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Apple Will Release It’s New wearable Gadget – Apple Watch in April

Smartphones and now smart watches! Apple will release it’s smart wearable around April 2015. This was much awaited and it’s features highly speculated. Let’s take a trip round what this watch is all about and how it will be a new opportunity to explore for all iPhone application development professionals.

Apple Watch in April

Here’s what the Apple Watch is all about:

Apple’s watch is made of highly polished stainless steel cases and the sapphire crystal case is used to protect the display. The leather band that is used comes in three different types – link bracelet, Milanese loop, and high performance fluoroelastomer.

The stainless steel that is cold forged, provides the device with the required robustness and beauty. Apple believes that the material used for building a product should be decided after analyzing how it will be used. Since this watch is meant to be used on a daily basis, alloys that are corrosion resistant like refined 316L stainless steel were used. Cold forging added to it and made it less susceptible to scratches. Sapphire is also ideal for protecting the retina display.


The very basic functionality f every watch – time keeping. It connects to your calendar, contacts and schedules and makes sure everything is in sync with the accurate time. This helps improve productivity and efficiency.

Providing new ways to connect

The watch provides users with new ways of connecting. It enables you to receive calls, messages and emails more easily and more efficiently. It’s just more personalized, quick and more fun than ever! Creating new messaging apps could be a new opportunity formobile application development experts.

Possible to keep your near one’s closer

The gadget has a feature that shows you the thumbnails of your frequent callers or the ones you add to be your favourites. This can be accessed with a simple tap and touch. You can effectively stay in touch with your near and dear ones.

Other Features

  • Connect wrist to wrist
  • It is possible to connect the two wearables from Apple wrist to wrist too.
  • The Apple Watch also has a heart beat sensor.
  • Your wrist watch can now receive phone calls too.

It can access you email, reply to your messages and swap between two Apple devices like iPhones and wearables. You start something on your watch and you can continue it on your iPhone too.

Apple’s products just keep getting better by the day!