Symfony Development: The Fabulous Five Benefits

In this tech freak world, everyone wants to start get into the information Technology field. Though people get influenced by the technologies around and decide to get into this industry, they are unable to make the right decision when it comes to choosing technology. There is comprehensive range of platforms for the website and application development, today! However, our age old PHP development will never lose its importance in this field. People will continue to reap its benefits and use it as their development platform.

Once you decide that you will use PHP for your next project, the next question would be about the framework. In the recent past, people have started using a lot of different PHP frameworks in order to reap its benefits. While some companies rely on Zend, some make the use of CodeIgniter. However, here we shall discuss about Symfony. If you are planning to use it in your upcoming projects, but still confused about it, do not hesitate. There are a lot of reasons that can convince you to use Symfony apart from being an open source framework. So, let us go through some of the most important benefits of Symfony development.

1. Performance optimization:  

Performance optimization is easy in Symfony as compared to any other frameworks. Symfony 2 is faster than its previous version as well as faster than the other frameworks. Moreover, it takes up less memory. In addition to that, most of the projects have something or the other in common. So, that is where you can use the feature of code reusability. The developer need not write the complex code during the development every time, saving its time up to more than 50 percent.

2. Flexible and expandable:

It is one of the most flexible, adaptable as well as configurable frameworks that you might have come across. The bundles of functionality can be added and removed from the project. Also, you can use the same bundle for some other project to add functionality to it.

3. Stable and sustainable:

All the minor versions of Symfony have greater deal of compatibility with each other. The major versions have been sustained for more than three years in the companies. They can remain secured for the life time too.

4. Interoperability:

You would consider this as one of the most important benefits. Well, it not only works with the existing standards of PHP, but also lets you use selected pieces of software to build modules or blocks. So, you need not necessarily use the whole framework.

5. Reputation:

The last, but certainly not the least, you will never face any problems when it comes to Symfony development. It is widely accepted by the developers, users and companies across the world.  Everyone together had put in their combined efforts since the day it got launched for the enrichment of the tool.

Now that you are aware of some of the most important benefits of using Symfony as your framework, make sure you use it in your next project. Good luck for the same!

Must-Have Technical Skills To Look For When Hiring a Dot Net Developer

In this tech age, if you are planning to get a website or application developed for your business, it is important for you to choose an It company wisely. If you are looking out for a dot net developer, you must look for the technical skills that he possesses. Here is the list of skills you must look for.

1. Concepts of OOP (Object Oriented Programming)

The Object Oriented Programming concepts are too basic for even a fresher, making it one of the basic, yet important questions to ask to a dot net developer during the process of interview. If he fails to explain you the basic OOP concepts, he is not ready for the projects. He must be clear with the concepts like inheritance, generalization, specialization, association, aggregation, composition and dependency.

2. JavaScript, jQuery, C# and ASP.NET, MVC framework

To work on a dot net project, he must have the complete know-how about the basic designing languages and frameworks like JavaScript, jQuery, C#,MVC framework and ASP.NET, to name a few. The technical knowledge is necessary, but not the sufficient condition to hire .Net developer. He must have had the experience of using these languages for the real time projects.

3. SQL or Oracle Back end programming experience

Apart from the designing and developing skills, he must have the SQL or Oracle backend programming skills in order to deal with the database so that it becomes easy for him to fetch or access the data whenever he needs. Once again, having skills is different than having the recent experience into the same. It would be great if he has worked for a project recently.

4. Visual Studio IDE

Of course, he must be well-versed with visual studio, as learning .NET application development begins with learning to work with visual studio. However, he must have the know-how of the latest version or at least the recent newer versions of visual studio so that the applications do not stop working when they are downloaded on the new browsers or operating systems.

5. New Areas of .NET

Dot net facilitates a lot of functionalities, so it might be possible that a single programmer is not well-versed with all those functionalities. However, make sure he has got the knowledge and experience of the most important aspects that you are looking forward to in your upcoming projects.  

6. Page directives

The first lines of the ASP.Net that provides the settings as well as instructions for user control files and web forms pages are page directives. Of course, it is not necessary to know the entire list of page directives, but knowledge about some of the important ones indicates that the candidate is comfortable working with the page directives.
Now that you are aware of some of the technical skills that are necessary in a dot net developer, it is essential for you to check if the candidate has got these skills and experienced for the same.

