Windows Phone 8.1 Design and UI Changes

Windows 8 brought winds of change in the world of mobile OS’s. It was a new concept for those who were otherwise used to  the Desktop environment of Windows Operating Systems. After that the only major update from Microsoft for mobile OS was the Windows 8.1. Beginning with a preview for Windows Phone Developers, today, the rollout has been done for almost all devices. So, what’s new about this Windows 8.1 and has Microsoft finally delivered a product that people love? It’s been seven months since it’s initial release. What do Windows Phone Development experts and enthusiasts have to say about it, now that it has been tried and tested.

Windows Phone development

It’s a huge update with great design changes

Windows 8.1 came with a set of massive features that were new and appealed to developers and users both. It could have easily been a major 1.0 update like Windows 9 or something.

Operating System Changes

The Operating System has some major changes – not just minor patches and bug fixes. The OS was nick names Blue and Microsoft has redone the kernel and the entire architecture of the OS. The 8.1 is a catch up update, but in essence does much more.

New Start Screen, with theme syncing and UI changes

The core design for UI from Microsoft is not changed. There are slight refinements that make it more advanced and sleek. Microsoft has added an interesting option for backgrounds on the start screen. Users expected a more Android or iOS type wallpaper setting, but Microsoft maintained it’s tiled UI and users have the ability to skin the tiles by overlaying an image of their choice.

The tile can use a Flip Layout or an iconic design. With iconic design, the image in the background can be seen and with the Flip layout, any area of the tile that is transparent will show the image behind it. As a result,, some apps will have a see through ability while some others will have a solid background.

Other than these design and UI changes, here are a few other updates from Windows 8.1

  • Signal strength, data connections, Wi-Fi, Battery and location can no longer be hidden by auto hide.
  • People hub redesign with smaller fonts
  • Speed dial is now under the Phone icon
  • Notifications and alerts have been improved.In the app list, the newly installed apps display “new”.
  • Games can be installed in the App list other than the Apps Hub

Over all Windows Phone development and design have seen good changes in Windows 8.1 mobile OS. Microsoft has been very creative with trying out new and innovative ideas and making them available to a wide range of users with the Nokia Lumia Series of Smartphones to support this new design. These were a few design changes that the Windows 8.1 brought with it and it really worked with the Windows Phones.

CMS Development – Key Factors That Appeal To Businesses

Content Management System (CMS Development) has seen a spike in the usage due the convenient features it offers businesses with. Core CMS can be downloaded and installed on the go without having to program it. CMS custom development is used for adding functionalities as per business requirements.

CMS development

Well, businesses of today understand the importance of rapid website development and require web solutions that can give them maximum benefits in terms of time to go live and the cost as well. Content Management Systems provide for the most apt solutions for businesses to build reliable web solutions.

A Sense Of Control

With a content management solution, you gain maximum control over what goes on your website and what you would like to delete. You need not have to wait for a programmer to change something for you. The interface provided is generally user friendly and a few clicks can help you change the content.

Fresh Content

Your online presence thrives on it’s searchable content and search engine thrive on fresh feed of content. Using a CMS, you can easily update the content as many times as you see adequate. This makes your website seem “alive” with activity and gives your customers a good impression as well as search engines some feed. This will ultimately improve your search rankings too.

Addition Is Easy

Content Management Systems generally come in two parts. A core CMS and some extensions, modules or plug ins. With WordPress these extended functionalities are called plug ins, with Magento they are called Extensions and with DNN they are called modules. Well, the very purpose of these modules are to extend functionality. Well, CMS Custom Development makes it possible to add functionalities which are specific to your business requirements.


You can include control mechanisms to restrict access to certain users and provide them with limited access – just enough to complete the tasks that they perform.


A content management system can include a work flow engine and improve efficiency of work. Collaborative efforts in creating content, editing and deleting will help create better content for your business website.

Cost Advantage

A content management system can be downloaded and installed off the net. Well, with today’s open source market getting more and more popular, CMS customization will ensure that you get a cost advantage for your website. The process is hassle free and requires no additional fees for licenses etc. like proprietary systems.

To sum it up…..

CMS development is preferred by businesses in order quickly go online and move closer to their ROI. Businesses today prefer quick and convenient solutions and CMS development can provide you with exactly this.

