Why Magento Platform Is the Best Ecommerce Solution

Magento platform has been around for ages now and used by a large majority of SMB’s to help grow and succeed online. Magento being a popular open-source ecommerce platform offers scalable, flexible and cost-effective ecommerce solutions. The Magento technology platform unique out-of-the-box features and extensions make it possible for the Magento developers to control the functionality, content, look and feel of the online store. Moreover, its spontaneous administrative interface includes search engine optimization, robust marketing, catalogue management tools and much more that offers merchants the power to create highly customized ecommerce sites as per their business needs and deeds.

Although, there are many open source ecommerce platforms available like ZenCart, OSCommerce etc. Magento is highly beneficial for your business and can be used to develop modern, dynamic ecommerce web applications helping you deliver rich, engaging customer experiences.


The following are some of the major reasons that make Magento the most popular and sophisticated ecommerce platform:

Scalability and stability: Magento offers highly scalable design and allows the merchants to handle multiple stores from a single admin panel. The Magento solution features full page caching and persistent bandwidth for fast loading times.

Demographic segmentation: Magento allows the online merchants to segment their customers by demographic criteria enabling them to distinguish between the first time and repeat visitors and by buying history of the customer.

Offers advanced SOLR search technology: Magento ecommerce solutions enable customers to find products quickly. It also offers display layered navigation filters to help customers quickly narrow their product choice.

Multiple payment gateways: Magento is integrated with multiple payment gateways that make the purchasing quick and easy.

Reward points: The Magento reward points make it easier to offers programs like discounts, incentives etc. to increase customer loyalty.

Analytics & Reporting: Magento offers access to latest analytics and reporting through Google Analytics, Google Checkout etc. and helps you keep track of site visitors, shopping cart abandonment and lots more.

Responsive design: Magento offers mobile friendly ecommerce store development that delivers compelling shopping experience to your customers. It also offers mobile apps that easily integrate with your online store where customers can drag and drop products straight into the cart.

Support multiple devices and browsers: Magento’s HTML5 mobile interface supports multiple devices and browsers that enable Magento developers to create a native storefront for iPhone, iPad and Android.

Organized inventory management: Magento supports the most complex catalogues and help organize inventory by product types, price etc.

Powerful SEO features: Magento is designed keeping in mind the SEO and help generate SEO friendly URLs, Google sitemap, customized meta keywords and descriptions.

Support and training: Magento being a powerful and secured ecommerce platform offers support through its vast network of Magento certified developers or partners to help drive your online business and ROI.

To conclude, Magento is highly scalable, flexible and most secure platform offering various ecommerce website development solutions and help small, large and medium sized enterprises drive their ecommerce presence and growth worldwide. So, what keeps you waiting? Contact us today for robust ecommerce website development and leverage the most from this amazing platform…!!!

Top Six Reasons To Use Prestashop eCommerce System

With the constantly growing trend of eCommerce stores, the competition is increasing. The number of platforms on which you can build up your online store is also rising at a rapid pace. Out of so many platforms that can be used to develop an eCommerce store, one of the most popular ones is the Prestashop ecommerce system. Well, it has gained momentum since the time it was introduced in the year 2007 in Paris. Since then, it had its name in the top open source eCommerce solutions. A lot of businesses owners have build their websites in Prestashop across the world and the number is constantly increasing, as the custom Prestashop development is gaining popularity.


There are a lot of reasons you should choose the Prestashop for making your online store. It has got a bucket full of benefits. So, out of so many advantages, let us take a look at some of the most important benefits of using the Prestashop eCommerce system. Here we go…

1. Open source and free of cost: As you know, it is open source, it can be used free of cost. So, if your budget is quite less and if you are looking out for an affordable eCommerce solution, nothing can be better than this.

2. Multilingual: The most important thing in the online shops is that, it should be easy to understand by the people across the world. Well, Prestashop supports multiple languages, so people of all the countries can use it easily.

3. SEO friendly: As it is the search engine optimization friendly, it will be really easy for you to gain more targeted traffic if you build your website in Prestashop. In addition to that, you can easily modify the URL as well as title tags.

