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Category Archives: iPhone Application Development

With on Demand App Development It’s All About Convenient Delivery!

On demand apps surveyed by Burson-Marsteller delivered some amazing facts: 42% adult population of the U.S. that is 86.5 million Americans have used the on-demand service. 51 % Americans who offered the services admitted that their financial condition has been improved since. Last year, when Uber received a massive fund of $8.6 Billion, the whole […]

Swift 3.0 Empowers Apple to step in the world of Linux!

Ted Kremenek, Senior Manager, Languages, and Runtimes at Apple said, “With the diverse ecosystem, either working on servers or applications, we want swift for everyone. Swift 3.0 is a big update since swift went on Linux platform.” You might have read my previous article– ABCs of Swift Programming language. So now you can have the […]

The ABCs of Swift Programming language

Everyone can code! Is it possible? A kid can also code! So many questions come to mind when we hear this statement? I reacted the same way as you might be thinking to say. But Apple has proved it. Tynker, a provider of STEM education platform shook hands with Apple for a new game based […]

Developing iOS Apps with Swift – The Future Trend in Mobile Apps Development

It’s quite obvious from the research statistics that Apple is making up the maximum profits in the smartphone industry. While Android is definitely a good competitor with nearly 80% of global market share, Apple still holds up to its position as it is said to be the choice of many when it comes to elegant […]

What It Takes to Create Successful iPhone Apps?

With endless apps available in iOS app store, it is always tough task for the app developers to create a user engaging application that can draw the attention of the maximum number of users. Not only attracting users, your app should also be able to retain them. Successful applications are those that can gain user’s […]

Basic Tips to Make Your Apps Ready for iOS 9

The latest iOS version, the version 9 has been released just a few months ago and has surprisingly gained great attention from the users. The iOS 9 is being adopted at a faster rate since its release in June 2015 and hence, it is a caution for the businesses to look out for this update […]

Shift To Swift Development To Get Successful iPhone App For Your Business

The field of iPhone app development is gaining popularity worldwide, thus getting advanced. New tools and technologies get evolved since the inception of Apple. After years of hard work in Objective C for iOS applications, Apple has come up with another programming language, Swift in place of Objective C to develop iPhone apps efficiently and […]

iOS Features To Incorporate When Developing iPhone Application

The craze for iPhone is increasing big time! The number of iPhone users is also soaring high. Apple is releasing new models of iPhones periodically so as to capture the attention of everyone and increase sales big time. Due to this, the demand for iPhone applications is also gaining momentum. So, if you are planning […]

iPhone Application Development – The Sure Shot Way To Foster Your Business Revenue

iPhone application development in the recent times has come up to lead the way of business marketing. The increasing number of iPhone users is the reason for this beneficial contemporary development in the market. Developing iPhone application is now considered as the way to reach out to the maximum number of customers in the present […]

How Having an iPhone Application Will Double Your Business Size

World today is iPhone crazy…And this could be validated by the fact that people were seen standing in queues at stores day before iPhone 6 was launched even indulging in fights to have one. The sales of iPhone 6 has broken all the earlier records with 10 million phones ordered in the first 3 days […]