Ways in which mobile apps can drive revenues for businesses

Customers today are walking around with internet enabled smartphones in their pockets. Businesses can tap this opportunity and turn it into valuable means for driving revenues. Mobiles offer businesses with immense opportunities for reaching out to their customers – via mobile apps development, mobile friendly websites etc. Businesses get that extra boost with the help of mobile apps.

mobile application development

Here are a few ways in which businesses can drive revenues with mobile apps:

Push notifications that are geo targeted

Push notifications are powerful tools to send the message across to customers in a short and simple manner. They create a greater impact when sent to the customers at the right time and place. For example, a musical show can notify customers about their tickets selling out fast, or stores can send notifications about their latest offers and restaurants could notify users of their offers and specialties served on their menus.

Opportunities for sales

With the advent of mobile phones as a medium for ecommerce, opportunities for sales have increased manifold. The interactions between customers and businesses are not limited to any geo location in particular. Waiting in the long checkout queues and movie ticket lines have become a thing of the past. Today, customers can shop at any time and from anywhere.

Geo Targeted Advertising

Smartphone advertising can target users at a specific location and at specific times. You can also optimize the ads to be contextually localized. Businesses can create their marketing campaigns based on what works and what does not – in a particular geographic location. With the ability for native mobile apps development to use features like GPS, businesses can easily target location based customers and run successful marketing campaigns using mobile apps

Dynamic offers

This is a great revenue booster. Push notifications and geo – targeting can help businesses to create “just in time” offers and boost sales. For example, you can locate customers who are nearby and have recently searched, and send them an extended offer so that they are urged to buy.

Data Gathering

Data gathering is made easy with mobile apps and businesses can analyze customer behavior right from when they step into your online store to when they leave. Gathering data can help you serve them better with a touch of personalization .

Competition Grounds

Businesses can easily evaluate their competition. For brick and mortar stores the geo location was limited. For online stores, the competition grounds are spread far and wide, but the opportunities to reach out are also more. The means to target the right audience are also plenty.

Well, to sum it up, mobile application developmentwill surely open up new opportunities for businesses and businesses can leverage from these to drive sales and grow!

The Pros And Cons Of Outsourcing Software Development

Nearly every business small or large has software development needs. But the biggest question is whether to outsource their software development cycle. India has become the biggest name and has come a long way in the field of technology. Also, it has become the most preferred destination for outsourcing your software development projects. With the expanding horizons of software requirements for any type of business, the software development companies in India have gained a strong foothold in the international market.

Software Development Company in India

Software Development Company in India

Many people have strong opinions about whether to outsource their software needs or stay in-house. In this blog post, we will discuss some of the pros and cons of outsourcing software development.

Outsourcing benefits

  • Broader expertise: With outsourcing your software development needs you gain access to a wide range of skills and expertise than you likely would with people you hire in-house.
  • Cost factor: Outsourcing will tend to be more cheaper than paying for the in-house employees. The average cost of an software developer is quite less in India as compared to the cost in countries like USA, UK or Germany.
  • Saving time: Often software companies work on a project-by-project basis. Instead of hiring a new staff altogether you can outsource certain aspect of the project until the project is complete. This will help you save time and money.
  • Access: If your developer is sick or on vacation you might be out of luck. But with a service provider you are likely to have multiple people who can help you when you need it.

Outsourcing drawbacks

  • Turnover: IT companies often see employees come and go. This may frustrate the client who crave for consistency.
  • Communication barrier: People who choose overseas consultants for the lower price often end up frustrated with communication and language difficulties.
  • Lack of customer focus: A service provider is catering to the expertise needs of multiple organizations at a same time. In such situations, the vendors lack complete focus on your organization’s tasks.

Are you struggling with the in-house vs. outsourcing decision for your company? We will be happy to sit down with you and chalk out a complete plan. Of course, we believe that outsourcing makes more sense. But before actually outsourcing your project needs to any of the service provider consider both the pros and cons. And still you believe to outsource your project it is advisable to specifically determine the importance of the tasks which are to be outsourced.

The Advantages Of Symfony In A Nutshell

PHP is recognized as one of the most useful companions for the web developers. It’s a scripting language and is extensively used for developing complex web applications and websites. Throughout the last decade PHP has matured into variable branches of frameworks which caters to different areas of the website development. The PHP programmers now have the option to choose from a variety of frameworks like CakePHP, Zend, Symfony and several others. Symfony is one of the PHP based frameworks which has become quite popular in the recent times.

