How Digital Marketing Can Benefit Your Business?

In this digital era, all the businesses irrespective of the industry or product; have a goal in common, ‘Increasing the sales’. If you have started your business with the same goal, this post is meant for you. Well, marketing has become necessity for all types of businesses and wise marketing is executed where your customers are. One good idea is to do it online; an effective online presence is better than any form of advertising. Most corporations have understood that digital marketing is the key to increase sales and generate high revenue. Social media marketing helps building brands, strong customer base and increase the online visibility.

Digital Marketing Company

‘Digital marketing’ – these two words mean the world to online businesses. The digital marketing company can use various channels like search engine optimization, social media marketing, content marketing and paid advertising, to name a few. Digital marketing has become an integral part of all the online businesses, as it is responsible for increasing your sales and revenue. So, let us look at some of the most important benefits of digital marketing and let us see how positive impact it creates on sales.

1. Customer connection
Most of the people spend their time on internet to seek for information in easy and convenient manner. Digital marketing, with the help of its tools and channels mentioned above helps you to connect with your targeted customers easily and quickly.

2. Cost effective
Traditional advertising used to be quite expensive. Instead of wasting your money into it, you can promote your business through digital marketing spending less money as compared to that of traditional way of marketing.

3. Real time customer service
While traditional marketing was all about one way communication, digital marketing is a two way communication; which is best for the real time customer service; which increases the customer satisfaction and retention. Other benefits of real time customer services include marketing effectiveness, precise targeting and driving revenue through personalized offers, increased cross sell and upsell rates as well as marketing efficiency and quick time to value.

4. Increased conversion rate
Well, the ultimate aim of your business is to convert the maximum passive visitors into active shoppers in order to increase the conversion rates and generate leads. So, reaching targeted audience and increasing lead generation is the essence of digital marketing.

5. At par with competitors
Apart from the above mentioned reasons, one of the most important benefits that we should not forget is that, the digital marketing helps you to keep ahead of your competitors. The digital marketing campaigns using social media or PPC will help you not only to increase the revenue, but also stand out from the crowd.

Now that you are aware of some of the most important and the best ways digital marketing can be beneficial to your business, it is highly recommended for you to hire a digital marketing company and get the most out of it to increase sales and expand your business to reach desired heights. Good luck!

PHP IDE – An Efficient Tool to Improve Your Productivity with Smarter Development Methods

PHP application development is a long process that would require considerable time and efforts of a developer to build high performing applications. Coding, then testing and debugging all these steps implemented one after the other will consume time and hence, delay the time to market for an application. In order to cut down the time overheads in the development processes and increase the productivity of its developers, a PHP development company can suggest using integrated development environments for the purpose.

PHP Application Development

As a PHP developer you may be bored of using a simple text editor for coding. Then try out using an IDE for the purpose. An IDE will improve your productivity by reducing your time to production. Yes, with text editor, one can only write the code for development needs, but with IDE you can code, test and debug your code as well.

IDE stands for Integrated Development Environment and is an efficient tool for the PHP developers who want to maximize their productivity by writing good code with fewer mistakes. A PHP programmer can write the code quickly and efficiently using the tools provided in the supportive editing environment of the IDE.

Now let us a have a look at what are the beneficial features and advantages that IDEs can offer to the developers for productivity enhancement.

Better Code Readability
Syntax highlighter is an excellent feature of an integrated development environment that will automatically highlight your code with different colors and hence increases its readability. Locating a mistake in coding is easier in such an environment because as you type a wrong syntax the color of the particular wrongly typed command will change or will appear in a different color like usually red thereby giving you a clear idea about the mistake done.

Code Suggestions with Errors Highlighting
The developer will not have to type all the way as the code suggestions would appear as soon as the programmer starts typing a familiar command or syntax. This feature will prevent typos and enable you to learn about your mistake early at the coding stage itself. For example if you have spelled a command wrong then no suggestions would appear. Hence, you are avoiding coding mistakes while coding itself. Common programming mistakes are avoidable with on-the-fly syntax facility available with most of the PHP integrated environments.

Resource Management
During PHP application development, your code may have to rely on certain libraries or header files that are at specific locations. An IDE would be aware of such required resources and hence, would suggest for using them. This will enable you prevent errors regarding the resource allocation at the development stage itself.

