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Basic Tips to Make Your Apps Ready for iOS 9

The latest iOS version, the version 9 has been released just a few months ago and has surprisingly gained great attention from the users. The iOS 9 is being adopted at a faster rate since its release in June 2015 and hence, it is a caution for the businesses to look out for this update and follow the trend for better customer attraction. The users generally look out for the latest features and capabilities when using an application and this is the same with mobile apps as well. Hence, if you want to attract more customers for your business through iPhone application development, make sure you go for development of app that resembles the features of the latest iOS version, like, iOS 9 if you are opting to develop iOS app for your business now.

iphone application development

There are many new features supported by iOS 9, but there are a few important and well-adopted ones which you should consider to be in your apps if you are opting to enhance your app for latest iOS version compatibility.

Rebuild Your App with latest Xamarin Version
Suppose that you already have an iOS app compatible to the previous or earlier versions of the operating system, then consider rebuilding these apps with the latest version of Xamarin and Xcode, if you want your app to support this latest iOS version.

App Transport Security or ATS
ATS or App Transport Security is an amazing feature supported by latest iOS versions thereby enabling better security of the applications when connected with internet resources. If you want to go for iPhone apps development to support the iOS 9, then make sure that all the connections using NSUrlConnection or NSUrlSession are subjected to ATS security requirements. In case, if you cannot ensure secure connectivity to your app with ATS then you can just opt out of it by adding NSExcpetionDomans exception to info.plist file.

Enable 3D Touch Feature
Though 3D touch is not mandatory for iOS 9, still the users with latest hardware will be expecting 3D touch feature in their apps. With 3D touch features, you will improve the interactivity of your users with your application in an extraordinary way and hence, enable your app stand out from the rest. Hence, if you consider developing iOS app for your business with 3D touch feature, it will definitely improve user experience of your app thereby attracting more customers for your business.

Go for App Search APIs
App Search APIs allow to index the content of an iOS app. This enables easy search of the contents in an application for the users. It is possible to index the application using search APIs privately. This can also be done publicly using the public search API supported by the Apple devices. Such public APIs will help you get attention for your app thereby suggesting your app to the iPhone users who do not have it installed on their phone. With App Search APIs for your application, you can index almost any sort of content viewed or created by users from the app, messages and the items displayed and downloaded to the device and also the navigation points and features within the app. So, it makes it easier for your app users to find what they are looking for and will save their time and efforts to find out their requirement with your app. Hence, user experience will be drastically improved and therefore, if you are going for iPhone application development by enabling app search APIs in it, then you are not only enabling the latest iOS 9 feature in it but you can also help your business to get more attention of the users.