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ASP.NET – The Best Framework for Creating Enterprise-Class Web Applications

ASP.NET stands for Active Server Pages.NET. This is a widely used tool for the development of enterprise-class websites and web applications. Rich web applications with enhanced functionalities and features can be created using ASP.NET framework that supports languages like C# and Visual Basic. In the present times, if a business wants to survive by not losing out in the tough competition, it is mandatory that it has to go online with its business. This would be possible with a dynamic online store or a feature-rich web application. With an attractive enterprise website or ASP.NET web application developed by software development company for better customer experience, the businesses can definitely drag in the profits by surpassing the competitors. Hence, for this reason, the .NET application development has become the need of the hour.

ASP.NET application development

Let us now look at the highlights of what makes ASP.NET, a better tool or framework for enterprise-class web application development.

1. Developing an application using ASP.NET requires lesser coding to be done and hence, is a good choice for developing larger enterprise-class applications.

2. Security is a major concern with enterprise-class web applications and with ASP.NET, this issue can be handled very well. ASP.NET has built-in Windows authentication and application settings. With an integrated security system which supports features like management of cookies, automatic redirection of unauthorized user in case if username or password are typed incorrectly and many more, ASP.NET drastically enhances the security of the web applications.

3. Features like early binding, just in time compilation, native optimization and caching services enable higher performance for an ASP.NET application.

4. ASP.NET allows development of web application in a feature rich, integrated development environment of Visual Studio. Hence, it supports WYSIWYG-editing, drag and drop controls for better and easy application development.

5. Time for development is greatly reduced with ASP.NET because here it’s easy to find errors in the web application, while making amendments to an existing web application is possible without the need to start the server. Hence, a lot of time is saved.

6. Debugging is not an issue with ASP.NET applications that are built using less code. It’s easier to check the entire code for errors and rectify them.

7. One of the best things of using ASP.NET is that it can be used for the both designing as well as development activities for creating a web application.

8. ASP.NET has got an efficient process control system where if one process becomes the other is created in its place and hence, the web application is constantly available to handle the customer requests.

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9. It is possible to develop the application in any .NET language which you think is best for your application because ASP.NET is language independent platform which is in sync with other .NET languages.

10. ASP.NET applications are easily deployed. The configuration information is embedded within the application and hence, no need to register components.

Hence, ASP.NET is an efficient programming framework which allows building huge corporate web applications with ease, embedded with all the possible features and at minimum possible costs.