Development Made Faster and Easier
Features and tools of an IDE will help you organize your code and resources, provide coding shortcuts and prevent errors. Hence, development in such a supportive environment becomes much faster and easier.

Standard Way of Development
While working with same IDE, a group of PHP developers can stick on to the similar programming standards or style. Hence, all of them work in similar fashion to define and develop the coding standards of the group or the company they belong to.

Moreover, with an IDE you can test your PHP application even before release. Project management becomes much easier with the documentation tools that many IDEs offer. Hence, it would not be wrong to say that working in an integrated development environment for PHP development can definitely enhance the coding efficiency and productivity of the developers.

Dot Net Application Development – The Best Practices to Develop Easy to Use Apps

Normally it’s easy to develop dot net applications but what is difficult is to develop the user-friendly apps. Yes, only those applications which can provide greater flexibility and ease of use, are capable to draw the attention of the users. It is seen that the developers often neglect the usability factor when building applications. They leave this to the user interface designers. But this should not be the case. Every developer should consider using a few good practices and usability tricks which can greatly improve their efforts towards the process of best dot net application development.

Dot Net Application Development

The blog highlights some of the best things a dot net developer should keep in mind to develop easy to use apps.

1. Consider developing accessible applications which can imply to all sorts of audience. For example, if a person is impaired in either of the ways like visual, cognitive, motor or hearing. Your application must be accessible to even this sort of audience. It’s not very difficult to develop apps incorporating accessible designs but with only a few changes to HTML, CSS or other elements this can be achieved easily. Resources are available on the internet for learning the accessible app design techniques. By referring these one can definitely develop user-friendly apps.

2. Prevent your users having to dig in through the app for the information or commands they are looking for. Never make them work hard for their tasks because users will not like this and will review your app in app stores poorly. Add few good features like Visual Studio Quick Launch so that users can search for commands by just typing the name or synonym of the command. Make their search process easier with special features enabled in your app.

3. Consistency is the important thing to keep in mind. Never waver from the aesthetics of development as this can frustrate or confuse your users. Always design the apps with consistent style paradigms similar to those of the host operating system.

4. Maintaining the same navigation style throughout the application is important because this will give the users quick access to the commands or information they are looking for. Always use simple and clear navigation styles in your apps that go best with host OS paradigms. This would be good for the new users or those who are not techno-friendly.

5. Responsive design is what every dot net application Development Company should be doing in order to enhance the usability of their apps. Responsive interfaces are accessible all kinds of devices and hence, are considered to be more useful than the traditional applications that were designed for a specific device.

6. The best approach towards user friendly dot net application development is the minimalist or right to the point design which gives the right and required choices to the users as per the context. Simple, straight forward apps which present the choices as required to the user are more appealing rather than those providing the lot of rarely used choices.

Hence, all the above stated practices are a few good ways of developing dot net applications that are user friendly. By adopting these, one can easily develop applications which can appeal to the larger group of audience.

Refine your Android App in 4 Simple Ways

Do you have Android application for your business? Do you feel your business will have a positive impact if you improve your app? Are you planning to get your Android app refined? If you are thinking to refine your Android application, you are reading the right post. It is too easy to implement once you come up with good plan. So, there are a lot of things you can do in your app to improve it; however, you must pick the important ones that will affect the most. The android application development process is simple and the ways to improve the app are even simpler.

Android Application Development

Instead of doing it on your own, hire the Android application development company and let the professionals do it. This will save your time and also, the refinement will be done perfectly, if done by the experienced Android developers who have attained expertise in the same. So, when you hire them, make sure you speak to the Android team and let them know about your exact requirements. Here are the refinements that you would want to do it in your Android applications.

1. Action bar: When it comes to action bar, it is advisable not to use this space in logo. Instead, this small space of your smartphone screen must be used for navigation and context, as most highly targeted apps do. For example: Facebook. This is recommendable by Google; so it is advisable for Android developers to follow the same.

2. Navigation bar: It is quite possible that you lose customers because of the poor navigation of your application. It is quite obvious that when users download and start using your app, they will use it only if they are comfortable using it; if it is easy to use. The navigation bar should not contain more than five tabs; otherwise it will be too congested and messy for the customers to use it. Drawers can look really cool; but it is always a good idea to keep the navigation drawers simple.

