Android Application Development Outsourcing Benefits

The mobile world has expanded to a greater extent and Android OS still holds the top most position. Many businesses now prefer to have their own android application to reach out to the maximum customers worldwide. This can be accomplished if your android application adheres to your goals and objectives and is easy to use and attractive to the intended audience.

Android Application Development Company

There is no deny that the android application development is growing fastly and many organizations prefer to outsource their requirements to the android application development company. Outsourcing your android development requirements offer many benefits and has a great scope. Initially, you might not agree to outsource your app requirements but be rest assured as there are several benefits. Let’s take a look at several benefits of outsourcing your android application development requirements.

Cost effective

On finding that your in-house team lacks the expertise and knowledge of application development there is no option left for you other than outsourcing. You can outsource your app development requirements to India as they possess the experienced android application developers who can help you to develop innovative and unqiue android applications. Also, you can cut down on the development cost by a huge margin. You can also hire an android app developer on a full-time or part time basis who will dedicatedly work on your project requirements and help you develop your app as per your business needs and deeds.

Quality of service

Quality of service

Outsourcing your android application development requirements to an IT service provider you can relax about the quality of work. Such outsourcing companies uses the most advanced tools and technologies and possesses the most experienced developers who are highly expert in creating applications. You can develop your application in different categories and you need not have to run from place to place as the company has a team of highly versatile developers each of them are adept at creating specific genre of applications. In this way you can avail the services of a specialized professional who is qualified to develop a certain genre of apps which assures high-quality application development.

Complete support

An outsourcing company will thoroughly understand and analyze your project need and will proceed only after it has gained the complete knowledge about your motives. It’s pretty obvious that you will want to know where does your project stand, what is its progress, when will it be completed etc. To keep you free from such questions the company will provide you 24*7 support giving you every bit of information about your project. You can chat with the experts and update yourself with the development proceedings of your project. Also, you can suggest them new ideas so that it can give the desired form to your concept. Other than this, the outsourcing companies will assist you later on as well in case you face any problems in the future by providing you after-sales support.

To conclude, before selecting an outsourcing company to take care of your application development needs make sure to conduct a good research and invest a good amount of time before making the final decision. Also, check on the client’s testimonials, technical portfolio and their accomplishments…!

Optimize Your Business By Employing IT Consulting Services

The IT Consulting Services has gained a wide popularity over the recent years. One of the major reason for its popularity is your in-house team lacks the required expertise to address and resolve the complex IT problems. You might have to run behind your IT employees to resolve and fix the issues. Every organization today finds it more convenient to hire an IT consultant thereby adding value to their business. Hiring the services of an IT consultant will benefit your company and you’ll be able to accomplish your business objectives more smoothly and efficiently. The IT consulting firms provides IT services outsourcing, IT strategy consulting, Project Management and Programme Management services.

IT Consulting Services

The growing significance of IT consulting services

Most of the surveys have proved that IT consulting services are of vital importance. Many organizations and enterprises are now spending on these kind of services. The companies want their IT consultants to offer staffing services as well. These consultants have better access to wide range of resources and besides they are also specialized to create highly scalable models.

The top three IT consulting services that businesses need

The IT consulting firms provides services based on the business requirements or help businesses keep their computer networkds and processes functional and secure. But, you will be necessarily provided with the below three services.

Data backup

The data backup is very important for every organization. This is the key services provided by the IT consulting firms that aims at maintaining and improving business. Remote backup services are offered by the IT consultants that easily saves your crucial data and information from hardware loss, relocation or natural calamity. Once your data is backed up remotely you can feel free about the other occurings in your company and you can retrieve the information whenever you feel so.

Firewall management

The companies carry out firewall management onsite with the help of their IT security employees. But if you hire the services of an IT consultant you can assure that your internal sabotage efforts and advanced hacking strategies are opposed by the latest firewall strategies. The firewall management brings enhanced security which in turn helps your business to execute the functions effectively and efficiently.

Spam filtration

Spam is very frustrating. The spam can come in huge volumes that it might refrain you from accessing and replying to the emails on timely basis. For example, if the spam filter of your email gets failed there might be thousands of spam emails filling your inbox until and unless the problem is resolved and fixed. This involves lot of time. Hence, it is advisable to take remote backup of your spam filtration through employing the IT consulting services.

To conclude, you can enjoy these services and cut the IT response time in your organization by employing the IT consulting services…!

Cross Platform Development To Speed Up Your Mobile App Development Process

Things were quite simple when the first smartphone was launched by iPhone. The smartphone users were hungry for apps and iPhone was the only phone the developers had to think about. The task was very simple i.e the iPhone developer had to first understand the flow and concept of the app, build its logic, write code for the app to be developed and their task is done. They don’t have to worry about cross-platform compatibility or cross-platform mobile application development.

