How Mobile Applications Can Take Travel Experience To The Next Level?

Most of us are wanderlusts!

Given some spare time and money, and we got ready to expedite around the world. From pre-travel to reaching the final destination, there are a lot of preparations we have to do like- ticket booking, hotel booking, searching best places to visit and finding a guide, all of these are truly back-breaking. This planning and arrangements take away the real fun of the travel and sometimes, it is tiresome as well.

How Mobile Applications Can Take Travel Experience To The Next Level-

However, the smartphone right in your pocket can reduce your burden. Yes, exactly the mobile in the palm of your hand can guarantee your trip to go fantastic, effortlessly.

With technology advancements, variety of mobile applications developed that can help travelers leapfrog all the hurdles and dramatically improve travel experience.

Take a glance at all the advantages that travelers will get while traveling using mobile applications:

1) Make bookings on-the-go

Now, waiting in the long queues is no more required. Mobile applications have busted these long queues by enabling the travelers to make the booking right from the mobile. Be it ticket booking, taxi booking, or hotel booking, all the bookings can be made anytime, anywhere.

2) Compare the bookings/packages

Don’t let travel agencies or agents to dig a hole into your pocket. Be smart and work smartly using smart apps. There are myriad of mobile apps available out in the market that will help travelers to find the best deals,compare them and then made bookings.

3) Hunt nearby places at ease

Once you reached the final destination, the next task is to find the places that you can visit. Obviously, you don’t want any place to left to visit. So, it’s best to peep into your mobile phone and get the list of all places to visit alongside their complete details.

4) Get directions to the place you want

Navigating the places to visit take away a good amount of time that travelers can use in exploring some more places. Mobile apps have added another feather to the cap by providing directions to the traveler turn by turn. This improves travelers’experience and help them to reach the destination without any hassle.

5) Ditch the tour guide

When a guide is hired/booked, handsome amount of money travelers have to pay to them and also they are not going to available 24/7. Here, mobile apps comes to the rescue. There are different type of mobile applications that by knowing travelers interests, likings, and tracking real-time location, provide recommendations or tailored suggestions through push notifications just the way a guide do.

6) Stay connected with Wi-Fi

To get in-room Wi-Fi, travelers have to pay extra to the hotels and that’s truly pricey. Also, the Wi-Fi connection will remain limited to the hotel room, how about when the traveler is outside. Here mobile app like-Boingo, TWC Wi-Fi finder would help travelers to get Wi-Fi network easily and connect with it securely as the apps own millions of hotspots scattered worldwide. These apps are either available for free or you need to pay a minimal monthly subscription.

7) Get ride anywhere

No more hailing the cab/taxi is required! Leading e-hailing services are available globally that let travelers to book a ride on-the-go or search the nearby drivers at fingertips. Many taxi companies such as Uber, Ola, Lyft and more providing this online booking services are gaining more traction.

8) Comprehend the locals language

Without knowing the local language, travelers cannot explore the places to fullest and one cannot master hundreds of languages.Also, keeping the translator with you every time is not a good choice. The digital device- mobile that’s very close to you can work as a translator that can translate the languages. Either you type or speak, the language translator apps translate in the language you understand best.


The mobile applications are bringing a paradigm shift in the travel industry and shaping the travelers’ experience. Day after another, new applications are launching leveraging advanced technology to provide utmost convenience to the travelers when they expedite and giving a leg up to the travel space. Do you also have an idea to help the travelers? If yes, get connected with our consultants to know how you can get engineer the unique idea and roll over mobile app development journey.

5 Things To Consider Before You start Building An Android App

Android app store is inundated with millions of Android applications, but handful of them able to create buzz in the market. Despite, some applications are similar topopularAndroid applications, but fail to gain user’s attention, or get fewer downloads. Why is it so? What’s lacking? Or, is there any magic formula that can make these apps achieve a major breakthrough?