If you are looking out for such developers, you can come to us. We have got the skilled and experienced dot net developers to deliver you services as per your requirements.

Hiring iPhone Application Development Company? The Top Three Considerations…

Are you planning to get an iPhone application developed for your business? Do you want iPhone users to access the information about your products and services easily? Do you want to provide them good experience on your app? If you want all these things to happen, you must hire the best professionals. Instead of developing an app on your own, you can hire iPhone developers and get the app built by them. Instead, you can invest that time in business development.

The iPhone Application Development is the constantly emerging field and people just can’t get enough of it. The career of iPhone app development is blooming and there are a lot of people who want to get into this industry. Many people strive to become iPhone developers; so the number of people entering this industry is rising each day. With the increase in number of iPhone application Development Company, it becomes even difficult and more confusing to choose the best one.

It is important to choose the iPhone developer wisely; as the success and failure of your business depends upon the application built for your business. So, you need to take care when hiring the development company. There are a lot of points which you should be taking into the consideration while selecting the iPhone app development company. So, let us take a look at some of the most important tips of hiring an iPhone app development company.

1. Choose the reputed company:
It is always a good idea to choose the company that has good reputation in market. It is obvious that the company deserves to be trustworthy if it is reputed. You can ask your friends and relatives if they have taken services from that company. Also, you can check out the portfolio in order to scan through their past work. In addition to that, you can contact the recent past clients and take feedback from them about the company. If you get good feedback, you can trust the company. Apart from that, the company should be licensed and insured.

2. Select the company that provides reasonable services:
One of the most important factors to be taken into the consideration is the ‘cost’ of the service. Make sure that the company is offering you the services at the price that does not exceed your pre determined budget.

3. Talk to developers before hiring them:
It is advisable to make sure that the developers that you hire are highly qualified and extremely skilled. Also, they should have several years of experience into the field of iPhone application development. In addition to that, ask them if they will complete the project on time and if they will assist you whenever you get stuck with the application. So, 24*7 support services is a necessity.

Well, now you know all the points that you should consider when choosing the iPhone app development company. Make sure you remember these points and follow them when you start looking for the iPhone app development company.

Magento Ecommerce Solutions

Magento is an open-source content management system for e-commerce websites. Magento works on the MySQL database management system & uses the PHP programming language. Its elements depends on the of the Zend Framework & uses the of object-oriented programming model.

Magento’s market share is 30%  & it is soon racing to become the leader in the e-commerce application development & solutions.

Let’s take a look at the some of the Magento Ecommerce Development & Solutions offered to enterprises as below:-


1 – Magento architectural design & application development

We are certified Magento e-commerce development partners & design an array of e-commerce & m-commerce sites for enterprises globally. We understand their tastes & business requirements & offer customized solutions. We integrate themes, extensions & modular structures as per the taste of the consumer & make a truly responsive & dynamic web/mobile structures which thrusts on offering maximum user experience.

2 – Third party Magento integration

There are so many third party applications which submit their applications on Magento’s open source directory & they are majorly in Point of Sales (POS), CRM & ERP & we integrate these complex third party applications with ease & comfort for our clients!

3 – Offshore Magento Project Services

Can anyone hire a Magento developer on a project basis? Yes, its possible! We hire full-time as well as part-time Magento developers as desired by the clients & it helps in bringing in great flexibility & cost-effectiveness to clients, as well as service providers.

4 – SEO Magento Performance Optimization

Performance is the X-factor for Magento’s E-commerce solutions & helps e-commerce & m-commerce sites increase site rankings & generate leads. This is for sure the booster e-commerce application for users & enterprises till date!

5 – Magento – A holistic e-commerce solutions provider

Readymade graphic designs, web designs, themes, layouts, SEO services, promotional tools & integration services make Magento a one-stop-shop e-commerce solutions provider to enterprises which focuses on attracting more visitors & generating sales leads!

6 – What to choose? Magento Go or Magento Enterprise?

We help enterprises choose appropriate Magento products for their businesses as per their suitability, needs & the type of the scheme they fit into. For example, Magento Go is for e-commerce beginners, Magento Community is for growth-oriented businesses & Magento Enterprise for big & heavy companies & large scale sales driven organizations.

You can ask us for advise we will help you with that!