Cross Platform Development

But when Android OS was launched things changed completely. The market was dominated by Apple iOS and Google’s Android OS but the mobile app developers who want to reach all the smartphone users cannot ignore other devices. The developers had to write different codes for different mobile operating systems like iOS, Android, BlackBerry and Windows Mobile. This resulted in heavy cost of developing mobile apps compatible with different mobile platforms.

What is Cross Platform Development?

The cross-platform mobile application development is altogether a different approach for mobile application development. Using cross-platform mobile application development frameworks the mobile app developers can write a single code which runs across varied mobile operating systems. The enterprises or organizations don’t have to choose between different mobile OS as they can develop a mobile app compatible with different devices using cross-platform technologies. The cross-platform mobile technologies like PhoneGap, Titanium and Sencha Touch provide the mobile app developers the easy way to develop apps for iOS, Android, Windows Phone and BlackBerry.

What are the benefits of cross-platform development?

The cross-platform technologies enables the mobile app developers to use several innovative features and APIs that simplifies the task of developing a mobile app. The developers need to focus on the coding part and get it done right. The code can be used to create native apps for different mobile platforms. This ultimately helps the enterprises to cut down on the development cost, save a lot of time and reach the maximum smartphone users across the world. Using cross-platform development the mobile app developers can:

  • Build robust and secure apps without putting much effort
  • Integrate 3rd party APIs with ease
  • Use JavaScript, AJAX and other languages for mobile app development
  • Easily customize and provide flexibility to the apps
It is also easier to find cross-platform mobile app developers to help you build your app successfully. If you wish to build an app for iPhone it requires expertise in several technologies while Android app development requires command over a separate skill sets. Experienced web developers who are adept with web development technologies can easily make a transition to the mobile development field by mastering cross-platform mobile application development technologies.

Also, the cost of maintenance of your mobile app is tremendously low as you don’t have to tend to five different pieces of code. You can hire a mobile app developer to do few coding work and can save a lot of money. So, if you are looking to develop a mobile app compatible with all the major mobile platforms you don’t have to spend more money on the development of the app as cross-platform technology can help you to develop your app faster and save your time, energy and money…!

Important Tips To Consider While Developing An Usable Mobile Device Apps

Mobile app development has become the current mantra of success for any business. The number of personal services like banking, advertising, payment etc. has gone mobile now. Due to tremendous rise in mobile devices and OS the Mobile App Development India can help you create mobile apps for your business from scratch.

Mobile App Development India

Well, developing a mobile app is not an easy task at all. The mobile app developer has to look into the nitty-gritty of a particular mobile device or operating system that he or she is developing for, understand the way the device functions and then go about to develop an app for it. In this blog post, we’ll address some of the major hardware problems that the mobile app developers face and find out an exact solution for each of the issues.

Screen Resolution

Screen Resolution

With the introduction of so many mobile devices in the market with different features, screen resolutions and display it is impossible to have the ideal resolution for your app. Developing an app with too many features will make the problem worse. To resolve this issue, it is good to put as little information as possible on the display screen and then think to make it bigger.

Colors & Contrast

Colors & Contrast

The smartphones today comes with amazing colors and contrast capabilities. This encourages the mobile programmer to use varied colors without realizing the fact that the user will carry their smartphones everywhere and use it in light conditions also. The poor conditions make it difficult for the user to read the info on the screen due to the use of subtle colors.

The mobile developer can use high contrast color schemes and can differentiate widgets with blocks of solid color. Also, use simple graphics and get rid of unnecessary extra frills to make your app more usable.

Font Size

Font Size

Each and every mobile device contain fonts that are too small to be read with ease. The screen is small in size and hence the fonts need to be small sized to fit in. The mobile app developer can’t do anything about the mobile phone’s default font size but can certainly make the fonts large for your mobile app. This will definitely increase the usability of your app.

Button Functions

Button Functions

Most mobile phone users do not quite understand all the button functions of their hand-held device. The most sensible thing the developer can do is make use of the button indicators, include a detailed help section if necessary, cite each of the button functions so that the end-user can run the app without any trouble.



The mobile device keyboards can be a pain to use for the user. So, try and avoid keyed inputs and try to keep it to the minimum if you can afford to do so.