3. Icons: No matter how amazing, creative and revealing your icons are, you will not want to upset or confuse your users, right? Well, the small text below the icon will guide users and tell them what they are supposed to do the next. This will help them jump form one step to another without hanging in between.

4. Recent trends: The last but certainly not the least; whether it is designing, development, testing or deployment; in whichever phase you are, you must follow the latest trends so as to stay up to date. So, make sure the developers you hire are in sync with the latest tools and technologies that would help in the Android application development process.

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Now that you are aware of some of the most important refinements in your Android application, it is advisable for you to make sure that these refinements are implemented in your app; only then it will bring a positive impact on your business. Good luck with that!

Tips to Select Your Prestashop Development Company Wisely

The ecommerce industry is revolutionized with the advent of Prestashop, a powerful platform for online store development and management. Starting an online business can never be as affordable and as easy like it is with Prestashop. This flexible, open source platform provides hundreds of innovative tools to drive one’s imagination to reality with a dynamic online store. Hence, in order to thrive in today’s tough competitive market, businesses should definitely hire services of a good Prestashop development company that can create an unrivalled online presence for your business with a powerful online store.

prestashop website development

There are a few things that require to be considered for selecting the right firm for Prestashop development.

List out Your Needs
Before you go searching for a company to develop an ecommerce solution for you, it is really important that you are clear about the requirements you have for your online store. Get a clear idea of what features you like the best in your store. This can help you during the steps ahead for selection of Prestashop development firm.

Research is An Important Criteria
You may have got tips from the people around you regarding which firm is better for your needs. But, blindly following them would not suit your cause. Advice with proper research will help you get closer to your goals. You should research for different Prestashop development companies that exist in your city and check out for the variety and quality of services they provide. However, a secondary factor to include in your search would be the cost of the services. Never get impressed with the low rates of a company. Better way is to select a firm that can give you quality services within your budget constraints.

Have a Look at The Work Portfolio
Never hurry. Just take your time to refer the portfolio of services offered by a Prestashop development company in order to get an idea of its services. This will give you an idea of technical expertise and relevant experience the company has in ecommerce development based on this platform.

Go for an Experienced Company
Countdown the experience of the firm before hiring it for your job. Only an experienced company can offer you the services as you require. A professional company will offer the entire gamut of services right from installation to implementation to support any kind of client’s requirement related to Prestashop like web designing, customization, mobile store development, custom theme design, template design and integration, module development, store enhancement, trouble shooting and maintenance.

Yes, only they would have worked on different projects similar to that of yours and hence, will have the ability and resources required to customize this shopping cart software platform for your requirements. However, a better practice would be learning about the qualifications, expertise and technical knowledge of the developers in various technologies like PHP, MySQL, HTML, XML etc. that are required for development of Prestashop shopping cart software.

Check Out for Technical and Support Services
Before you select a company for your online store development needs, it would be better to learn whether the company can offer you technical support services after the development phase. Select the firm that offers round the clock maintenance and support services to their customers as and when they require.

Hence, by taking the above points into consideration, one can definitely select the best Prestashop development company for creating the best online brand presence for themselves.

CakePHP Application Development – Use These Plug-Ins to Enhance Your Web Application

Based on the MVC paradigm, CakePHP is a popular web development platform used by the professionals for rapid and easy development of web applications and websites. The CakePHP application development is quite popular these days and the reason for this is the number of benefits the framework offers for the developers like easy coding with reusability factor, cost efficiency, minimum time required, flexible ACL, flexible caching and custom templates. Features like CRUD scaffolding, ACL functionality and security, built-in validation, AJAX support, easy extension with plug-ins and components and object relational mapping make CakePHP undoubtedly the best PHP framework in the market for web application development.

CakePHP Application Development

The framework supports variety of plug-ins capable enough to enhance the web applications with better features. With user friendly plug-ins, you can improve the popularity and usability of your web application as well. Following are some of the best plug-ins that are used by the developers in CakePHP application development.

Important Plug-ins for CakePHP Web Applications

The Search Plug-in
Search is one of the most desired features in a web application. It enables quicker and easier process to locate any thing within the application. Search plug-in enables search option in a web application. With this plug-in, one can include paginable search in a controller in CakePHP. With this plug-in enabled in a web application, one can easily search within models using simple methods and comparisons. Any complex search can be done with the search option enabled in the web application through this plug-in.