4. Easy development: Unlike other eCommerce systems, development is extremely easy in Prestashop. It is not at all complicated and extremely easy to maintain. Moreover, it is quite affordable, as it requires less servers, resources and configurations to work.  Also, it has got animated ‘add to cart’ built in feature which makes the development process even easier.

5. Free modules save time: Because of the availability of free modules, it takes no time to build an amazing eCommerce store at the affordable prices.

6. Free themes: There are many themes available freely which can used to improve the looks of your website. Making it more appealing will draw even more customers and will let them stay on your website.

Now that you are aware of the benefits of using Prestashop ecommerce system, it is advisable for you to use it when getting your eCommerce store built. Well, there are a lot of companies that provide this service. However, you need to make sure that you choose the best Prestashop development company so that you can get the store built as per your exact requirements. Good luck for that!

If you are really looking for a good company that provides the Prestashop development services, come to us. We provide the best custom Prestashop development services to our clients across the world.

Top Content Management Systems Of 2015 And Reasons To Use CMS To Develop Website

Are you planning to develop a website? Do you want to build it in the easier, quicker and cost friendly manner? Have you thought of using the content management system to build it? Do you want to know the reasons behind using the CMS for developing website? Do you want to know about some of the famous CMS which would help you develop dynamic and interactive websites? If the answers to all these questions are yes, you have landed up on the right page.

This article is going to be extremely interesting to you, as you will come to know some of the most important benefits of using the content management system for developing websites and also about some of the most popular CMS that prevail in the market.

Why should you use CMS to build website?

The content management systems are gaining popularity each day and most developers choose to build a website using CMS. Well, of course there is reason behind using it; in fact not one, but many! You will get a lot many advantages if you build a website using the content management system. So, out of a lot of advantages, let us take a glance through some of the most important benefits of CMS web development. Here we start with the top ten benefits…

1. Content management and SEO optimization :
Every website needs fresh content every day. Well, with CMS you can update the content regularly; quickly and easily. Also, these websites are search engine friendly.
2. No technical knowledge needed :
You need not worry if you do not have technical and coding knowledge, as it is not required to manage the website made using CMS.

3. Easy customization :
Many CMSs have got extensions and plug-ins which help to customize the website easily.

4. Update information easily :
As the data is stored in database, it allows you to modify the information of your website through the web browser from any part of the world; if internet connection is provided to you.

5. Scalable and Upgradeable :
They are scalable and can get upgraded to the newer versions, not getting obsolete for the years to come.  

6. Safety and security :
It helps you save your website from hackers, thus ensuring all the security and safety.

7. Support service :
If you get stuck anywhere, you need not worry. You get the support community with your CMS with the complete documentation where in there is a solution for all your problems. There are a lot of suggestions, in case you need any advice.

8. Consistency and interactive :
It also assists you in making the website interactive and maintaining the consistency throughout the website so that the layout looks consistent too; enhancing the look and feel of the website.

9. Low site maintenance and cost effective :
You do not call a developer every now and then whenever you want to update the design or the content. You can do it on your own at your own convenience without paying for it. So, the site maintenance comes to minimum and it is one of the most affordable options.

10. Collaboration and accessibility :
It allows to a lot of people to access the website and work on it together. So, all the employees can collaborate and work together as a team to improve the site. All you need is internet connection and you can login from the backend and start working.

Top content management systems that rules the market:

Now that you know the benefits of CMS web development, you would have at least the slight inclination towards using it. So, you must at least have a knowledge about some of the best content management systems that prevails in the market. So, let us take a look upon the top three CMS used for building websites by most developers, these days.
1. WordPress
2. Joomla
3. Drupal

Other content management systems that tend to prevail in 2015 include:

1. Blogger
2. vBulletin
3. DNN software
4. Expression Engine
5. Adobe CQ
6. iAPPS
7. Telerik Sitefinity
8. ocPortal
9. WebGUI
10. Rubedo
11. eZ Publish platform
12. MODX
13. Concrete5
14. X3 CMS

Now that you are aware of the top CMSs, it is your responsibility to research for all of them and to find which one is the best for you. Make sure, you invest considerable amount of time in the research so that you make the right choice. Good luck!

