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Category Archives: Android applications development

Enhancing Mobile App’s Usability: An Investigation

Your mobile app is ready. Your development team has done a commendable job. Your marketing team was amazing with the herculean task of promotion and advertising. And yet, when it comes to attracting users, you are outplayed by your competitors. Design, development, promotion, marketing, are very important for the mobile app. But they are of […]

Android App Development gets Fast, Smart and Reliable with Android Studio 2.2

A complete development environment for Android applications, Android Studio is about to get smarter, faster and more reliable with its latest release Android Studio 2.2. Google has released Android Studio 2.2 and made it available for its users on 19th September 2016. The integrated development environment is expected to bring a lot of perks for […]

Fantastic Four Features Pave The Path To A Successful Android Application

In this fast paced world, competition is soaring in high in every business; especially amongst the mobile application development companies. As people are becoming aware of a mobile application for their businesses, everyone wants to get an app built from the professionals. Out of so many platforms and operating systems available to build mobile applications, […]

Role of Mobile Applications in Travel and Tourism Industry

When we talk about niche based Mobile applications, the initial names that come in our minds include healthcare, e-commerce, travel and tourism, etc. Out of these, Travel and Tourism sector is witnessing an epic boom in terms of mobile application development; be it iPhone or Android application development. In the world of apps, it stands […]

iPhone 6 Plus Vs Nexus 6 – the battle of the smartphones

With the predecessors of these two smartphones, the comparison of the two made no sense. But with the Nexus 6, and iPhone 6 matching up to each other in terms of size and price, it becomes imperative to take a look at the differences and similarities. Smartphones have evolved and iPhone application development as well […]

Hire Android App Developer – 5 Non Technical Skills To Look For

It’s pretty obvious that when you want to hire an Android app developer you’ll going to check their technical skills and expertise. You will also check how well they are accustomed with the platform and if their skills matches your project requirement you might hire them for Android Apps Development. You are right if you […]

Top 5 Tips For Successful Android App Development

  Android is the most popular operating system of recent times. It is estimated that more than 300 million users are using Android worldwide. According to stats, Android has usurped up more than 70% of market share of the mobile users and this number is still increasing. Being an open source platform, Android provides exciting […]

Google plus+ Gains a Full Score in Android Application Development

Google+ is the recent talk of the town. Only those who try get a real sense of this Android application development. Released for Android phones, Google+ is soon to make its way on other devices. This blog reveals how Google+ actually functions on Android.