The Comments Plug-in
Comments can be allowed on any kind of information and its best way to learn about what the users or viewers think about the specific thing. The comments plug-in can be attached with minimal possible code to a controller. With this plug-in, one can create any kind of commentable data without any efforts.

The Facebook Plug-in for CakePHP
Integrating Facebook into CakePHP applications has become very easy with the Facebook CakePHP plug-in. The plug-in is very easy to set up and provides excellent features as well as interface to the Facebook API. The plug-in has a specific full featured authentication process enabled via Facebook Connect. It enables to create dynamic and customizable Facebook content and share it among the users.

Spark Plug-in for CakePHP
The spark plug-in is a useful feature for those who want to start a multi-user web application or site. It supports multi-user login and hence, enables the application to have multi-user access. The Spark plug-in practices a very simple access control routine and is very easy to install with simple coding. It uses the component called Authsome and requires support of PHP 5.2, MySQL and CakePHP 1.3 for its functioning.

CakePHP Plug-in for Tags
The tags are a type of comments which you can associate with almost anything. Similar is the thing with the tags CakePHP plug-in. This plug-in for CakePHP specifies the taggable behavior with which it is possible to tag everything or almost anything. All the tags specified are stored will be saved in a specific table. The plug-in can connect records to the tags through this table.

Hence, plug-ins will add easy functionalities to your web application thereby improving the customer experience. This will attract users to your web application and hence, enhance the popularity of it.

CRM Software – The Best Option to Improve Your Business & Customer Relations

The present day’s internet savvy environment has shown its influence even on the retail industry. As the number of online shoppers is increasing day-by-day, even the small scale retail businesses are opting to go online with an ecommerce store and hence, retail web development is gaining importance. Retail web development can include various solutions to meet the business enhancing needs of the firms. Customer relationship management, vendor management system, retail ERP development, inventory management system, sales management system, leads management system and various other solutions are offered under retail web development services by the web development firms.

Retail Web Development

In the present blog we would be focusing on Customer Relationship Management – what it is and how a CRM software enhances business for an organization.

Customer Relationship Management or CRM can be defined as a group of methodologies or strategies that can help an enterprise or a company to manage, organize and improve its customer relationships. With a better CRM strategy, businesses can improve their overall profitability and customer revenue by improving customer satisfaction, staff productivity and effectiveness of client communication.

To plan your customer services effectively, you need to manage various channels like customer communication, agent tasks, report management, customer data management and others in a proper way. This can be very challenging. Hence, a CRM software comes to the rescue. A CRM software gives a firm better control over client relationship by providing it with various channels required for the purpose.

With an effective CRM software, a company can improve the efficiency of its processes for better business. All the sales data, budget information and customer related information can be managed through this software. Hence, with instant access to all the required information, it becomes easier for the top management for taking business decisions and also for the staff to provide better services to the customers. The software will also support features which can help in your brand marketing. Yes, here you would be able to collect and store customer profile information like his name, contact number, the products purchased earlier, payment history, any pending orders and so on. Such information can give some information about the regular customers, which customers buy what kind of products and much more. Hence, with this information, the marketing professionals of a firm can send mails about product specific offers to the customers or send them details about any product to them.

The modules and real-time dashboards available in the software will help in better access to the business information. One can access the company information from a single location. Keeping a track or notice of sales pipeline, product quotations, customer database, positive enquiries got from the clients and so on will become really easy with CRM software. It’s easy to streamline and automate everyday sales process with it. The efficiency of the staff can improve greatly. For example, with activities module one can learn about appointments of the day, follow-ups, payments pending call-ups and so on. The software may contain modules which may provide complete information about the events right from the start of enquiry generated and hence, will enable the person to analyze where the mistake actually occurred. Therefore, with such information on hand employees can track their performance and can put efforts for improvement. Hence, the organization can improve their productivity with such a software.

Therefore, there is no doubt that a CRM software is very valuable to a business in improvising its work processes, customer relationships, overall productivity and profits.

