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Design Plays A Significant Role In Mobile Application Development – Infographic

In this mobile app age, where thousands of applications are getting downloaded each day; thousands of apps are getting deleted as well, because of the bad user experience. The success or the failure of a mobile application depends upon the design of the app. When it comes to design, it is not always how attractive it looks. A good design is when users get attracted to the website and stay there because of the smooth flow and amazing user experience.

There are a lot of factors that a designer should take into the consideration when designing the mobile application. He must make sure that the applications work with all the versions of all the operating systems. Also, simplicity is the key when it comes to the design of the mobile app. Gaudy is a huge turn off for people. Moreover, the gestures should maintain the consistency. One important factor to consider when designing a mobile app is to decide the correct touch target size which depends upon the average width of the thumb of an adult. The users should feel comfortable to hold their mobile phones and move their thumbs on the screen; so that it is easy for them to use their app.

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