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Category Archives: iPhone Application Development

Top 6 Benefits Of Hiring An Experienced iPhone App Development Company For Your Business

With the continuous releases and updates that iOS development is making into this world, it is clearly visible that it is putting in all the efforts to attain new heights in this mobile application development world, thus celebrating its success. As the importance, popularity and use of iPhone apps is increasing, it is becoming the […]

Apple Will Release It’s New wearable Gadget – Apple Watch in April

Smartphones and now smart watches! Apple will release it’s smart wearable around April 2015. This was much awaited and it’s features highly speculated. Let’s take a trip round what this watch is all about and how it will be a new opportunity to explore for all iPhone application development professionals. Here’s what the Apple Watch […]

iPhone 6 Plus Vs Nexus 6 – the battle of the smartphones

With the predecessors of these two smartphones, the comparison of the two made no sense. But with the Nexus 6, and iPhone 6 matching up to each other in terms of size and price, it becomes imperative to take a look at the differences and similarities. Smartphones have evolved and iPhone application development as well […]

How To Select An Ideal Approach For Better iPhone Application Development

iPhone apps are already numerous approximately 500000 apps live on app store. Iphone application development is quite a challenge with the maddening crowd there! It takes quite an artist to let imaginations go wild and churn out innovative ideas for new apps. Well, let’s assume you have it all – the imagination, the creativity and […]

Some Important Apps For iPhone App Designers And Developers

There is no doubt that iPhone apps are at the rise today due to their versatility, utility and variety. You can easily find iPhone apps that can fulfil your needs irrespective of the profession or industry you belong to. In this blog post, we will discuss some of the best and useful apps for iPhone […]

Technology Serving a Noble Cause – iBeacon for Helping the Visually Impaired in Public Transport

What good is technology if it cannot make things easier for you and me? One such technology is the beacon technology or iBeacon technology for iPhone application development. What exactly is the Beacon Technology? Beacons are basically low powered indoor transmitters. These transmitters notify the mobile devices of the user’s proximity – via Bluetooth. This […]

Enterprise Mobility Apps With iPhone Apps Development – Raising Barriers

Enterprise mobility solutions today are in demand. Apple devices are becoming more and more popular with enterprises. Many organizations are turning towards iPhone apps development to be able to work more efficiently. Creating enterprise apps requires planning. There are typically five categories for enterprise mobile solutions:  Productivity For Employees Communication Apps For Better Collaboration Reporting […]