Social Network Development

Social Network Development has been largely responsible for the ‘flat earth’ revolution currently leading the IT sector. It is constantly pushing the boundaries of its definition. Originating as a platform for people to get together and form online communities, social networking portals rapidly evolved into trusted business networks that facilitated the acquiring of services over the net. Within no time, social networking websites were enhancing social interaction with a host of features like blogs, list books, forums, photo albums and so on.

With an ever-increasing number of netizens logging on to these networks and reaping their benefits every day, the social networking concept has become a successful business model capable of delivering rich dividends. Social networking has brought the world closer and is here to stay and provide a reliable backbone for communication between humans across the globe.

Analyzing the ever increasing power of social networking, GMI has built core competency in all the facets of social network development – from visualization and designing to the implementation of robust frameworks that ensure the smooth functioning of the network. Whether an emerging enterprise or a seasoned player in the field, you can count on GMI’s expertise to turn your vision into full-fledged community portals that cater to the ever-increasing needs of this service market, yielding greater revenues and higher dividends.

Our Social Network development portfolio and capability:

  • Development of social communities and corporate networks
  • Commerce solutions—B2B, B2C exchanges
  • Community Portals/Vortals
  • Finance based  portfolio management application
  • Virtual science forums
  • Yellow pages driven portals
  • Photo sharing and managing application with integrated social networking features
  • Lab management suite with networking features
  • Community portals for wireless and mobile devices
  • Networking platform for professionals
  • Travel app with social sharing features
  • Social networking integration into enterprise applications
  • Location-based survey application with social sharing features

Enterprise Social Network Development (ESN)

Information is most critical facet of today’s companies. There is a lot of effort placed on cooperation amongst individuals in the companies. Senior to middle management usually spend thousands of hours studying how to increase the enterprise performance. Lot of money is invested on individuals inspiration and group development projects. But if we truly assess, the result of these projects is far less than predicted.

If you are familiar with such an issue, you need to switch to enterprise social networking portal. This connects workers, affiliates, customers and providers enabling them to share various records, hyperlinks to critical tasks, websites, records, demonstrations, video clips and other work that issues to their co-workers and alternatives. We, at GMI, build sophisticated enterprise social network applications from ground-up to relieve problems, increase worker participation and increase company’s efficiency by enabling fluid information flow and enhance worker cooperation while simplifying jobs for all entities of the organization including employees, management, customers and vendors.

We Innovate to rise above the conventional practices in Social Network Development

At GMI, innovation is a the heart of all progresses. Our team of developers constantly innovate new concepts and its scope in every kind of application. Besides, the conventional photo sharing, audio and video streaming, we have embedded some of the innovative features in the following and more applications:

  • Profile customization: Tired of the boring profile on some of the prominent social networking sites? We won’t let that happen to you. We allows users to choose among the best themes for their profile. Now, add the look you want to flaunt!
  • Property buy and sell platforms: We  have created portals in which site users offer recommendations to other users about any specific property. Users can share their experiences, information about dealers etc. through an integrated chat feature. It includes lots more.
  • Dating portal: GMI has an experience in developing interactive dating portals for clients. Members can find their partners or just someone to meet up with by becoming part of the dating system group. Efficient features like Range search, advanced filter for your selection, distance search is offered.
  • Forums: We have extensive experience is creating manageable Forum platforms, which are controlled by other staff who are associates of the same community. Forums are targeted on any subject, organization, or activity. Book groups, sports groups, and graduates categories can form their own Community forums, as well as close relatives, enthusiasts, or professionals.

Apart from the above popular systems, GMI has done a lot of work in this field. Being a popular trend, social networking can land into any vertical on any device. We have extensive experience and focused team for developing the best social networking applications for mobile and tablet devices.

 Advantage GMI – Social Network Development Company

  • Vast expertise in the social networking website development, community portal development and corporate portal development through the successful deployment of more than 20 large-scale projects
  • Exhaustive experience in strategizing and implementation of scalable E-commerce solutions including B2B and B2C exchanges
  • Proven success in executing online commerce-to-commerce portals as well as deployment of P2P hub
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