Top Ten Benefits of Mobile Website Optimization

Gone are those days when mobile phones were used only for communication through calls or messages. In the recent past, with the introduction of smart phone, people have started using their phones for a lot more things other than communication. More than 50 percent of people use their smart phones these days either for seeking information from the web, downloading applications or making payments.

Mobile Website Optimization

If the website owners want to reach to the maximum people out there, they must optimize their site for the mobile devices. If the above mentioned reasons are not enough for the website owners like you, there are a lot of other reasons which are sufficient to convince you for the mobile website optimization. There are lots of benefits of optimizing your mobile website; so lets us take a glance at some of the most important advantages:

1. It enhances the user experience to a great extent:
If a person is accessing a website on his smart phone or tablet, of course, he would not like to browse the same desktop website. The mobile optimized website improves the user experience to a great extent which leaves a good impression on the user. Also, good navigation and relevant as well as unique content attract most users.

2. It increases the browsing and downloading speed:
It is optimized for the faster downloads and greater browsing speed. So, users have to wait less and browse more.

3. Users can make the most out of mobile-specific features:
It lets users to engage themselves instantly into the features like click to call and mapping. Also, with the help of the location aware technology, it helps you draw the visitors from the immediate neighboring locations.

4. It improves the search engine optimization performance:
This is one of the most important benefits of all, as the ranking of the mobile friendly websites are improved on a large scale on the mobile friendly search engines.

5. It boosts up the brand identity:
You must have heard of an age old quote, “Actions speak louder than words”; the same is followed here. It creates a good reputation of the organization and creates a positive impact on customers. It enhances the brand identity and impresses users even before you say them anything.

6. It increases the level of portability and connectivity:
As it can be accessed from anywhere at any time, it has increased its level of connectivity to the target audience.

7. It provides you with the competitive edge advantage:
In this competitive world, the visitors do not take much time in switching from your website to your competitor’s, if they are not impressed with your website. It helps you stand out from your competitors and to keep hold of your visitors.

8. It helps in integration with offline media through QR codes:
The mobile devices help the online and offline media to connect with each other with the help of QR codes. So, whether it is an advertisement, brochure or a poster, the smart phone users can scan the QR codes and enhances the integration between the print and web.

9. Developing website is more flexible and cost-effective than developing app:
In order to make the mobile presence, the mobile website is preferred rather than an application as websites are more flexible than apps. The apps need to be developed in different operating systems and submitted in the respective app stores. On the other side, the websites are very flexible and can run on all the platforms. Also, it is more affordable to develop a website rather than an application.

10. You get more advertising opportunities:
The field of mobile advertising is advancing each day, as it lets you reach more number of target audiences by advertising on Google Adwords or PPC networks. Your ads will appear on the listings to get you better results and increased ROI.

Now that you know the most important benefits of mobile website optimization, it is essential for you to optimize your mobile website for maximum devices possible. Good luck for that!

So, if you are planning to go for the mobile website optimization, you can contact us. We have got a team of expert mobile website developers that provide you with amazing mobile optimized websites as per your exact business requirements.

GMI – A Perfect Partner In Offering Quality PHP Web Development Services

So, what does PHP stand for? Well, originally it stood for Personal Home Page but now on it stands for Hypertext Preprocessor. PHP is a well known server side coding language for designing great web super-structures but at the same time it also used as a general programming language tool for developers around the world. As on February 2014, PHP has been used by over 250 million websites and 3.3 million web servers. PHP additionally is powered by Zend engine which makes it truly agile & fast web application.

PHP codes can be integrated with HTML codes or it can be integrated with a set of various engines & web structures to create dynamic & responsive web sites to create awesome user experience. It has the capability to deliver quality & feature rich web development services & its famous for designing truly user friendly sites as well. PHP scripts are processed through interpreters through the server’s native structures or through a executable common gateway interface. Once the PHP code is interpreted by the processor, the server sends the output to the client & shows the web page to the end user.

