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Avoid These Things to Get Your CakePHP Development Right

CakePHP is one of the widely used PHP frameworks that gives developers high level of flexibility and ease for development of scalable and secure web applications. For an experienced developer having good knowledge of working with this open source framework, it would not be a difficult task at all to develop websites or applications with CakePHP. However, for a beginner it would take some time to get a tight grip on CakePHP development such that no flimsy mistakes occur and only neat coding practices are adopted.  This blog highlights a few essentials which every CakePHP developer should take care of. It explains in detail a few trivial errors or commonly occurring mistakes which developers should avoid for developing CakePHP applications or websites efficiently.

CakePHP Development

Considering one of the most essential things to follow during the web development process using this open source framework, it’s really important to keep your code neat. One of the basic things to follow in coding is to get your control structures right. Yes, for this you have to take care of things like allowing a space between every parenthesis, using of curly brackets with start brackets placed in very first line especially when the control structure is starting with “If”.

Always make sure you do not do anything undesired in your development process like overusing the graphical content, unconventional layout or positioning etc. This is because such things may show adverse effect in a long run though may not have an immediate effect on your app or site.

Whether it is CakePHP web development or anything else, whenever you are developing a website, it’s important that you optimize it’s URL structure and keep it simple. Page URL optimization with use of appropriate keywords for the page is necessary for getting best results from SEO for the website.

Never load your programs or code with too many control structures or if-else clauses as these can result in slow performance of your web application. Hence, if you want to produce faster working applications, you need to keep your code practices neat and right to the point.

With any development process, testing is mandatory task to ensure error-free developing practice. Similarly with CakePHP applications as well you need to perform thorough testing. Testing of everything related to security and quality is required.

Never repeat the same code. If you have got a logic to explain then do it with model files. Publish your logic with model files. Use view code instead of repeating the same code. This will make your code page look clumsy and rather bulky.

Using comments during coding is a good practice to go on with as this will give idea to another developer, beginner or even a novice to understand the purpose of the particular section, block or line in the code.

So, neat and reliable codes is what will make web applications perform better and easily adaptable to the future changes. CakePHP development is really an easy to use framework that allow developers to create wonders with their innovation when combined with coding skills and right practices like the ones as mentioned above.