispel

Everyone knows that the world famous companies like Facebook and Flickr are powered by PHP. A large number of companies have chosen PHP as the platform for developing their websites and applications. Over years, it has gained popularity worldwide and is still growing because of innumerable features and benefits. Because of its continuous growth, there are a lot of companies who have started providing the PHP Application Development services. However, there are a lot of people who still believe in the criticism and have false beliefs regarding PHP. This one is especially for removing those misconceptions from the minds of people, so that they come to know the real fact!

PHP Development

There are a lot of myths that prevail in the web development market, which we need to eradicate. This is not the work of ‘one’; it needs ‘many’ to snatch away these misconceptions from the roots of the minds of people. So, in order to dispel the PHP myths, you must be aware of them first. So, let us take a sneak peak over some of the most important PHP myths.

1. It is not scalable

When people talk about scalability, it is about performance of the web application. Well, the fault tolerance and code maintainability of PHP is better than any other language. Though, PHP is compiled during page request, now you can pre compile it using optimizers in order to speed up the progressing. In addition to that, caching is easy and quick too. All these things contribute in increasing the performance of the application and making it highly scalable.

2. It is difficult to code

No coding language is crappy; everything depends upon the developer. The bad coder will code bad even if the coding language is easy. PHP is a simple language and extremely easy to learn. A lot of programmers can code in PHP to build website and apps, even without taking training. So, if a developer is great with sound technical knowledge and experience, he can work well with PHP.
3. It is not appropriate for large applications

Most people think that PHP is not good for building large enterprise applications. It is alright to use it for small websites and apps. However, you must not forget that PHP can now be pre complied using the optimizers, which can help it running faster, thus making it eligible for building massive apps and dynamic websites like Facebook.

4. Not secured

Even if there is no code security by default, the developers can make it secured using some tools and security code. So, it all depends upon the developer. The better the developer, the more secured PHP website or app you get.

Now that you are aware of the common myths of PHP prevailing in the market, make sure you try to eradicate them. Also, if you are planning to get a new website or an application developed, choose PHP as your platform and contact a reputed PHP Development Company to get your work done as per your exact requirements.

Top 8 Ways Your Business Will Benefit From .NET Application

In this app freak world, all types of businesses depend upon the IT companies, expecting them to provide them a software and application that helps them grow their businesses and achieve goals. To build an app, the technology that reduces the development time and cost and makes reliable, scalable and effective apps needs to be used. That is exactly when the .NET technology comes into the picture.

Dot Net Application Development

.NET, a development platform created by Microsoft has been successful and useful since the time of inception. It had become one of the highest used platforms, for building websites. However, in this app age, .Net has been in the use to develop the applications too. It has got remarkable features that benefit businesses, if used for building apps. Before we get into the features and benefits of .NET applications, let us take a look at the types of applications which can be developed using dot net. So, here is the list.

  • Customer relationship management
  • Product/inventory applications
  • Web sites
  • Integration with partners through the Internet
  • PDA (hand-held) applications
  • Warehousing applications using hand-held devices
  • Value chain/supply management
  • XML Web services
  • Accounting applications

Now that you are aware of the types of apps you can build using the dot net technology, let us take a look at some of the most important benefits of building applications in .NET. Here we go.

1. Scalability: You may start as a small company, but would definitely grow soon. .Net develops apps for you keeping that in mind. So, the apps are scalable, so that it can be updated and extended, as your company expands.

2. Maintainability: The configurable settings make the dot net apps easily maintainable, as you need not re-write the code, making the maintenance process easy, quick and cost effective.

3. Deployment: .NET solves the past DLL issue and makes the deployment of the applications easier and quicker than before.

4. Reliability: Because of the numerous built-in checks and balances, it makes the applications extremely reliable and robust.

5. Security: The .net framework has been popular for the best security since the beginning. It still continues to be the most secured platform to build apps.

6. Cross platform: The dot net application can run on the desktop, mobile browser, your PDA or any other device, without re-writing the code.

7. Interoperation with existing applications: The .NET can interact with any type of code; be it C++, Java or any other. So, it will not affect the existing code of your organization.

8. Integration with legacy systems: As .NET can write files in any format and consume all types of XML documents, it can be integrated with all legacy systems.

Now that you are aware of the benefits of applications, it is advisable for you to hire .Net developer who is highly qualified and experienced. There are a lot of companies that provide the .NET application development services, make sure you choose the one which is reliable and reputed.