To sum up, working with so many mobile devices and operating systems can be a tough task specially when you cannot pin down an ideal standard to develop an app for all these devices. However, keeping your mobile app simple and using the possibile features can help you to create better and more usable mobile app…!

iPhone Game Development: What iPhone Developers Should Be Aware Of

Apple’s iPhone is one of the hottest devices used worldwide. With every release comes a special set of features that creates a great vibe in the market. The iPhone is one of the most sought-after device to develop game apps. The iPhone App Development market is very huge and the demand for iPhone app development has grown tremendously in recent times. However, the game app development is not that quite simple. The iPhone developers need to be aware of certain aspects before proceeding ahead with developing an iPhone game app.

Here are some of the important things you need to consider prior getting into an iPhone game development.

Install the required hardware

The first and foremost aspect you should consider is to install all the necessary hardware for iPhone game development. The very minimum hardware requirement includes a Mac running operating system but if you posses a Mac powered by an Intel processor – this could act as an added advantage.

iPhone Game Development: What iPhone Developers Should Be Aware Of

Familiarize yourself with the general environment

If you are a newbie into the field of iOS game development then you need to familiarize yourself with the iOS game development environment. Just visit the iOS Dev Center and browse through the entire details and vast resources it has to offer to you. The iOS Dev Center enables you with useful tips, tutorials and many other resources that are very important while developing your iOS game app.

Once you have browsed and understood all the information, the next step is to join the iOS Developer Program by simply registering as a developer. This will require you to pay $99 as an annual fee and will provide you with all the required tools such as iOS SDK, XCODE, iOS Simulator, Access to forum etc. which will tremendously help you get started with the iPhone game app programming.

Choose the proper tools

Make sure you select the proper tools and SDK to develop a particular game app. Choosing the wrong SDK will result in waste of time and effort but will also reduce the final quality of your game app. XCODE is the best option which are generally used by the experienced professionals for iOS game development but if you are a newbie you can check out other tools such as Corona SDK and iStencyl.

Quality is the key

iPhone Game Development: What iPhone Developers Should Be Aware Of

To develop an game app for iPhone you need to always keep in mind the end-user. Your app should be of good quality to engage and encourage users to use it. A low quality app will take away your users and will also give you negative reviews thus decreasing your ranking in the app store as well as damaging your reputation. In order to avoid this, make sure to develop a good quality game app and then submit it to the Apple App Store. But before submitting, test your app thoroughly on the iOS device it is meant for and ask for feedback as well.

Once your app gets approved by the Apple App Store, make sure to update it on regular basis. Also, ask for feedback from the users who are using your game app and take an extra effort to solve all the queries and complaints sited by the users. This will further enhance the popularity of your app on a global scale as well as give you a platform to regulary interacts with your users.

The above mentioned steps will ensure that you are developing an iOS game app with potential enough to be approved and sought-after in the Apple App Store.

iPhone App Development – Top Three Mistakes To Avoid

The unbeatable popularity and success of iPhone has geared up a much more innovative approach in iPhone App Development to deliver high-quality apps. The requirement and expectations are on the peak to develop iPhone apps and hence many application developers are making their way into this field. But as the demand for the iPhone app development is increasing day-by-day many iPhone application developers are feeling stressed out while developing an iPhone app say for business purpose, social networking app, entertainment app or a GPS based application. This may result in the failure of apps due to some silly mistakes caused during the development process.
Let’s uncover the list of three most common mistakes which should be avoided by the iPhone app developers during iPhone app development phase.

Mistake 1 : Avoid using lot of plug-ins and tools

iPhone App Development – Top Three Mistakes To Avoid

This is the most common mistake committed by the newbies. In order to develop the best iPhone app the developers use a lot of plug-ins and tools. The excess use of tools can make your app complicated and not so usable iPhone app. Hence, it is always advisable to make your app simple yet attractive with the use of appropriate number of tools or plug-ins.

Mistak 2 : Resolution must be taken into account wisely

iPhone App Development – Top Three Mistakes To Avoid

It is very crucial to keep in mind the resolution or screen size of iPhone while developing an app for it. If your app is poor then any user can switch to your competitor. The Retina Display technology of iPhone offers an unmatched watching experience to the user and hence opens up a lot of opportunities for developers. To attract maximum users the iPhone developers are developing high definition and extra high resolution user interface which tremendously slows down the application and reduces the performance of your app.

Mistake 3 : Multi-tasking in application

iPhone App Development – Top Three Mistakes To Avoid

This mistake is often committed by the experienced iPhone app developers. The application you are designing and developing must be concentrated on a single genre. You can surely add traits but going out of the subject would spoil your app as well as your expectations. For instance, if you are developing an gaming app then make sure you do not integrate the business features with it.

Final Words

The above are some of the common mistakes or factors the iPhone app developers should avoid during their iPhone application development process. I hope this blog will help you to make your iPhone app a smash hit.