5 Things To Consider Before You start Building An Android App

The answer to all these question is comprised in the following 5 key points that businesses have to keep in mind before rolling out Android app development. Here they are:

1) Take unique approach

To create a room for your app in the customer’s mind, it has to be interesting, new and innovative that your target audience would really love. Come up with a new idea and translate it into a fully-fledge Android application including all the features and functionalities that may bring it in the top ranking apps on the Google play store. Crafting a replica of the app or keeping duplicity will not be appreciated.

2) Understand the market

Before going ahead with your app idea, it’s necessary to conduct in-depth market research to know about your competitors, their offerings, strength, weakness and pretty more. Also, customer reviews, their liking and disliking for different features, and their expectations for the app needs must be considered. It will help you to decide what features to keep and what not in your application.

3 Know your customer at first

The target audience location, language and lifestyle have great impact on app’s popularity.As, the language and content you are using in your application may woo the users of one region, but they may be offensive to another. Either configure your app content such that it works well globally or keep content according to a specific region. This tactic may result in more app downloads and user reviews.

4) Design and development

Though, your app is comprehensive, but it must be developed and designed simple with intuitive interface and rich graphics. Ensure the UI is flexible that can fit in different type of contents and simultaneously, offer great user experience.Use latest technology and advanced tools in Android app development to keep up with latest technology trends. Get partnered with best Android app developer team that can engineer world-class Android app.

5) Marketing strategy

Using appropriate marketing techniques and tools is as important as app development. Before the app launch, you should decide in advance what will be your approach to reach your target audience and also, set aside a budget for this. The app description on Google play store may turn the normal user into potential users, so keep it effective and elite.


Mobile usage and mobile users are on the rise! Android hold a bigger share of the market and you can also get the advantage of its large user base with impeccable Android application development. Start racing in the app development marathon by hiring best Android app development team.

Ways to Deal with Rising Security Issues of Corporate Mobile Applications

In the recent years, demand for internet enabled mobile devices has increased drastically which has in turn boosted up the market for mobile applications. Today, a large number of internet users are mobile-first who majorly use their mobile devices like smart phones or tablets for their online activities. However, internet usage through mobile devices is rising a security concern for many reasons. There is a concern over the safety of the present day mobile apps. Mobile apps development is definitely a good way for the corporates to enhance their reachability across the globe but concerns regarding security of the apps from malicious hackers still remain a concern for the corporates.

Mobile Application Development

Statistics to Show Why There are Security Concerns with Mobile Apps

According to a recent study, more than 70% of the top free Android apps and hundreds of paid apps in Google Play Store had been hacked previously, while this percentage moves to 50 and 55 percent for free and paid iOS apps in the Apple App Store respectively. Hence, these findings are really concerning for the corporates as more and more businesses look out to develop mobile apps.

There are many organizations allowing their employees to work using their own device with BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) strategy.This gives the employees freedom to work with their own device so that they can enjoy comfortable working experience at their workplace. But, according to a recent study, more than 80 percent of the smartphone users use the same device both for personal as well as professional work in this case and hence, this increases the vulnerability of business data to security threats. Therefore, a major concern for the companies related to the enterprise mobility is security of their mobile applications. Even the mobile app development companies need to take more precautions in order to develop secure applications for their clients because insecure applications can risk their reputation.

Following are few ways that can help enterprises to create, deploy and execute secure mobile applications for their business needs.

Need to Learn About Common Security Threats

Best way to secure your mobile applications from hacking and other data security threats is to be aware of what kind of security threats is your application vulnerable to. You can research on what kinds of security threats are often faced by the enterprises when they go for mobile apps development. You should learn about the different ways these enterprises leverage in order to keep their mobile apps away from security issues.

Use Effective Tools to Secure Your App Code

The number of mobile devices and applications getting hacked is increasing day-by-day. Hackers, these days, are able to easily obtain a public copy of the apps which they can easily edit for their illegal intentions. This is the reason that today more and apps are getting hacked. Hence, in order to deal with such app code security issues, the mobile app development companies should use specific tools for the purpose. They should take necessary actions to protect their app code and data from various vulnerabilities.

