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Category Archives: Web application development

New generation Trendsetter ideas for web design and development in 2017

The first impression is the last impression. Web sites are also not the exception in this case. 38% people would leave the website if the content is not engaging or interesting enough. Further research revealed that in initial 15 minutes, people would like to read something artistically stated than written plainly. Web design represents a […]

Mobile App Adoption Via Well-Defined Marketing Strategies

In the fast pacing world of technology, it is quite mandatory to be acquainted with the process of Marketing and how to strategize it for your product’s Market value. Especially, when your product is related to software i.e. you are creating and dealing with a digital product. For the growth of your business, you must […]

An Insider’s Guide on PHP Frameworks

PHP developers rely on frameworks to make coding less complicated and faster. There are several PHP frameworks to help with rapid PHP application development for the enterprises these days. So, what do you think these frameworks are used for? Why do the developers prefer frameworks for web application development with PHP? There are number of […]

Why Mobile Analytics Tool Is A Boon For The Mobile Applications?

From the app idea generation to its development, the only fantasy mobile app owner have is to get a million app downloads. During app development, UI and UX designing, QA and testing, devising marketing strategies and preparing for the launch, the app owner just yearns for the huge buzz that the app would create, user […]

Product Recommendations – Powerful Tools To Boost Up The Revenue Of Your WordPress Website

Product recommendations are important tools for the eCommerce businesses to engage customers and boost up their business revenue apparently. These recommendations can help give personalized shopping experiences to the customers as they would encounter the shopping suggestions based on what they are looking to buy or browsing about since a long time. Product recommendations can […]

‘Things To Consider’ During Web Application Development In 2016

You can be a pioneer and still not win a game in that field! It is completely normal, if you are not updated! Success says, it needs the combination of clear understanding of industry, past relevant experience and adherence to the latest tools, trends and technologies. Fair enough! The concept of building apps and cooking […]

DotNet Application Development – Simple Steps to Enhance the Performance of Your .NET Application

Dot Net application development is quite popular these days among the firms looking to develop a web based application. The time and costs of developing a .NET application are not more and hence, many firms consider .NET as the platform to develop web based application for their business needs. High performance applications are what everyone […]

Myths About Web Application Security

Web application development is gaining popularity with time because of its endless list of benefits. Web based applications have reached at a higher level in the recent past because of the significant advantages it offers like cross platform compatibility and being highly deployable and manageable. Apart from that, other benefits include secure live data and […]

Top Ten Business Benefits of Web Applications

As the name suggests, the web applications are the apps that run on the web browser; they sit on server, not the system. Some of the most common examples of the web applications which we used in our day to day lives are Microsoft Word and Google Docs. Hotmail is the web based email which […]

For the successful eCommerce business – The winning secrets revealed

Do you get the feeling of ‘stuck in the middle of the ocean’? Do you want to get out of your suffering eCommerce business? Do you want to travel on the road to success? Do you want your eCommerce business to flourish once again? Do you want some of the most useful tips for the […]