Growth in IT Business & Consulting Services

The ever growing demand from global enterprises to manage their entire gamut if complex IT infrastructure & API’s is leading to massive spurt in demand for offering expert IT consulting services to organizations around the world. Service providers are soon understanding this need & they are adapting quickly in this dynamic environment. They are leaving no stone unturned in acquiring clients & are trying hard to offer maximum value for their services.


Let’s take a look at some of the IT consulting services offered by service providers in the industry: -

Busines & Advisory Services – It primarily comprises of helping clients by devising an appropriate IT strategy. Other services could include offering digital marketing services, providing cost optimizing solutions (like BPO services), business analytics, offering regulatory & IT compliance services & ERP services.

Technical Services – It comprises of offering all forms of technical know-how & skills to client. Firms hire full-time software consultants, engineers & application developers & depute them on a client facing roles for implementing complex IT projects. Consultants with knowledge of .NET, LAMP, Joomla, Drupal, SharePoint, SQL, PHP, Magneto, Android, iPhone & Blackberry are high in demand in the marketplace at present!

Project Management Services – Offering application management & project management services forms the core area for offering these types of services to the client. Project Management Professionals (PMP) are hired full-time to manage entire project life cycles of the client to ensure efficient & timely delivery of the services. E-commerce & mobile application projects are hot projects in the market at the moment!

Foreign Language Services – Foreign language plays a critical role in acquiring clients in the global markets. It helps service providers expand market share & gain edge over competitors by adding value to their services. Foreign language experts have been high in demand, for this reason!

With IT business consulting services poised to grow at 12-15% Year-on-Year, GMI could be a perfect ally to its partners & clients in offering quality IT consulting services to its clients!

Symfony Development OR Zend Framework?

Symfony Development is the latest hype and if you are still wondering what the hype is all about, here, we will check out a few things that make Symfony framework just better than Zend Framework.

PHP is a web programming language that has given birth to many frameworks. CakePHP, CodeIgnitor are a few of them. Frameworks help PHP developers to ease the coding and develop highly complex web applications and websites.

Symfony Development OR Zend Framework

Symfony Framework: This framework is based on the MVC architecture. It is open source of course, and developers get the rights to customize and create web apps and ease the repetitive coding tasks. Symfony is known for it’s low overhead for performance. This makes it ideal for developing enterprise level apps. For configuration purposes, users (developers) have complete authority to change it. The framework also has supporting and debugging tools for developers.

Zend Framework: Zend is also a versatile PHP framework. The latest version of zend also includes PHP 5. It is an object oriented framework and also uses the MVC model for development. The framework comes with the ability to support a wide range of databases – MySQL, Maria db , Oracle, Microsoft SQL server , SQ lite, as well as an Informix Dynamix server in all the other frameworks.

Here is a comparative study of the two PHP frameworks:

  • Symfony development has an easy learning curve. A novice can pick it up in considerably less time than other frameworks. Zend framework on the other hand was targeted towards professional PHP developers.
  • Symfony has proper support for unit testing. Zend framework does not have such support elements for testing, but requires it at every stage.
  • Symfony was the first major framework to cover PHP 5.3 and was also responsible for Dependency Injection Container. It is also armed with a built in profiler and debug toolbar. Zend Framework lacks this kind of support.
  • For templates, the Symfony templating feature is more matured as compared to the zend framework. The layout scripts that are applied can be easily customized as per business requirements.
  • Symfony Framework has extensive plugins that can be used to add functionalities for all kinds of businesses.

Although both the frameworks are used in the enterprise niche, Symfony just overrides Zend in certain areas. The zend framework is powerful too and there are many content management systems prevalent today that are based on core zend framework development. Symfony web development has gained popularity due to the many advanced features for coding and debugging as well as testing that it supports.

Are you looking for creating a website for your organization or enterprise using the rugged features that Symfony offers? If you are looking for the right PHP framework contact us now for Symfony development Services!

20 Evergreen SEO Tips That You Shouldn’t Miss Out On

Most folks with a little web design or SEO Services knowledge will agree with these. Here are 20 evergreen search engine optimization tips that have prevailed even in changing times and ages. Good SEO is about doing the right thing – always. Here’s the entire list:

Internet Marketing Company India

Content is king – ensure that you have unique, well written and fresh content on your website that focuses on your primary keywords. Place your keywords appropriately and make sure the density is just right.