Implement Multi-Factor Authentication

Multi-factor authentication is a process where the users are authenticated for access of an application through multiple authentication factors. The apps like the enterprise mobility applications that deal with critical or confidential data can be secured with such a strong, multi-step authentication process.

Hence, it is clear that today’s business apps are not at all safe. They are prone to more data security vulnerabilities and so,if you are looking to develop mobile apps for your business, consider experts having knowledge of secure mobile app development process.

Mobile Applications: The Technology Frontier that’s Shaping Education Industry

Gone are the days when lectures were given by the teachers and students take down the notes. Mobility apps said goodbye to the age-old classroom teaching practice and changing the face of education. Mobile use which was abandoned in the classrooms is now becoming an integral part of the classroom teaching.

mobile app development

Whether you are teaching a preschooler, school-goers or college-goers, mobile applications has profound impact on learning and enhance student’s engagement. Besides, it work as a helping hand for teachers and administration as well.

Let’s count down the advantages it provide to the teachers, students, administration and parents.

 – Teachers

Teachers can plan the lessons to teach in the classroom and add videos, links or podcast to make lecture impactful. Teachers can assign home assignment to the students anytime, anywhere, and there is no need to handle the bundles of assignment. And, when assignment is done, teachers will get them in real-time.

The grades can be assigned to the submitted assignments on mobile app, and teachers can analyze student’s performance grades and can add remarks accordingly. Also, teachers will be in direct touch with the parents and make them aware about the student’s progress or discuss other things.

– Students

Studying in classes is now no more boring or dull! Instead of using pen and paper, students can now learn and keep their notes on mobile or tablet. No paper means going greener! Learning lessons through applications has become an activity that students can do 24*7, even outside the classroom. Students can get direct assistance from the teachers when stuck somewhere. Moreover, education games are making learning more interesting, foster cognitive skills and the best utilization of leisure hours. Edutainment rocks!

– Administration

School/university shelves are packed with bundle of students and teachers documents that are really difficult to manage. Plus,providing instant updates about any event or sensitive information is arduous. Using mobile app, all the important data can be kept over internet and administration can immediately inform everyone on the device that’s close at their hand.

The alluring benefits are drawing the attention of education institutes across the globe! More and more institutions are transforming the traditional teaching with mobility apps. Do you also wanted to have an education mobility solution that improve the results, and enhance teaching and learning?

If yes, then joining hands with a best education mobile app development team is crucially important. But, there are a few checkpoints that you have to keep in mind before hiring mobile app Development Company.

Take a look at what are the things you must consider before going ahead.

– In-depth research

You must decide your target audience first and then start researching about the audience cultural values, behavior, device usage and platform preference. This research will help you to reach your target audience easily and gain some recognition, otherwise the app will not be a grand success.

– Intuitive design

Design elements like- theme, color, graphics and design to be included in the app vary from preschoolers to college-goers.As, aforementioned elements may impress one generation, but not other.

For instance, vibrant colors, cartoons and cheesy content may able to draw the attention of kids, but not of college-goers. Consider the age of target audience before finalizing the design and content because implementing the design that intrigue your audience would ultimately increase the app usage.

– Introduce interactive learning

Unless you won’t introduce interactivity in your e-learning app, it will remain like an online content in which no user take interest in.Even, in classroom teaching, if there is no interaction, then results will not be as effective as expected. Use e-learning tools to hold the attention of learners at every step and make your app impressive.

– Include challenges

Alongside interactivity, adding challenges, puzzles, quizzes or small games to the app would inch your app closer to the success. Yes, these challenges derive healthy competition and in the guise of game, students could learn a lot. The race of getting high score, add zeal and motivate the children to make more use of it.

Keeping these things in mind, you should start looking for an app developer.But, before your education app development project goes into development, there are some things that you should look for. As, for mobile app development, you need to look beyond traditional development methodologies to get the right app out in the market at right time without any time and cost overruns.