PHP can be used on all Operating Systems (OS) like Linux, Unix, MS Windows, Mac OS X & RISC OS to name a few. PHP is also compatible with various web servers today namely – Apache, IIS, Nginx & many more. PHP can work either as a module or as a CGI processor. PHP allows the developer to choose the operating system as well as the server freely in designing great web sites. It also enables the developer to choose native programing, object oriented programing or a mixture of both to deliver quality web services to end users around the world. One of the most strongest points of PHP are its features to support various databases. PHP enables developers to write database friendly codes & it can integrate smoothly with MySQL DB server as well. PHP’s ability to support various protocols is quite commendable too. It supports LDAP, IMAP, SNMP, NNTP, POP3, HTTP, COM (for Windows) and many others.

There are three main aspects to consider in offering quality PHP web development services & delivering quality PHP application development services to clients as follows: -

  • Scripting On The Server Side - This is the most native & the prime aspect in PHP. You require 3 things to make it functional – Parser, Server & a Browser. It requires a PHP installation in order to get access to PHP program output through a web browser for viewing the PHP friendly page from a web server. You can run them on your locally hosted machine if you are running this program.

  • Command Line Scripting -  This allows PHP program to run without any server or any we browsing support. The only thing that is needed is the PHP parser to run it. This form of usage is ideally for scripts executing Task Scheduler (on Windows) & they can be used for easy & simple processing of texts & tasks.

  • Writing Codes In Desktop PHP Application Development – PHP may not be the best scripting language with a GUI but if the developer understands PHP well then he/she would like to use rich features like PHP-GTK to write web based programs. This enables to write codes on cross-platform applications in this way. PHP-GTK is an extension feature to PHP & hence not offered in the main distribution to developers. It is however available from websites to be downloaded freely for developers.

Grey Matter India is a leading PHP website development company in India offering quality PHP web development & PHP application development services to clients world wide with strong focus on providing optimum customer satisfaction by offering quality scripting & programing services to clients across the globe. We offer PHP web development services at cost effective rates to the clients & design web architectures as per their tastes & preferences. We hire best of the creative programing minds to design websites & offer quality services to them in an efficient & effective manner. Grey Matte India keeps itself abreast of the latest technology trends in the industry which makes us a perfect partner in PHP application development space. We also offer 24X7 customer support to clients across the world to resolve teething issues arising in the PHP application development process & ensure that the website if fully functional at all times.

Symfony Development: The Fabulous Five Benefits

In this tech freak world, everyone wants to start get into the information Technology field. Though people get influenced by the technologies around and decide to get into this industry, they are unable to make the right decision when it comes to choosing technology. There is comprehensive range of platforms for the website and application development, today! However, our age old PHP development will never lose its importance in this field. People will continue to reap its benefits and use it as their development platform.

Once you decide that you will use PHP for your next project, the next question would be about the framework. In the recent past, people have started using a lot of different PHP frameworks in order to reap its benefits. While some companies rely on Zend, some make the use of CodeIgniter. However, here we shall discuss about Symfony. If you are planning to use it in your upcoming projects, but still confused about it, do not hesitate. There are a lot of reasons that can convince you to use Symfony apart from being an open source framework. So, let us go through some of the most important benefits of Symfony development.

1. Performance optimization:  

Performance optimization is easy in Symfony as compared to any other frameworks. Symfony 2 is faster than its previous version as well as faster than the other frameworks. Moreover, it takes up less memory. In addition to that, most of the projects have something or the other in common. So, that is where you can use the feature of code reusability. The developer need not write the complex code during the development every time, saving its time up to more than 50 percent.

2. Flexible and expandable:

It is one of the most flexible, adaptable as well as configurable frameworks that you might have come across. The bundles of functionality can be added and removed from the project. Also, you can use the same bundle for some other project to add functionality to it.

3. Stable and sustainable:

All the minor versions of Symfony have greater deal of compatibility with each other. The major versions have been sustained for more than three years in the companies. They can remain secured for the life time too.

4. Interoperability:

You would consider this as one of the most important benefits. Well, it not only works with the existing standards of PHP, but also lets you use selected pieces of software to build modules or blocks. So, you need not necessarily use the whole framework.

5. Reputation:

The last, but certainly not the least, you will never face any problems when it comes to Symfony development. It is widely accepted by the developers, users and companies across the world.  Everyone together had put in their combined efforts since the day it got launched for the enrichment of the tool.