Links are Queen – Just as building a network is vital for any business, online marketing requires building links to and from quality websites. So, build a good network of links to and from relevant websites.

Page Rank Obsession – Page Ranks are important, but not everything. Make sure that you don’t completely rely on them. They can give you a good head start, but your business needs to be good enough to serve your customers beyond that.

Keyword Focused Title Tags – Title tags for pages should be keyword focused. Make sure you include your targeted keywords for each web page on your website.

Fresh Content  - Fresh content is the key. Search engines are always looking for new content on a website. Any site with outdated content is perceived as “not adding any value” and hence are ranked lower than the others.

Links with keywords – Whenever you link out, make sure that you use links with your strongest keywords so that it adds some value to your SEO efforts.

Search Phrases – Research what search phrases are regularly used by customers. Use these search phrases in your target keywords.

Keywords and key phrases – When using images, make sure that your ALT tags use the keywords that you wish to promote.

Canonicalization issues – resolve all URL issues and use 301 redirects wherever necessary.

Link to your homepage – Link to your home page should be Get rid of the extensions like index.html or default.php etc.

Frames, Flash and AJAX – as far as possible do not use these. Flash and AJAX canbe used if absolutely necessary – but avoid frames.

URL extensions – .html, .php, .asp – anything is fine. It wont affect your SEO efforts.

Add fresh content via blogs – If your website does not update content regularly, make sure you add a blog and update it regularly.

Natural language – use natural language on your site. Don’t overuse or stuff keywords.

Site usability – make sure that the site is easily usable and easily navigable for a general user.

Paid links – Absolutely NOT – Do not fall into the trap of paid links. Only natural links will bring long lasting results.

Page wise keywords – target your keywords page wise. This will give you enough space to add the required relevant content.

It’s not a onetime process – SEO is not a onetime process. It requires constant efforts to maintain the achieved ranks. Avail SEO Services if need be to keep up with the online marketing efforts.

Social Media is a part of SEO – Do not miss out on social channels. They are a valuable source for SEO.

Images and videos – Make sure all your images and videos are will optimized with ALT tags for images and a good description for the videos as well as images.

Overall, ensure that you have all these covered when you build your website for your online business.

Super Six Advantages Of PHP Application Development

In this modernized era, where the online trends is making headway each day, the websites have been advanced from static to dynamic, and then evolved responsive, mobile and eCommerce website. However, making a website was not the end of the web world; the next big thing to come was the ‘world of applications’. The apps have made it easier for the business owners to fetch the customers by letting them know about their products and services in an easy and cost effective manner.

Out of all the languages that can be used for making the applications, PHP, a server side programming language is one of the most versatile languages.  Since its inception, PHP has gained a lot of popularity and success for website development. It progressed on a rapid pace and served a lot other purposes for customers; be it making an online store or sending an email. Nowadays, PHP is not only used for developing websites, but also for developing web applications.

There are several reasons for choosing PHP over other languages to develop applications. Let us peep into the well of benefits of PHP application development:

  1. Cost effective: It is admired by developers, as it is open source, thus free! Moreover, it has got no royalty fee, as it is a licensed product. It is easy to learn, as it is similar to C++. In addition to that, it is easy to install as well as to integrate. The integration can be done through WordPress, Joomla, Zen Cart, Drupal, Magento and osCommerce which helps in reducing the development cost up on a large scale.

  2. Compatible: It is user friendly and versatile! It can be used with a large number of database management systems. It works with My SQL, Oracle, MS Access, SQL server, IBM DB2, Poster SQL and other databases. PHP can build the cross platform compatible apps that run on Microsoft windows, Linux and Mac OS X. Also, it is supported on the web servers like IIS and Apache.

  3. Fast: It can be used to build the applications that have got faster processing and quicker navigation as well as efficient page loading. It has got powerful output buffering, as a result of which it increases the output flow.

  4. Safe: The business owners want their application to be safe. PHP builds the safe and secured applications that are well proven and tested using frameworks like CakePHP, Zend Framework and Symphony.
  5. Flexible: PHP can build scalable applications that have got robust architecture. They work in HTML and offer full object oriented support. In addition to it, the apps developed in PHP can be customized as per the requirements of clients.

  6. SEO friendly: Like every businessman wants his website to be on the first page of the search engine, they want their applications to be easily visible by the customers. PHP can solve this problem by developing the SEO friendly applications.