Here are 5 characteristics that will take your education app to the top.

1) Support

Your mobile app should support multiple devices like- phone, tablets and phablets, and multiple platforms to reach larger audience. Instead of native app development, it would be good to prefer cross-platform app development as it reduces the developers’ effort that otherwise go into mobile app development for every platform.

2) Integration

Mobility applications are interfaced with multiple backend systems and do not work in silos. This integration take away optimum development efforts. Using pre-configured integration adaptor, the efforts can be reduced to a great extent as developers are not required to build the interface from scratch. Thus, your overall app development time and cost would be trimmed.

Embracing pre-configured integration adaptor for interface development and application packaging would be a smart choice.

3) Robust security

Mobile application stores sensitive information that has to be kept confidential. To keep the store data secured, it’s encrypted through available algorithms. Furthermore, the app must be restricted to access the information of other software applications. So, security must be built at application and user level to ensure that there are no security breaches.

4) Audit & governance

The education app must comply with all the rules and regulations, and support audit and governance of the region where it will be launched. The mobility solution should have all the functions and procedure to incorporate audit features.

5) Gradually evolve

Though your app is get built using latest technologies and tools, but technology is constantly upgrading and that demands your app to get updated as well. Again and again engineering the app as technology changes is not a good choice. Instead, build your app as if new features or technology can be easily integrated without doing much effort.


Mobility solutions are becoming the need of the hour in education landscape. The benefits illustrated above elucidate how easy things would become as the mobile app penetration in education industry would increase. After doing a little research and considering a few points, you can transform the way education is given in your educational institution and rock with a unique mobile app.

Expand learning frontiers with mobile applications!

How can Magento Ecommerce Application address Needs of The Enterprises?

The growing trend of online shopping has compelled several enterprises to go for establishment of online business in order to attract more sales and business conversions. Hence, today, online or ecommerce store development makes up for a huge and the fastest growing investment market in the world. It’s the global accessibility and flexibility to sell a wide range of products that gets these ecommerce stores a good response from the retail businesses who look out for an affordable medium to reach out to the world-wide audience without efforts. There are number of platforms to address the online business development needs of the enterprises. But, Magento is the most popular of all. Magento ecommerce development can help businesses to develop their online stores in the way they want with completely customizable formats and features offered by the platform. With Magento ecommerce applications, web stores can carry out tasks related to their products to promotions easily.

Magento eCommerce App Development

Good Things about Magento Ecommerce Platform

• Magento is a very good platform to build completely customized online stores defined according to the business objectives while abiding to the guidelines of the platform.

• It offers a lucrative benefit for the businesses that have multiple branches. With this ecommerce platform, a business can easily handle the functionality of its multiple retail stores through a single platform.

• Majority of the traders prefer Magento for its scalability. The platform supports third-party integrations and hence, can easily be scaled for futuristic needs of the business.

• Moreover, above all this, the platform supports SEO friendly features that makes the ecommerce store easily available in the search results.

Things to Know about Magento

Template for Everything

Magento offers various templates to support different website needs of the enterprises. There is a well-defined template to support every requirement of the business related to their website development. Moreover these templates are also customizable and can easily fit into all types of requirements of the organizations.

Magento as CRM Tool

The ecommerce platform acts like as customer relationship management tool as well. It enables storing of various details of the customers like their name, contact details, products and services viewed by them, their wish list and much more. The store owners can therefore track the purchase behavior of the shoppers and can easily approach them with new offerings or discounts through communication platforms like mails for better business.

It’s a Great CMS Tool

Managing the content of your online store becomes very easy with Magento. Magento’s intuitive back end enables even the novice user to easily make changes to the content of the website. Hence, it’s easy for the store owners to update or make changes to their products or services on their store at any point of time without any external or developer’s help required for the purpose.