Magento Consulting Services Can Take Your Business To The Next Level

Magento is a great platform to develop an online business store. It’s out-of-the-box features makes it ‘an apple of eye’ of both developers as well as the merchants. The developers like it for its modularity and ease that it provides for the development of an ecommerce website. On the other hand, merchants like it for the incredible features it supports. With Magento development for your ecommerce store, you can definitely take your business to the next level.

Magento Application Development

One of the best things about Magento is that you can always find reliable Magento consulting services for rescue in case, you are stuck up or have any doubts regarding the platform and its various other features.

Magento consulting services can be extremely helpful in both the cases – whether you want to upgrade your existing Magento website or modify it for better human traffic or else for guidance in case you are looking to develop a new online store for your business from the scratch. These consulting firms will have experts who have hands on practice and good experience into Magento development. These Magento consultants will have the knowledge of various things that go into efficient Magento development and hence, can guide businesses for building efficient ecommerce websites fit to their business needs. It’s quite simple with these firms, all one requires is to hire their services and give them an idea of what your business is about and what you are exactly looking for, in your online store. That’s it. These Magento experts will analyze your needs, research further and ponder into their knowledge pool to help you get the best ecommerce solution fit to your needs. These firms can help you create a dynamic and robust shopping cart solution that can get a good hike to your business and brand image.

Whether you are a large-scale enterprise or a small scale business, Magento consultancy services will help you in the easy adoption of the open source, feature rich, enterprise level Magento applications that can scale up to support your online store.

Your path to complete ecommerce system development with most desired features like order management, information management, product catalog management, custom reporting, content management, marketing promotions management and search engine optimization will become much easier with the help of Magento consultants.

The aim of these consulting firms is to guide firms in every possible way. Hence, they cater to different requirements of the clients’ right from strategy assessment and planning, migration, implementation and performance assessment to turnkey development along with integration solutions.

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You can always take architectural advice for design of your Magento store from these consultancies. They can guide you on modern technicalities and standards of coding as followed by the professionals and hence, can take up your work to the entirely new level. To keep up with trend, you need to upgrade your online store to the new versions and features of Magento. With the help of reliable consulting companies, you can go for easy and flexible modification of your website to follow the trend. As far as, migration and integration services are concerned, the consultancies can guide you on the successful migration of your store from any other platform to Magento and also guide you for the integration of third party or in-store applications.

So, it is definitely an advantage to get associated with Magento consulting services for better advantage as far as Magento ecommerce development is concerned.

Tips to Select the Right Company for Symfony Website Development Services

Symfony development services are on the top of the demand these days. The firms looking to develop PHP based websites or web applications for their business are now turning to Symfony as platform for their development needs. This blog gives you an idea about the Symfony framework and explains in detail the factors required to be considered while selecting a firm for Symfony development services.

symfony application development

Symfony is a full-stack, flexible PHP framework that enables rapid website and web application development. Based on MVC model, this is an open source framework with which enterprise level applications or websites can be developed drastically. The exclusively featured and highly supportive development environment of Symfony gives greater flexibility and speed of development to the developers as they reuse the components of the framework to develop an efficient web application with lesser coding required. Efforts of the developers are greatly reduced but not the efficiency in the development. It is possible to develop customized business applications and ecommerce websites for the requirement of the firms within lesser time with this magnificent PHP web development framework. Scalable and easy to maintain enterprise level portals can be developed with Symfony for better performance and security. Hence, Symfony development is the demand of the hour and if you are looking for the same then hiring the services of professionals would be a better choice.

There are several web development companies in the market offering services for Symfony website development, but all of them cannot not offer you the quality, price and the sort of development services you need within the required timeframe. It’s better to consider the following factors in order to select just the right company you require for your Symfony development services.

Go for the Experts – Consider Their Experience and Knowledge in Symfony Development
When you need professional services to give your firm a better corporate identity with Symfony based website, it would be the best choice to go with only the experts. Before you hire web development services for your corporate Symfony website, you need to learn about the experience and proficiency that the web developers have in the Symfony technology so that you can be assured of getting the best services in the town. Always find out what level of experience the firm has in Symfony development, how many projects they worked on earlier and whether they hold any specific certifications in technology. This will give you an overall idea of the level of expertise the developers of the company have in Symfony website development.

