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Category Archives: Android Application Development

Beguiling Facts about What makes Mobile Apps go Viral

‘Mobile’ is the most acknowledged word of the modern times where the smartphones and tablets count on to be the bestselling devices. Today, everything is going mobile right from daily use products to computers, clothing to eateries and all this is because of the mobile apps that allow customers to get or buy whatever they […]

Android App Development gets Fast, Smart and Reliable with Android Studio 2.2

A complete development environment for Android applications, Android Studio is about to get smarter, faster and more reliable with its latest release Android Studio 2.2. Google has released Android Studio 2.2 and made it available for its users on 19th September 2016. The integrated development environment is expected to bring a lot of perks for […]

Tips for Developing Secure Android Applications

Security is an important concern when developing mobile apps and in case of a platform like Android, this will be a more crucial thing to consider. As per the statistics, with nearly 82.8% of the market share, Android seems to be the dominating platform in the year 2015. With such a popularity, there also comes […]

Top 5 Interesting Facts About Android You Never Knew!

In this smart world, the competition is getting fierce. Several manufacturers are selling millions of Android devices and the number gets increased each year. The craze of Android devices as well as applications is gaining momentum. This is the result of the commitment and smart management of Google.  The journey of Google since its inception, […]

The Most Compelling Features of Android Marshmallow Not Present in Lollipop

Android OS has undergone number of changes since its inception in the year 2008. The mobile operating system has been often subjected to feature improvements and updates, thereby presenting a better and new user experience to the users every time its update is released. Among the recent updated versions of Android are the Android Lollipop […]

Points-To-Consider When Hiring Android Application Developer

With the constant augmentation of the use of mobile devices like smart phones and tablets, the demand for mobile applications is mounting high. With the business owners realizing the importance of mobile applications for their business, most of them have started hiring the developers and getting the best possible application developed for their business. Out […]