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Category Archives: Symfony Application Development

An Insider’s Guide on PHP Frameworks

PHP developers rely on frameworks to make coding less complicated and faster. There are several PHP frameworks to help with rapid PHP application development for the enterprises these days. So, what do you think these frameworks are used for? Why do the developers prefer frameworks for web application development with PHP? There are number of […]

What Makes Symfony One of the Most Popular PHP Web Frameworks?

PHP web frameworks are the ones with their own ecosystem in the universe of web development. These frameworks are used to create web applications and websites of various complexity and sizes that can range from minimal static website to large scale enterprise for content management system. Moreover, PHP is the preferred language for web development […]

Seven Reasons Behind the popularity of Symfony2 web application development Framework

PHP is certainly the best web application development technology used all over the world. It is a widely used open source platform for developing simple as well as complex web applications. However, with the increasing complexity of the web development process, developers have started making use of frameworks like Zend, CakePHP, Smarty and Symfony for […]

Symfony – The Heartthrob of PHP Web Development

PHP being an evergreen language to develop scalable and secured websites and web applications, new frameworks keep emerging out to make the modern development even advanced, so as to suit specific business needs. There are a lot of PHP frameworks today, including Zend, CakePHP, CodeIgniter, and the list goes on, out of which Symfony is […]

All You Need to Know About Symfony Application Development

Symfony is one of the best frameworks available today for the development of PHP web applications. It is an architecture or basic foundation required for development of custom software on the web. The web applications created with Symfony framework are easy to maintain and will take very less time for development in comparison to those […]