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Category Archives: Mobile Application Development

Android App Development gets Fast, Smart and Reliable with Android Studio 2.2

A complete development environment for Android applications, Android Studio is about to get smarter, faster and more reliable with its latest release Android Studio 2.2. Google has released Android Studio 2.2 and made it available for its users on 19th September 2016. The integrated development environment is expected to bring a lot of perks for […]

Enterprise Apps- The Most Powerful Tool To Ascend Employees Productivity

Presently, competitive pressure is so high that becoming proactive is difficult for the enterprises. The reason- No communication in real-time, which means employees are not connected and updated with the latest information. OMG! What enterprises will do? The digital workplaces are smart enough. They understand that communication and collaboration stays at the heart of development […]

JavaScript now open for Development of iOS, Android & Windows Mobile Apps

Native Script, a wonderful technology developed by Telerik is currently making waves in the mobile apps development arena because of its wonderful ability to help developers build multiplatform apps with a single code base. It enables developers to use technologies like JavaScript and Type Script for developing iOS apps, Android apps and apps that are […]

Various Challenges in Construction Business – How Mobile Apps can help to overcome them?

According to the statistics of a global management consulting firm, the productivity graph for the construction industry seems to be at a still for quite a long period of time from now. The reason predicted for this is the saturation that has come up over time in the innovative adaptations of the industry and moreover, […]

Mobile Apps for Manufacturing Firms – How are They Useful?

The increase in mobile device adoption has compelled the modern businesses as well to follow the mobility trend to achieve success. Not all businesses follow the mobility trend today, there are still a few businesses that follow the age-old paper work strategy and operate with an outdated technology which is no longer acceptable. This is […]

Here’s How Microsoft can Help You to Develop Cross-Platform App for Your Business…

It’s really good that Microsoft has acquired Xamarin. As a result of this acquisition, the developers are now able to develop completely native applications across various platforms with a single shared code. They are able to leverage the combined potential of Microsoft technology and Xamarin framework to enable easy and efficient development of enterprise applications. […]

Trends Driving Enterprise Mobile App Development in 2016

With advancing mobile technologies and development tools, even the methods of mobile application development are changing. There are various ways to develop mobile applications for enterprises, but the way the enterprises generally choose to develop their apps depends on their business needs. For example, depending on the business needs, an enterprise can opt for either […]

The Modern Schools Have Gone Mobile – Has Your School Too?

It’s raining mobile apps everywhere! Yes, everyone wants to have mobile apps in this mobile friendly era. Every business and industrial sector is adopting the mobile-first strategy in order to get ahead of the fierce competition. So, why should educational institutes and schools be an exception to this? Education industry is already realizing the invaluable […]

Top 5 Reasons Every Small Business Needs a Mobile App

In this modern world, competition is fierce. Each business is striving hard to survive and beat its competitors. Gone are those days when website is sufficient enough to top the charts. Today, mobile apps play an important role in the success of any and every business; irrespective of the industry you belong to. As you […]

Mobile App Onboarding Tips To Increase User Retention

Every business owner dreams of a successful business that has millions of customers/clients, high revenue generation and maximized ROI. Everyone knows that a mobile app contributes the most in a success of any business. However, amidst so many important things to look after, most people forget about the mobile app onboarding. It is important for […]