Customer Segmentation

Magento’s Enterprise Edition facilitates features through which the store owners can offer personalized shopping experience to their customers. It’s possible to segment the target audience or customers of a store based on various parameters like their age, shopping behavior, the items they frequently browse and they had placed in shopping cart and then target them for better product promotions. It is possible to find out first-time visitors, the customers who had abandoned their shopping carts in the middle of the purchase and pitch them various product offers and discounts through various communication channels for more business conversions.

Hence, it is quite obvious fact that Magento is a great platform for online store development with so many benefits to offer for the store owners. Today, there are many ecommerce development companies around offering quality Magento ecommerce development services at affordable costs. If you are a business owner looking to develop an online store, then contacting these professionals would be the best thing to do for the betterment of your business.

How can Android Consultants help Businesses?

A drastic growth has been witnessed in the worldwide smartphone market in the recent years as the prices of the smartphones drop to become quite affordable for the common man. It was in 2015 that global market of the smartphones grew up drastically by 13%and that too with a major share (88%) of it being occupied by the Android phones. Hence, Android has grown up to become the major player in the global smartphones market in the recent times and is now a major platform to target for the marketing needs of the businesses these days. The firms, these days are looking to develop Android apps for their business in order to stay up with the emerging competition and to widen the reach of their brand among prospects at global level. Android consulting services are meant for these firms that want to get Android apps developed for their brand marketing needs but do not have sufficient knowledge for doing it.

How can Android Consultants help Businesses?

Android consulting companies would have experts with good experience into Android development. Hence, they can give businesses proper advice to help with their app development needs. Businesses will be able to take better decisions for their app development needs after getting suggestions from experienced Android professionals of these consulting firms.

Here are a few important benefits that businesses can derive by Hiring Android Consultants needs.

Efficiency in Work

Android consultants are usually those with certain period of experience into Android development. Hence, these experts would have better knowledge what would be the most suitable solution and what would be required to develop a good mobile app for specific business needs. So, it’s quite obvious that with expert advice you will be able to get best Android app developed according to your business requirements.

Time and Cost Savings

There can be situations where companies may not have sufficient skill sets with them to complete a project in time and efficiently. Hence, in this case, it would cost them a lot, if they hire new resources just for the sake of a single project. However, a better option here would be to hire services of Android consulting firms which can employ good talent for your project needs. This would help you save a lot of money and time for your firm which otherwise you would have to invest in order to hire and train the new talent. Consultants can provide you with qualified professionals with project experience for your needs.

Resources on Demand

Companies would find it difficult to scale its resources for a particular project and then scale back when the project gets completed. They may require scaling only on a temporary basis. In this case, Android consulting firms can come to rescue and provide the qualified Android professionals to accomplish your needs.

Competitive Advantage

Android consultants can help you accomplish your app development goals more quickly and in a perfect manner just in the similar way the other major businesses in your industry are going for. Hence, they can help you leverage mobile technology for delivering information, ecommerce and inventory such that your business can be improved with better services and customer experiences. Therefore, with the help of Android consulting services you can gain the required competitive advantage to remain ahead of the competition.

6 Digital Marketing Trends to Dominate in 2016

Huge companies are investing in digital marketing this year, are you?

A business without online marketing is like a car without wheels; useless!

Internet marketing is a crucial component of any and every business. Digital marketing is booming right now. However, the field of is ever-changing! It brings in new hardware and software every year. Preference of a year ago become the thing of past. In order to get success in social media and digital marketing, companies must keep updated with the latest tools and technologies. They must invest into the dedicated resource, so as to gain a competitive edge in the market.

6 Digital Marketing Trends to Dominate in 2016

To reach new markets and establish reputation, you, as a company must be aware of the latest digital marketing trends. Here are the top 3 digital marketing trends to rock the industry in 2016…

1. Interactive content:

Interactive content that engage users in some or the other way provides great value to customers and creates great impact on conversion rate. So, if you are a smart marketer, invest into the interactive content, which includes not just blogs or articles, but also videos, surveys, contests, Infographics, calculators and quizzes, to name a few.