The Present and Future of the Web – PHP Development

Starting with a humble beginning, PHP Development today has evolved to such a great extent that it is the backbone of over 70% websites on the web. Early evolution lagged in quite some areas, but the open source community and ardent PHP developers helped make it the “Language of the web” today.

Today PHP is looked upon as a robust, secure and reliable web development language that can cater to the requirements of small as well as large websites – including enterprise web requirements. So, what makes PHP development so appealing?

1. Data Structures

The Present and Future of the Web – PHP Development

PHP arrays are simple like ordered hash tables. Creating one data structure for a programming language and making it as simple as possible, making it highly flexible along with high performance, PHP would be the right choice.

2. Meant for the web

The Present and Future of the Web – PHP Development

As mentioned earlier, 70% of the web runs on PHP. This rapid and extreme success is due to the fact that PHP was meant for the web. You do not need to create any extra bootstrapping to make PHP work for the web. It was built for the web!

3. More than Enough Documentation

The Present and Future of the Web – PHP Development

Many a time’s new programming languages fail to catch on. This is mainly because of lack of documentation for users to implement and develop applications using it. PHP does not fall into this category of web programming languages. It has a great documentation and there are a gamut of blogs, tutorials and health resources out on the internet that have been built by the enthusiastic PHP community. This makes the language all the more popular. Forums and other discussions provide PHP developers with great resources whenever help is required.

4. Standard Libraries

PHP is loaded with libraries that are consistent, complete and are effectively handled by PHP. It can help perform expensive operations at a low level without as much context switching.

5. PHP is Stable

PHP over the years has been worked upon and today is a highly stable language that powers most of the big brands of the web. Web brands like facebook is powered by PHP and handles millions and millions of queries, registrations and messaging capabilities. It is an undeniable fact that PHP is stable and is being rapidly adapted for building websites of all shapes and sizes.

The Present and Future of the Web – PHP Development

PHP is certainly gaining a lot of ground in the web world. PHP developers take advantage of its open source nature and build on it to prepare great web solutions for enterprises, large and small businesses. PHP as compared to other web development languages is more flexible, more scalable and certainly more stable. Any kind of security concerns are not really about the language any more. It’s about how well a PHP developer can build security into the application they build! Well, PHP is the future of the web, and customizing your web solution and tailoring it to suit your business requirement is a great way to start your next web project.

Hire PHP developers for cost benefits, expertise, flexibility and lots more..

You need not have everything in-house. Business demands your attention at all levels. You need to be looking at finance, marketing, supply chain and a host of other tasks at the same time. It’s best to leave the technology to the experts. Well, if your next web project is in the pipeline, hire PHP developers for the task and you can then handle the more pressing business issues that require your personal attention. PHP development today is so evolved and PHP developers ensure that your website is built with all the recent trends and development options in mind.

Here’s why you should hire PHP developers:

Hire PHP developers for cost benefits, expertise, flexibility and lots more..


Expertise today supersedes the need for cost reduction

Hire PHP developers for cost benefits, expertise, flexibility and lots more..

Hiring developers either by outsourcing and offshoring generally triggers a sense of cost cutting. Well, that being true, it’s no longer the only valid reason for hiring talent elsewhere (other than in house resources). Well, dedicated technology experts can give you a solution that is current, trending and future ready.

Cost reduction also matters though

When you hire PHP developers you definitely will get a cost advantage. Expert services at a almost 50% reduction in cost is almost alluring. Well, think about your budget. Hiring by outsourcing is a great option for those with a tight budget. PHP is open source and developers customizing it can definitely afford reduced costs.

Keeping up with Technology changes

Hire PHP developers for cost benefits, expertise, flexibility and lots more..

Technology experts can think about technology and you can concentrate on the business issues that require your attention. PHP and all such web development technologies change every now and then. A dedicated hired resource will definitely help keep up with these changes and ensure that your website is upto date and as per current trends.

Flexibility and Follow the sun advantage

Hire PHP developers for cost benefits, expertise, flexibility and lots more..

If you decide to outsource, you can effectively implement the follow the sun model. This means that if your business targets a global customer base, you can provide them with support and services on a 24/7 basis without having your employees to work nights. It’s a great way to conduct business bringing it closer to customers and more accessible.

You can concentrate on business

Hire PHP developers for cost benefits, expertise, flexibility and lots more..

You can then divert your attention to other aspects of your business. Finances, suppliers, customers, market research, sales, profits etc. there are plenty of business processes that need your exclusive attention. Concentrate on these aspects of your business and leave the technology to the PHP experts!