Now that you are aware of some of the most important benefits of using Symfony as your framework, make sure you use it in your next project. Good luck for the same!

Must-Have Technical Skills To Look For When Hiring a Dot Net Developer

In this tech age, if you are planning to get a website or application developed for your business, it is important for you to choose an It company wisely. If you are looking out for a dot net developer, you must look for the technical skills that he possesses. Here is the list of skills you must look for.

1. Concepts of OOP (Object Oriented Programming)

The Object Oriented Programming concepts are too basic for even a fresher, making it one of the basic, yet important questions to ask to a dot net developer during the process of interview. If he fails to explain you the basic OOP concepts, he is not ready for the projects. He must be clear with the concepts like inheritance, generalization, specialization, association, aggregation, composition and dependency.

2. JavaScript, jQuery, C# and ASP.NET, MVC framework

To work on a dot net project, he must have the complete know-how about the basic designing languages and frameworks like JavaScript, jQuery, C#,MVC framework and ASP.NET, to name a few. The technical knowledge is necessary, but not the sufficient condition to hire .Net developer. He must have had the experience of using these languages for the real time projects.

3. SQL or Oracle Back end programming experience

Apart from the designing and developing skills, he must have the SQL or Oracle backend programming skills in order to deal with the database so that it becomes easy for him to fetch or access the data whenever he needs. Once again, having skills is different than having the recent experience into the same. It would be great if he has worked for a project recently.

4. Visual Studio IDE

Of course, he must be well-versed with visual studio, as learning .NET application development begins with learning to work with visual studio. However, he must have the know-how of the latest version or at least the recent newer versions of visual studio so that the applications do not stop working when they are downloaded on the new browsers or operating systems.

5. New Areas of .NET

Dot net facilitates a lot of functionalities, so it might be possible that a single programmer is not well-versed with all those functionalities. However, make sure he has got the knowledge and experience of the most important aspects that you are looking forward to in your upcoming projects.  

6. Page directives

The first lines of the ASP.Net that provides the settings as well as instructions for user control files and web forms pages are page directives. Of course, it is not necessary to know the entire list of page directives, but knowledge about some of the important ones indicates that the candidate is comfortable working with the page directives.
Now that you are aware of some of the technical skills that are necessary in a dot net developer, it is essential for you to check if the candidate has got these skills and experienced for the same.

If you are looking out for such developers, you can come to us. We have got the skilled and experienced dot net developers to deliver you services as per your requirements.

Hiring iPhone Application Development Company? The Top Three Considerations…

Are you planning to get an iPhone application developed for your business? Do you want iPhone users to access the information about your products and services easily? Do you want to provide them good experience on your app? If you want all these things to happen, you must hire the best professionals. Instead of developing an app on your own, you can hire iPhone developers and get the app built by them. Instead, you can invest that time in business development.

The iPhone Application Development is the constantly emerging field and people just can’t get enough of it. The career of iPhone app development is blooming and there are a lot of people who want to get into this industry. Many people strive to become iPhone developers; so the number of people entering this industry is rising each day. With the increase in number of iPhone application Development Company, it becomes even difficult and more confusing to choose the best one.

It is important to choose the iPhone developer wisely; as the success and failure of your business depends upon the application built for your business. So, you need to take care when hiring the development company. There are a lot of points which you should be taking into the consideration while selecting the iPhone app development company. So, let us take a look at some of the most important tips of hiring an iPhone app development company.

1. Choose the reputed company:
It is always a good idea to choose the company that has good reputation in market. It is obvious that the company deserves to be trustworthy if it is reputed. You can ask your friends and relatives if they have taken services from that company. Also, you can check out the portfolio in order to scan through their past work. In addition to that, you can contact the recent past clients and take feedback from them about the company. If you get good feedback, you can trust the company. Apart from that, the company should be licensed and insured.

2. Select the company that provides reasonable services:
One of the most important factors to be taken into the consideration is the ‘cost’ of the service. Make sure that the company is offering you the services at the price that does not exceed your pre determined budget.

