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Category Archives: PHP Zend Development

An Insider’s Guide on PHP Frameworks

PHP developers rely on frameworks to make coding less complicated and faster. There are several PHP frameworks to help with rapid PHP application development for the enterprises these days. So, what do you think these frameworks are used for? Why do the developers prefer frameworks for web application development with PHP? There are number of […]

Top 5 Tips for Zend Framework Development

PHP web development was, is and will always be used for developing highly scalable, large and complex websites and applications. This evergreen language has got its amazing frameworks which are used to build business applications. Out of so many frameworks, Zend is gaining popularity these days. The field of Zend framework development is widely accepted […]

PHP Web Development And Performance

PHP powers millions of websites on the internet today. It is the most dynamic and versatile web development language. But is PHP performing well in the fierce competition that drives the web world today? Let’s find out: Not The Fastest That’s right, PHP is not the fastest known language. But, pure speed is not the […]

Is Google Expecting too much? Tips to Escape the Impact of Google Penguin Update

Google is on aggressive move towards clearing the web spam. After Panda, Google released its Penguin update as yet another feather in its cap. Although it claims that Penguin affects only a 3.1 percent of the websites, its impact has been larger than it appears. In this blog, we introduce you to the Penguin and suggest some helpful measures to escape the monster.

PHP Development Using Zend: A Rare Combination Ruling Cloud

We all know the importance of PHP development. This blog talks about the combination of PHP and Zend to rule the, just arrived, cloud computing. This blog details the three step procedure of flawlessly uploading the PHP-based applications on cloud using Zend.