Getting the right resources to do the development work will ensure that you have a robust solution for your web requirements. If PHP is your choice of technology for web development, ensure that you hire the best PHP developers for the project at hand.

CMS Web Development Usability Guidelines

Using a Content Management System out of the box would definitely invite some usability issues. Well, there are plenty who do use a CMS out of the box, but there are plenty of opportunities where you can tweak a few things here and there and improve the usability of your website.

CMS Web Development Usability Guidelines


















Here are a few usability tips based on general usability principles for your website:

Everything that is not necessary – leave it out!

















User interface is the most important part of your website, and if there is a single element that you perceive as unnecessary – remove it or leave it out from the design. There are some CMS that have excess of functionalities on the home page for example – but if it is not useful for your end user, leave it out! You can Use CSS to hide stuff if you have to, but clean up the user interface.

Keep the users independent of the complexities

Powerful CMS, Complex CMS, Highly Secure CMS – users don’t care! They care about visiting a website and getting things done! Well, if those criteria were used by you to select a CMS – great – it’s good for a business. But leave the customers out.

Speak the language of the users

Your website is your virtual salesman. It should be able to communicate in the language that your customers will understand – make it so. Use terminologies that a user will understand – no technical jargons, unless you are targeting a technical audience.

Know and understand your users

Find out whom you are creating the website for. CMS development with the end users in mind will definitely grow popular with your customers. Ensure that it’s easy to use and intuitive and leads the customer from one step to another.

Using natural mappings is a good idea

Using a mapping where the user interface mimics the action, is a great idea. Also, remember that a good interface mirrors the thinking of the end user and provides users with the most ideal navigation or tasks to be performed on the website.


Build a user interface with consistency across pages, screens and various components. This would include navigation, buttons that require clicks from users, form controls, text styling, links styling, layout of the forms, terminology used on the pages, etc. Users will instantly know where to go next and can relate things instantly.

Effective home page

Creating an effective home page is about the best thing you could do to improve the usability of your CMS. Well, do not clutter it with unnecessary things- graphics, animations, videos etc. make sure that your home page reflects your business completely. It should have just the right features to lead the customers to the right inner pages. The pages they are looking for!

Usability is essential for your website. If CMS development is what you choose for your next web project, ensure that you include the right elements of usability on your website and leave out the clutter!

8 Ways in Which SharePoint Development Can Help Your Business Succeed

One of the top business collaboration resources today, Sharepoint provides businesses with many features to improve efficiency and work more effectively. Sharepoint has been around since 2001 but has only gained lot of traction with 2007. With SharePoint 2010 and 2013, more and more businesses have turned to this technology and have started to harness the power of this powerful resource for their business growth.

SharePoint Development

User Experience

SharePoint has a very familiar interface which greatly enhances user experience. SharePoint development is tightly integrated with the desktop applications that users are already familiar with – this provides users with a consistent user experience. This greatly simplifies how users interact with and process business data. This eases out a lot of tasks for businesses and users or employed can quickly adapt to this technology.

Business Activities Simplified

SharePoint offers out of the box work flows for initiating, tracking and reporting common business activities. Document review and approval and issue tracking can be easily accomplished. There is no coding required. Well, tight integration with client applications like email and web browsers make things easier for employees.

Regulatory Requirements

SharePoint enables business users to set security settings, storage policies and auditing policies. It also allows you to set expiration action for business records. Compliance and regulations in business become more and more easy. Business information can be controlled and managed more effectively.

Content Management

Intranet and internet site content can be easily updated and submitted. Even Multilingual content can be easily managed via new document library templates that are specially designed to maintain the different versions and translations of a single document.

Access to business data

With SharePoint, users can gain easy access to business information and data. Enterprise level Managed document repositories enable businesses to store their business critical data in one central location which can be easily accessed by employees at any time.

Accelerate shared business processes

Smart electronic forms can be used and web browser functionalities can be used for critical business functions. Accurate and consistent data can be easily collected and manual data errors can be eliminated.

Sensitive information protection

Real time data can be accessed and sensitive information can be effectively protected with the help of SharePoint portals. Proprietary information can also be safeguarded and access to such information prevented.

SharePoint poses a lot of opportunities for businesses to take advantage of. SharePoint Development enables you to create interactive, live business intelligence and give users a single place for locating and using and accessing business data more effectively. Centralized management systems are gaining more and more importance in the business world today. Getting the right features to integrate with your existing systems is a great way to ease the adaptation of SharePoint into your existing business functions. Custom applications and familiarity with the infrastructure is what makes SharePoint implementations more and more in demand these days for businesses.