Because of the above mentioned advantages of PHP application development, most people are getting inclined towards PHP these days!

Windows Phone 8.1 Design and UI Changes

Windows 8 brought winds of change in the world of mobile OS’s. It was a new concept for those who were otherwise used to  the Desktop environment of Windows Operating Systems. After that the only major update from Microsoft for mobile OS was the Windows 8.1. Beginning with a preview for Windows Phone Developers, today, the rollout has been done for almost all devices. So, what’s new about this Windows 8.1 and has Microsoft finally delivered a product that people love? It’s been seven months since it’s initial release. What do Windows Phone Development experts and enthusiasts have to say about it, now that it has been tried and tested.

Windows Phone development

It’s a huge update with great design changes

Windows 8.1 came with a set of massive features that were new and appealed to developers and users both. It could have easily been a major 1.0 update like Windows 9 or something.

Operating System Changes

The Operating System has some major changes – not just minor patches and bug fixes. The OS was nick names Blue and Microsoft has redone the kernel and the entire architecture of the OS. The 8.1 is a catch up update, but in essence does much more.

New Start Screen, with theme syncing and UI changes

The core design for UI from Microsoft is not changed. There are slight refinements that make it more advanced and sleek. Microsoft has added an interesting option for backgrounds on the start screen. Users expected a more Android or iOS type wallpaper setting, but Microsoft maintained it’s tiled UI and users have the ability to skin the tiles by overlaying an image of their choice.

The tile can use a Flip Layout or an iconic design. With iconic design, the image in the background can be seen and with the Flip layout, any area of the tile that is transparent will show the image behind it. As a result,, some apps will have a see through ability while some others will have a solid background.

Other than these design and UI changes, here are a few other updates from Windows 8.1

  • Signal strength, data connections, Wi-Fi, Battery and location can no longer be hidden by auto hide.
  • People hub redesign with smaller fonts
  • Speed dial is now under the Phone icon
  • Notifications and alerts have been improved.In the app list, the newly installed apps display “new”.
  • Games can be installed in the App list other than the Apps Hub

Over all Windows Phone development and design have seen good changes in Windows 8.1 mobile OS. Microsoft has been very creative with trying out new and innovative ideas and making them available to a wide range of users with the Nokia Lumia Series of Smartphones to support this new design. These were a few design changes that the Windows 8.1 brought with it and it really worked with the Windows Phones.

CMS Development – Key Factors That Appeal To Businesses

Content Management System (CMS Development) has seen a spike in the usage due the convenient features it offers businesses with. Core CMS can be downloaded and installed on the go without having to program it. CMS custom development is used for adding functionalities as per business requirements.

CMS development

Well, businesses of today understand the importance of rapid website development and require web solutions that can give them maximum benefits in terms of time to go live and the cost as well. Content Management Systems provide for the most apt solutions for businesses to build reliable web solutions.

A Sense Of Control

With a content management solution, you gain maximum control over what goes on your website and what you would like to delete. You need not have to wait for a programmer to change something for you. The interface provided is generally user friendly and a few clicks can help you change the content.

Fresh Content

Your online presence thrives on it’s searchable content and search engine thrive on fresh feed of content. Using a CMS, you can easily update the content as many times as you see adequate. This makes your website seem “alive” with activity and gives your customers a good impression as well as search engines some feed. This will ultimately improve your search rankings too.

Addition Is Easy

Content Management Systems generally come in two parts. A core CMS and some extensions, modules or plug ins. With WordPress these extended functionalities are called plug ins, with Magento they are called Extensions and with DNN they are called modules. Well, the very purpose of these modules are to extend functionality. Well, CMS Custom Development makes it possible to add functionalities which are specific to your business requirements.


You can include control mechanisms to restrict access to certain users and provide them with limited access – just enough to complete the tasks that they perform.


A content management system can include a work flow engine and improve efficiency of work. Collaborative efforts in creating content, editing and deleting will help create better content for your business website.

Cost Advantage

A content management system can be downloaded and installed off the net. Well, with today’s open source market getting more and more popular, CMS customization will ensure that you get a cost advantage for your website. The process is hassle free and requires no additional fees for licenses etc. like proprietary systems.

To sum it up…..

CMS development is preferred by businesses in order quickly go online and move closer to their ROI. Businesses today prefer quick and convenient solutions and CMS development can provide you with exactly this.