3. Talk to developers before hiring them:
It is advisable to make sure that the developers that you hire are highly qualified and extremely skilled. Also, they should have several years of experience into the field of iPhone application development. In addition to that, ask them if they will complete the project on time and if they will assist you whenever you get stuck with the application. So, 24*7 support services is a necessity.

Well, now you know all the points that you should consider when choosing the iPhone app development company. Make sure you remember these points and follow them when you start looking for the iPhone app development company.

Magento Ecommerce Solutions

Magento is an open-source content management system for e-commerce websites. Magento works on the MySQL database management system & uses the PHP programming language. Its elements depends on the of the Zend Framework & uses the of object-oriented programming model.

Magento’s market share is 30%  & it is soon racing to become the leader in the e-commerce application development & solutions.

Let’s take a look at the some of the Magento Ecommerce Development & Solutions offered to enterprises as below:-


1 – Magento architectural design & application development

We are certified Magento e-commerce development partners & design an array of e-commerce & m-commerce sites for enterprises globally. We understand their tastes & business requirements & offer customized solutions. We integrate themes, extensions & modular structures as per the taste of the consumer & make a truly responsive & dynamic web/mobile structures which thrusts on offering maximum user experience.

2 – Third party Magento integration

There are so many third party applications which submit their applications on Magento’s open source directory & they are majorly in Point of Sales (POS), CRM & ERP & we integrate these complex third party applications with ease & comfort for our clients!

3 – Offshore Magento Project Services

Can anyone hire a Magento developer on a project basis? Yes, its possible! We hire full-time as well as part-time Magento developers as desired by the clients & it helps in bringing in great flexibility & cost-effectiveness to clients, as well as service providers.

4 – SEO Magento Performance Optimization

Performance is the X-factor for Magento’s E-commerce solutions & helps e-commerce & m-commerce sites increase site rankings & generate leads. This is for sure the booster e-commerce application for users & enterprises till date!

5 – Magento – A holistic e-commerce solutions provider

Readymade graphic designs, web designs, themes, layouts, SEO services, promotional tools & integration services make Magento a one-stop-shop e-commerce solutions provider to enterprises which focuses on attracting more visitors & generating sales leads!

6 – What to choose? Magento Go or Magento Enterprise?

We help enterprises choose appropriate Magento products for their businesses as per their suitability, needs & the type of the scheme they fit into. For example, Magento Go is for e-commerce beginners, Magento Community is for growth-oriented businesses & Magento Enterprise for big & heavy companies & large scale sales driven organizations.

You can ask us for advise we will help you with that!

Growth in IT Business & Consulting Services

The ever growing demand from global enterprises to manage their entire gamut if complex IT infrastructure & API’s is leading to massive spurt in demand for offering expert IT consulting services to organizations around the world. Service providers are soon understanding this need & they are adapting quickly in this dynamic environment. They are leaving no stone unturned in acquiring clients & are trying hard to offer maximum value for their services.


Let’s take a look at some of the IT consulting services offered by service providers in the industry: -

Busines & Advisory Services – It primarily comprises of helping clients by devising an appropriate IT strategy. Other services could include offering digital marketing services, providing cost optimizing solutions (like BPO services), business analytics, offering regulatory & IT compliance services & ERP services.

Technical Services – It comprises of offering all forms of technical know-how & skills to client. Firms hire full-time software consultants, engineers & application developers & depute them on a client facing roles for implementing complex IT projects. Consultants with knowledge of .NET, LAMP, Joomla, Drupal, SharePoint, SQL, PHP, Magneto, Android, iPhone & Blackberry are high in demand in the marketplace at present!

Project Management Services – Offering application management & project management services forms the core area for offering these types of services to the client. Project Management Professionals (PMP) are hired full-time to manage entire project life cycles of the client to ensure efficient & timely delivery of the services. E-commerce & mobile application projects are hot projects in the market at the moment!

Foreign Language Services – Foreign language plays a critical role in acquiring clients in the global markets. It helps service providers expand market share & gain edge over competitors by adding value to their services. Foreign language experts have been high in demand, for this reason!

With IT business consulting services poised to grow at 12-15% Year-on-Year, GMI could be a perfect ally to its partners & clients in offering quality IT consulting services to its clients!