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Category Archives: Symfony website development

What Makes Symfony One of the Most Popular PHP Web Frameworks?

PHP web frameworks are the ones with their own ecosystem in the universe of web development. These frameworks are used to create web applications and websites of various complexity and sizes that can range from minimal static website to large scale enterprise for content management system. Moreover, PHP is the preferred language for web development […]

Ways to Utilize Symfony Framework

Symfony is one of the best present day PHP frameworks that allow for a better and organized way of web development. With thousands of code contributors, best practices available for standardization and last but not the least the incredible built-in components to support, Symfony PHP framework facilitates for the easy development of websites and web […]

Top 5 Aspects of Symfony Framework

With the advancement in technology, the field of web development is progressing each day, and so is the PHP, one of the best scripting languages for building websites and web applications. With so many frameworks, it has become one of the most popular and extensively used languages across the globe. If you want to build […]

Symfony 2 Application Deployment

Symfony 2 Application deployment actually depends on the underlying infrastructure, so, lets just discuss the most common points to be remembered for application deployment. Some Deployment basics: The deployment of a Symfony 2 application is a simple four step process. All you need to do is: Upload the code to the server. Update vendor dependencies. […]

How to Hire A Symfony Web Development Company

It’s a competitive world and everyone puts forward their best foot while promoting their business. If you are looking at hiring a Symfony Web Development Company you will find hundreds of them providing you the “best services” and using the “latest technology” and providing you with excellent websites for your business. So, how will you […]