Symfony PHP Development In India

When it comes to development of high-end and complex websites at an affordable price, Symfony is one of the most preferred choice for both the PHP programmers and consumers. Symfony is a PHP5 framework coupled with a huge configuration and helps the programmers with an extensive level of code generation. The Symfony PHP Development in India can help you to build web applications and websites based on Symfony framework with out-of-the-box features. Packed with so many features, Symfony raises the biggest question that how far is it helpful to both the developers and clients alike?

Here are some of the advantages of Symfony:

The discussion will deal with two aspects i.e advantages from the perspective of business and the benefits it offers to the PHP developers.

The Symfony for the Businesses

  • Symfony is considered as one of the best PHP frameworks from a business point of view. If you are looking out for a framework which will help you through the long-term project being compatible with most platforms, business libraries and most methods implemented by the PHP developers, then Symfony is the right framework for you.
  • The biggest advantage of Symfony is that it is re-usable. The testable codes will further help the application to get acclimatized with the changing nature of the business without affecting the quality.
  • Being an open source framework, it is highly beneficial for the software development business.

The Symfony for the Developers

  • One of the biggest advantage of Symfony is it is based on MVC (Model, View, Controller) pattern and the strict object-oriented language helps to create the testable codes which inturn saves the time of the developer.
  • One of the biggest feature it offers to the developers is a wide set of command line tools which are helpful during the project management and development process of applications.
  • Symfony offers the developers to create plug-ins to add some more features.
  • Symfony is quite popular in the developer’s community due to its extensive cache system. When it comes to building of complex web applications, Symfony would act like magic.

By now, you might have understood the advantages of this popular framework. If you are planning to go for a web development project, then Symfony is surely the best option for your business…!

iPhone Application Development To Give Your Business Boost

The success curve of your business will see an exponential rise with mobile business applications for Android, Windows as well as iPhone application development. If you don’t think that sentence made an impact, read on. The key feature of a mobile app is it’s accessibility and convenience. If customers do not have to go through a lot of hassles to accomplish simple tasks, they will surely be looking towards a long term relationship. Customers for any kind of business want thing “right now and right here”. If businesses can meet this demand – half the battle is won. iPhone is a smartphone with a great user appeal and missing out on the opportunity to capitalize on it’s business potential is like a downward slide for your business. Well, lets look at how iPhone application development will help you stay in the forefront of the competition and see your business grow!

iPhone Application Development Company

  • Quick service: Everything is at your finger tips! Customers need just a few taps and a few swipes to get things done. Businesses enjoy greater customer satisfaction and loyalty which results from that. Businesses can be “ready” whenever a customer requires any kind of service! Instant service equates to a happy customer!
  • New customers:iPhone users are growing by the day, giving your app the visibility to a greater audience should be an easier task. Iphone Application development with perfectly tailored apps for your business can help you attract new customers and ultimately help you spread the word around more effectively and more efficiently.
  • Easy to use:iPhone apps are generally not built to be complicated. A great user experience will definitely help when customers are using your app on iPhone. After all ease of use for them, means many more customers for you and much more profit for your business!
  • Customer experience matters: Your iPhone application could be your tool to stay in touch with your customers even after close of business hours. The ability to get services anytime anywhere generates a great customer experience which in turn means greater sales for your business.

If that’s not reason enough, iPhone application development is not a heculean task. It’s just about selecting the right iPhone application development company to do it for you! These days you get services at affordable rates too! Keeping up with the latest trends and changing strategies with time should also be part of your business growth plan. This means that if smartphones is going to be the way mobile trends are moving you need to follow suite. If your business lacks this important facet, you are missing out on some great expansion opportunities.

Easily accessible tools and applications that users can tap and swipe to get things done on the go is what the world is expecting from businesses. If that’s the trend that businesses follow, they will see instant gratification from existing customers and will be able to attract new customers. After all a profitable business is what all businesses are looking for! So find the right iPhone application development services and get your business app out there without any delay..!

