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Category Archives: PHP Development

PHP web development Framework You Simply Can’t Avoid in 2017

All most, the majority of the business ventures have got their hands on digital transformation through the web or mobile app development. Those who haven’t started establishing the online presence of business yet, they are simply out of the game of digital revolution. Well, to observe IT enhancement with automated processes and personalized experience, you […]

New generation Trendsetter ideas for web design and development in 2017

The first impression is the last impression. Web sites are also not the exception in this case. 38% people would leave the website if the content is not engaging or interesting enough. Further research revealed that in initial 15 minutes, people would like to read something artistically stated than written plainly. Web design represents a […]

An Insider’s Guide on PHP Frameworks

PHP developers rely on frameworks to make coding less complicated and faster. There are several PHP frameworks to help with rapid PHP application development for the enterprises these days. So, what do you think these frameworks are used for? Why do the developers prefer frameworks for web application development with PHP? There are number of […]

What Makes Symfony One of the Most Popular PHP Web Frameworks?

PHP web frameworks are the ones with their own ecosystem in the universe of web development. These frameworks are used to create web applications and websites of various complexity and sizes that can range from minimal static website to large scale enterprise for content management system. Moreover, PHP is the preferred language for web development […]

Top 5 Ineludible Benefits Of PHP- Loosely Typed Language

Programming languages are of two types- loosely typed and strongly typed depending on the variable declared initially or dynamically. In the state of utter confusion? Here’s the answer… When programming script run, variable declaration is done where variable name, type and size is defined. In strongly typed programming languages like Java and C#, the variable […]

5 Ways to Improve your PHP Website Performance

PHP is the most popular and highly used among all the server side programming languages to build powerful and flexible web applications using multitude of frameworks. The leading websites that boasts to use PHP are- Facebook, Wikipedia, Pinterest, Sinal, etc. Also, PHP serve as a base for content management systems like- WordPress and Drupal. According […]

Why are The Modern Organizations betting on PHP for Business Critical Application Development?

There is a great demand for open source programming languages in the modern era where the enterprises are looking for swift, easy and affordable platforms to develop their business-specific applications. According to Forrester, most of the companies in the recent times have preferred PHP over other open source languages for their application development. The reason […]

Eight most important reasons behind the popularity of PHP

Today, PHP is one of the widely used programming languages across the world. It is a great language with versatile features and functionalities that help developers to create effective web pages and applications for customized requirements. So, here are the top features of PHP that make it so popular as a programming language: 1.No Installation […]

Seven Reasons Behind the popularity of Symfony2 web application development Framework

PHP is certainly the best web application development technology used all over the world. It is a widely used open source platform for developing simple as well as complex web applications. However, with the increasing complexity of the web development process, developers have started making use of frameworks like Zend, CakePHP, Smarty and Symfony for […]

6 Tips to choose the best PHP development company

In this modern world, competition is getting fierce each day. Every business has got its own website, and so should you! If you are planning to get a website for your business, you must hire PHP programmers. Out of so many technologies emerging in the web world, PHP is the best. It is an evergreen […]