Cost Effective yet Reliable Services
Learn from the previous customers of the firm or check out about the firm from the online resources to know about the reliability of the firm. Find out whether the firm you are opting for, can give you reliable services for your custom needs. Always go for the firm that can offer you the customized services as per your requirement yet at a comparatively lesser rate than market. Many of the companies cheat their customers by charging them more but not offering services suitable to that level of price. Beware of such web development companies.

Proven Development Methodologies
The development with proven methodologies is the best way to develop a website with higher efficiency. Hence, you should not forget to consider the work methodology of the development company offering Symfony development for your needs. Enquire about the standards and methodologies they follow and tools they use for web development for a better idea of their development process.

Round The Clock Support & Maintenance Services
Select the company that can provide you 24/7 technical support and maintenance services so that any issues regarding your website can handled easily and efficiently at any point of time. After all, your website is your corporate identity and it should be working at its best all the time.

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Transparent Services
The company should keep you well-informed at every stage of the development process and let you know about the every development happening in the project. 100% transparency will ensure better relationship with the company and hence, will give you an idea of every step and initiative taken by the firm during the development phase.

By taking into consideration the above mentioned factors one can definitely select the best Symfony development services for their customized website development needs.

Tips to Choose the Right Framework for PHP Application Development

You might have heard of frameworks that are used usually in PHP application development or web development. If no, then don’t worry. This blog will help you understand about the PHP frameworks, what they are and why they are important. It will give you a good understanding of why actually the frameworks are employed in application development and how to choose the right framework for your application development needs.

PHP Application Development

What is a Framework and how is it useful?

A framework can be defined as the set of classes and functions that the developers follow and use while developing an application. Coding from scratch is not required when you are using a framework and hence this saves up the efforts and development time. Frameworks address the issues of code organization, documentation and use the MVC paradigm where the coding and design of the application are separated for ease of developers. In the earlier days, when there were no frameworks, applications were developed in an exclusive manner where every coder had his own way of development using his own methodology or technique for organizing the code and designing the architecture of the application. Hence, there were always issues of code structuring, documentation and problems that arise when a programmer leaves and a new programmer takes up the work of the application development. In this case the new programmer had no idea of what the earlier programmer had done and created a lot of mess for him. Frameworks solve these sort of complexities and therefore make programming and development a much easier and rapid process. The developers can now migrate from project to project without actually having to worry about the structure of the code. Stability is the advantageous factor here as the underlying code will change less often with the use of frameworks. Frameworks enable developing of quicker prototypes and are the best tools for Agile software development. Additional features like caching, helper functions, unit testing, session control, availability of variety of templates. third party plug-ins and tools, access control and log-in management make frameworks the best utility for web or application development.

How to Choose a Framework for PHP Application Development?

PHP has got an extensive list of frameworks and hence selecting a suitable framework for application development is often an issue. However, the major factor for the selection process remains the type and needs of your application. It means which kind of application you need to develop, what would be its functionalities and various other factors like these. For example, you might know about the most popular PHP framework used these days, but, what if it doesn’t sync or work with your application needs. You need to be picky and very careful while selecting a framework for development of your PHP application. If you are a novice with no idea of the frameworks used in PHP application development, the better way would be taking help of some knowledge programmer or an application development company who can guide you to the selection of the best framework suitable for your project.

Define your business objective and analyze the needs of your app first. Every framework has got its own specialty – while one is the best for online payment, other would be best for development of content based application. A specific PHP framework would be best for mobile app development while the same would not be the best for development of graphical web application or application full of images and videos. Hence, before selecting a framework, you must make clear in your mind on what kind of app you want – whether an online payment app, video based app, content rich app, mobile app or web application full of graphics and images. Framework which can best support your business objective should be your priority.

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Development time and costs would also play an important role here. Yes, you must enquire from your PHP application development company about the time and costs that would be incurred in development of your app using the specific framework. Select a comparatively affordable and most suitable framework for your app.

Check out the current trending frameworks and find out if any of it would be suitable for your needs. If yes, enquire and consider various other factors like time, costs etc., required for development of your business app with that specific framework. If everything is goes well, then the best option would be to select that popular framework as this will keep you in trend and competitive with respect to your competitors.

So, think wise, enquire and only then select the best suitable framework for your application development in order to reap the best results out of it.