The Benefits Of SharePoint Consulting Companies India

Microsoft SharePoint has gained tremendous popularity in recent times. It is one of the most widely used platform for enterprises to collaborate on work tasks and pool resources. The companies globally use SharePoint for activities such as creating websites for information distribution, document sharing and for collaboration purpose. SharePoint has helped varied businesses worldwide to streamline workflow, improve cross-department communication and increase productivity.



If you are thinking of implementing Microsoft SharePoint then you have two choices. You can either run the system on an in-house server or outsource the service to a SharePoint Consulting Companies in India. India is one of the most sought after destination globally for many organizations. Whichever option you choose, you’ll need to take the advise of a trained Microsoft SharePoint Consultant. Here’s the reason why:

Lack of Bias

SharePoint Consultants will be able to provide you the best advise on the best solution for your business. They are unbiased and will take the time to get to know your organization to chalk out a package that best meets your requirements. You need not have to worry as you’ll receive the honest advise on all the options that are available to you.

SharePoint Architecture

The expert SharePoint consultants will be able to help you to deploy a robust SharePoint architecture which is customized for your business and its requirements.


Most of the web development companies will only employ SharePoint consultants who have gone through a set of stringent examinations which means they are well qualified and possess the required experience to support your SharePoint development venture.


Security is one of the biggest concern for any businesses. The SharePoint consultants will provide you the best advise on all the security options that are available and will help you to find a secure external hosting. They can even help you to place measures to ensure that your in-house SharePoint server has adequate security provisions in place.

Cost Savings

The SharePoint consultant will help you to seek the most effective solution for your business whether it be in-house or outsources. The main reason why most organizations outsource their SharePoint system is because of the huge cost involved in running it. In addition to the cost of hardware, maintaining an in-house server might require you to hire a full-time technician to manage it efficiently. This will involve more cost meaning this is simply not viable for any business.

To conclude, Microsoft SharePoint provides enterprises a great platform to manage things internally and externally with ease. The SharePoint consultant will help you to achieve this better and in the most appropriate way. So, what keeps you waiting for? Contact us today for Software Consulting Services in all types of Microsoft technologies including Microsoft SharePoint…!


Software Development – Potential Risks Associated With It!

Developing and maintain any software applicaiton has never been an easy to go task. It is full of risks. Most of the enterprises rely on the software application. Therefore, additional cost, delays or unability to fulfill the requirements could result into serious consequenses. Larger risks that can destroy long-term projects require immediate attention.

Software Development Company in India

Therefore, risk management has become a criical part of any software development project in india. Improsing risk management would help you overcome critical risks that arise during the software development project. In this post, we’re going to cover a few of the major risks that can ruin your software application development venture.

  • Estimation and scheduling: Each and every software application has its own nature, which may create problems for the developers and manages in estimating and scheduling development time. It is advisable to moitor existing projects in order to ensure you never repeat mistakes in the future.

  • Immediate growth in requirements: Once you start proejct, you may find plenty of hidden issues that you failed to identify at the earlier stage. Such issues can create a last minute hurdle to complete he project within a given timeline. Therefore, try to think at the beginning of the project about the future requirements.

  • Breakdown of specification: At the initial stages of integration and coding, requirements might conflit with each other. Also, sometimes developers find the specificatoin unclear or incomplete.

  • Productivity issues: If you’re working on a project that involves long timelines, you may take things easy to begin with. However, this would result into lose of significant time in order to finish up the project. Therefore, it is important to make an achievable schedule and follow it strictly to achieve the goals.

  • Design compromises: Many times developers finsh up the design process in rush as they’ve to complete other development tasks. This at the end results into a waste of programming time as designing is the most crucial part of any software development project.

  • Including unwanted elements: Often developers like to showcase their skills by including unwanted elements or features in order to make the application look stylish. Again, it is a waste of time that developer can utilize in programming the application.

  • Procedural risks: While working with software application development, it is possible to get your day-to-day operational activities hampered because of inappropriate process implementation, conflicting priorities or may be due to lack of clarity in the responsibilities.

  • Technical risks: Sometimes software companies reduce the functionality of theapplication in order to cope up with the short deadlines and shrinking budget. There is no denying that there is always a conflict between achieving functoinality of the applicatoin and increase the performance. However, that doesn’t mean organizations reduce the functionality.