2. Segmentation:

The importance of targeted marketing is increasing each day. Make sure you segment all the customer data that you have collected in previous year. This will help you to market to the targeted customers.

3. Personalization:

Now that you have got segmented data, personalization is more than ‘Dear Jack’ in your email. Use your knowledge to implement one to one fashion. Personalize your email marketing at a huge level; the content, the subject line, the images and everything possible!

4. Mobile:

Of course, desktop users will not completely fade away. However, mobile traffic is gaining momentum. It is growing so rapidly that it has exceeded desktop traffic. So, responsive design is not enough anymore. We need to think mobile-first and create mobile-centric user experience which will deliver delightful experience to mobile traffic. 2016 is the year for mobile users and the mobile traffic will increase each day, which will widen the gap between the number of desktop and mobile users.

5. Automation:

Automation is one of best ways to segment and personalize marketing. With so many automation tools today, marketing automation is becoming easier than ever. Even if you are not a coder, you can try out tools that don’t require coding.

6. Paid content distribution:

Of course a great blog will do well. However, it would be an added benefit if maximum people can read it. So, paid content distribution will help you to get the ball rolling.

Wrapping up

Apart from the above mentioned trends, there are a lot more to check out this year. Some of them include hybrid advertising, video ads and virtual reality. Now that you are aware of the digital marketing trends, you must think about ways to implement them in your marketing strategies, so as to prosper and attain your business goals at the earliest. You can also hire an internet marketing company that offers the best digital marketing and SEO services. Good luck!

Seven Most Important Features of iOS 9.3 Apple Development Platform

Apple has recently released iOS 9.3, which is the biggest update for iOS devices. In this new update, there are plenty of new features for developers to provide more reliable and fast iPhone apps development. Moreover, it also includes plenty of new features, which are helpful for iPhone users to ease their important tasks. Here are some of the most important features of the iOS 9.3.

Seven most important features of iOS 9.3 Apple development platform

1. Night shift:

Night shift is one of the most discussed features of this latest update. It is helpful for those users who work till late night.This new feature automatically tints the screen to warmer color so that it doesn’t harm eyes of the users. The night Shift will turn on when the sun sets and turn off in the morning time.

2. Secure and safe Apple notes:

In the earlier version of iOS, keeping confidential information in Apple Notes was very risky.Anyone could open Apple notes and scan any secret and confidential data. In this new version iOS 9.3, Touch ID and passcodes are included, which helps users to secure their written notes and keep their confidential matters intact.

3. Dedicated App for musicians:

In the earlier iOS version, musicians were using Voice Memos to compose the great music. However, It is quite a difficult app to handle and it is also not very fast. So, Apple has built a new, dedicated app called Music Memo to make things faster for musicians in iOS9.3. It is really helpful for the musicians, as it able to serve the purpose of two different apps for creating melodious music.

4. Smart tool for tutors:

iPad devices are always considered as great teaching tools. By using iOS 9.3 features, a tutor can teach more effectively in a classroom. This new inbuilt classroom app helps tutors to create lesson plans according to the skill level and accurately track their student’s progress. In this update, Apple is also introducing Apple IDs for education which can be created and maintained by school administrators.

5. Upgraded support for CarPlay:

CarPlay is an old feature which was introduced in the iOS 8.With this update, Apple’s maps and navigation system get the needed boost by allowing users to browse suggested songs and artists in the Apple Music while sitting in their car. Moreover, a new nearby feature uses Maps to find nearby restaurants, fuel stations,and many other important services.

6. Third party integration with the health apps:

With iOS 9.3, Apple will now permit third-party apps so that iPhone users can connect to this wellness dashboard to keep a track of their daily workouts, weight and other fitness related information.

7. Other important small features:

Apart from these features, iOS 9.3 adds some new features and improvements. There are new 3D Touch shortcuts given for the weather, health, setting, app and iTunes Store. It also helps iPhone users to easily duplicate photos in the Photos app, if they want to edit copy and keep the original intact.

Thus, iOS 9.3 update has many features that help iPhone users to extract more out of their iOS devices. It added some new capacities like third party integration with the health apps, smart new tools for tutors, updated support for CarPlay to make the iOS platform stand out from the rest of other operating systems.

Top 15 UX Tips to keep in Mind for a killer Website

User experience plays a key role when it comes to customer satisfaction and brand loyalty. Great browsing experience contributes the most in reducing the cart abandonment rate and increasing conversions. So, if you want to increase the number of clients or customers and generate high revenue, make sure you focus on improving the usability, efficiency and accessibility so as to offer amazing user experience to your visitors.

UI & UX Tips

If you are planning to build a website for your business, make sure you hire the company that offers the best creative web design services and make sure you ask the designers to create great user experience for your customers. Here are some of the best user experience design tips that you can share with the designers that you hire…

1 Flow:

Flow is one of the most important things that affect the user experience. A user can easily get annoyed if there is no proper flow. So, make sure you make users walk through your website in proper flow. Keep in mind that users tend to notice things first that are on the top of the web page and then keep coming down. Use common, consistent and easy to use interfaces and patterns; don’t make users learn something new. Try to avoid dead end pages on the website, as it creates and extra work for users.

2 Scrolling:

Users will keep scrolling as long as they feel that they are going to come across relevant information. Also, make sure your website creates strong visualization as users scroll and users get more and more content.

3 Color:

When it comes to colors, the first and the foremost tip is to convert the design of your website into the grayscale, so as to optimize it for the color blinds, so that no one misses important information. Make sure you don’t use blue for any text other than links. Use proper colors for mobile website. Make sure you allocate one color for cal to actions and then don’t use that color for anything else on the website.

4 Loading:

The primary goal of a website is to get loaded quickly once a user opens it. Website speed depends upon the load time and behavior, animations and waiting time. Make sure that the text gets displayed before the images, so that users can start reading the text till the time images gets loaded.

5 Mobile:

Make sure that the elements of the mobile website are huge and far from each other so that no user faces problems in tapping them. When it comes to mobile website, the minimum size requirement is 1×1 (cm) with padding. Don’t user vertical scrolling for anything other than scrolling. Also, make sure users can interact with everything with single touch on mobile; nothing should require double tap.

6 Navigation:

Users should be able to access the main navigation menu easily. You must not make hierarchy of more than 4 levels. Navigation should be consistent and labels should be not more than 2 to 3 words, with the first word the most important and informative. Use breadcrumbs so that users don’t get lost into the website. Keep vertical dropdown menus; as it is difficult to scroll horizontally. The main elements like login button or search bar should be prominent at the obvious pages; don’t hide them under the main menus.

7 Forms:

One good practice is to align the form fields in single vertical line, so as to ensure quick scanning. Also, the field labels should be outside the text field, not inside the field, so that users don’t lose the track of the fields. If your form is too long, make sure you use separators to split up the form into sections in order to make it user friendly. The form errors should be kept next to the respective form field, so that users don’t have to waste time in finding what is wrong. Also, the error messages should be useful and easy to understand.

8 Links:

Make sure that the links on your website stand out. You must use blue color and underline, which shows hyperlink. Also, it must not be a surprise when user lands up on the page after clicking on that link. The link itself should say where it is going to land user. Make sure you use a different color for visited links.

9 Buttons:

Look and feel is extremely important when it comes to buttons; they should look clickable. Size is also one of the most important factors to be taken into the consideration, as users should get enough space on the button to click or tap. Color, border and label also play an important role in buttons. Also, make sure all the buttons work and do the expected action when clicked upon. Focus extra on buttons that delete data on mobiles so as to avoid the accidental tap.