  • Unavoidable risks: These include changes in government policy or other risks that cannot be estimated or controlled

It won’t be over saying that software development projects are complicated and hard to complete smoothly, but considering the above discussed risks in mind would help you overcome many critical issues in the future. Looking for a software development company in India? Get in touch with us now!

Top Android App Review Sites For Mobile App Developers

As you are already aware of how vital it is to effectively market your mobile app once it has been developed. A good part of your mobile app marketing strategy and promotion efforts involves submitting of your app to the good app review websites online. This gives your app an added exposure among the wide audience. In this article, we will see some of the top Android app review websites for the mobile app developers.

Android Application Development


AndroidTapp offers the latest news and updates on the apps, app recommendations and even interviews with the android app developers. This website enables you a platform that showcases your app developing skills. Also, AndroidTapp lets the user post detailed app reviews, pros and cons etc. The user can even rate your app including screenshots, videos, pricing etc. This will enhance your overall mobile app marketing efforts and will give your mobile app a lot more exposure among the end-users.


AndroidLib is yet another android app review website which features the latest app in the market. Also, it let the user know the brief reviews on the key functions of the app. The catalog style database enables readers information about the pricing, user rating etc. But the best thing about AndroidLib is that is displays the apps being browsed at any point of time. This means that the most enaging and popular your app is it will be featured in the most being browsed list.


AndroidApps enables the user to browse and search apps category wise. It also offers long and detailed descriptions and app recommendations. The user can post screenshots and videos of your app online. This site also lets you inform the users regarding price cuts on your mobile app such that they are always updated with the latest information. AndroidApps features the top reviewers every week which allows you to choose from the best to review your mobile app.


The AppBrain provides users with a catalog style database which allows them to browse and search apps category wise. It also contains a latest reviews tab which let the user know the most recent app reviews. You can even write a detial description about your app’s main features and also include screenshots, videos, pricing and user ratings. The user can install the app with just a single click and can easily share it with  their friends. This means your app can get extra promotion with less extra effort from your side.

To conclude, there are thousands of apps review website available today. Here in this article, we have featured the best android app review site for you. If you are willing to develop an app for your business and wants to promote it then get in touch with us for Android Application Development…!

How To Choose A Perfect Drupal Theme For Your Website

The demand for Drupal development services are constantly on rise. Drupal, an open source content management system is very popular and extremely active amongst the Drupal community. Thousands of companies worldwide choose Drupal for developing feature rich website to reach the masses. To make your site more attractive you need to consider your options and select a right Drupal theme. Either you can customize a free theme, buy a premium theme, design and develop your own theme or hire a developer to create unique theme for your business.

Drupal Development

With thousands of themes available in the market you have plenty of choices. But in this article, we will see how you can select a right theme for your website to make it more attractive to the masses.

Use and customize a free theme

A free theme is always an obvious choice. You can see the free Drupal themes on live demo websites. Such sites allow you to click and interact with a website running the Drupal theme. As plenty of free themes are available you need not have to be careful when choosing a free theme. Usually, themes are code and you need to select a theme carefully for your site – just select the good ones that suits your business.

Purchase a premium theme

You can buy a premium Drupal theme for your site and if they have some extra features it will make it easier for your to make quick changes when you wish to. But while choosing a premium theme, consider the security standpoint and check whether the theme (the one you have selected) is already in use on various sites out there.

Make your own theme

You can make your own theme at an minimum cost. You will need your company’s logo and color scheme. A good Drupal theme makes it really easy to make changes in the look and if the theme makes use of the color module you can even change all kinds of colors without actually touching the CSS. Even you can upload your own logo. If you wish to do tweaking you need to make a separate sub-theme with some customizations based on the base theme. If you need different fonts just check out collection of free font kits at FontSquirrel.

Hire a Drupal developer

If you are not able to find a suitable theme for your site consider hiring a Drupal developer. If you are sure about what you want the website to look like, you can hire a right Drupal developer within your budget. The Drupal developer will design a custom theme for you site and will also assure that you totally install the theme.

To conclude, Drupal provides many options to select the right theme. If you spend less money and time on your Drupal theme the less flexiblity you’ll have. Either you can select the readily available options – a free theme or buy a cheap premium theme that fits your business perfectly. The more flexibility you wish, the more time and money you’ll need to spend…!