10 Search:

Search field is inevitable in any and every type of website. Of course, it should look like a text box and should be placed at the top right corner, as users expect it to be like that. Also, make sure it is wide enough to search for the query on the entire website.

11 Carousels:

You must use descriptive labels instead of carousel arrows so that users know what is coming up next. Also, hardly any user clicks on carousels, so you must not depend on them for clicks. Moreover, although they slide automatically, they should be switched to manual once a user clicks on them.

12 Accordions:

They are labels and thumbnails listed vertically which can be expanded when clicked. They are used when you have got a lot of content to publish on a particular web page. Make sure you give an option to collapse the content that a user has expanded to read it.

13 Icons:

Icons should be designed in such a way that it should reflect its function and purpose. Make sure that the icons are simple, easy to understand, familiar and meaningful. Of course, icons are useful, but don’t over use them, just for decorating purpose. Use them only when they are needed.

14 Content:

Content plays a key role when it comes to user experience. Make sure that the content is unique, informative and engaging. Always remember that the most important content should be the most prominent visually. Users start using from left so they read at-least first two-three words while scanning. So, make sure put key information first. Also, place the high priority content at the top of the web page and use proper font and color of the text, as per the importance of the content. The contact information like phone number, address and email address are expected to be at the top right corner, so location of the content is extremely important. Don’t make over use of jargons and trendy words. In fact, simple and easy to understand content is great for websites.

15 Readability:

Readability is not just about being able to read something, but also about wanting to read something. In order to increase readability, you must increase the line spacing between numbered and bulleted lists, lines and paragraphs. Also, make sure you use right font style. Avoid using small and condensed fonts.

Now that you are aware of some of the best user experience design tips, it is advisable for you to share these with the web designers you hire for your website, so as to develop the best business website that helps you generate high revenue and maximize the profit.

Top 3 Enterprise Mobility Strategies in 2016

In today’s modern world, with the advancement of technologies, smart devices, apps and mobile platforms, mobility plays a key role in large businesses and enterprises. With time, the knowledge of mobile apps is increasing and the mobile apps development cost is decreasing, which plays an important role in the rise in enterprise mobility.

Top 3 Enterprise Mobility Strategies in 2016

In order to give rise to mobility, enterprises should implement the BYOD policy. It is more about the guidance for businesses to grow and deliver innovative services, meeting the deadlines, which helps them to open the room for opportunities. When it comes to enterprise mobility, it revolves around three basic things: customer engagement, increasing up employee efficiency, industry improvement with innovative services.

There are a lot of ways you can start with your enterprise mobility solutions. However, if you really want to speed up the revolution, here are some of the best enterprise mobility strategies for 2016.

1. Define the business goals:

A lot of organizations have just implemented the mobility without thinking about the end result. Well, it is advisable for you not to make this mistake! In order to build successful enterprise mobility strategies, you must think about the outcomes. In order to know that, you should ask some questions to yourself before you implement those strategies. Some of them include:

  • Will this strategy open a new room of opportunities for my business?
  • Will it engage my customers?
  • How do and how often my clients/customers and employees communicate with each other for the services/products?
  • Do I need to upgrade my business process to offer great user experience to my employees and customers?

2. Choose the right platform:

Before you start building strategies, you must first choose the correct platform. You can either go for a mobile website, a normal website that opens in any browser, optimized for smaller screens of mobile phones. On the other side, you can also develop a mobile app, an application that is built for a particular platform and users have to download it onto their devices in order to access it.

3. Data management:

Data is king and you must take care as to what happens to it when it is used by mobile devices. You should what type of information do people need on their mobile devices, how they will use it, whether they will change it or not and a lot more. You must also know how you will give access to data from the places where the service is not enough. The last but definitely not the least, you must know how you will protect the data when it is stored in the device which is not in the firewalls of the company.

If you are an organization that is planning to development some mobility strategies, make sure you don’t miss the above mentioned guidelines, as it will help you grow quickly among the industries. Make sure you make the most of it, taking the employee needs and client requirements into the consideration.