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Enterprise Apps- The Most Powerful Tool To Ascend Employees Productivity

How Enterprise Apps Would Really Pay Off

Presently, competitive pressure is so high that becoming proactive is difficult for the enterprises.

The reason- No communication in real-time, which means employees are not connected and updated with the latest information.

OMG! What enterprises will do?

The digital workplaces are smart enough. They understand that communication and collaboration stays at the heart of development and production.

That’s why digital workplaces have already set up an application for the internal communication for desktop/laptop. But how about mobile.

Mobile app?

You might be thinking why digital workplaces would spend more dollars on mobile app development, when there is already an app for desktop. Why to go mobile? Right?

Here is the answer…

You might have seen your employees checking their phones on their desk or in the spare time for Facebook updates, then why do not you utilize those handful moments to make the employees reading the new office update or know what’s going on in the organization.

After & Before Enterprise Application
Isn’t it the best way to make the most out the workforce?

Bang on!

Also, there are a lot of benefits of embracing a mobile app.

Due to this, 91% of the organizations are planning to adopt a mobile work style strategy, according to the Citrix research.

Tibbr, Jive, Yammer, SocialCast and more are the enterprise apps developed to empower employees’ communication. So, impressed? Are you also planning for the enterprise mobile app development?

That’s great! Before you start developing the apps, there are a few things you should keep in mind. They are:

– Design amazing UI/UX to impress the users at first
– The design must be responsive and simple
– Navigation must be a great fun
– Features should be easily accessible

Now, let’s take a look at the prominent benefits that enterprise mobility apps provide:

1) Freedom to work

Enterprise apps provides system independence. Employees are not required to hook up with their desktops or laptops.

No matter where the employees are, on the field or on their desk, they will be updated with the functionalities and processes in real-time. It enables employees to take up the tasks and deal with the challenges accordingly.

2) Improved communication- a bonus!

The large enterprise generally own numerous offices that have thousands of employees across the globe. The employees of the same or different offices are stranger to each other. They are not connected.

Due to the lack of communication, sometimes, the critical operations’ information reached to the intended employee at the last minute and consequently, customers’ project suffer that you don’t want to let happen.

Leveraging enterprise apps, employees remain connected and updated with the latest info about the projects. Additionally, they can discuss and collaborate on the projects, if stuck somewhere.

Also, employees can squarely address their complaints to the employer or superiors and immediate actions can be taken.

3) Enhanced productivity

Certainly, providing flexibility to the employees to do the tasks anytime, anywhere would increase the throughput. It makes the enterprise more agile and responsive, which leads to better quality of work and higher employee engagement.

Employee engagement is vitally important to boost productivity.

According to Jeff Corbin, U.S. companies cumulatively lose up to $550 million every year due to the employee disengagement.


4) Easily accessible workflows

The organization has a huge set of data and the complete data cannot be made accessible by every employee. Each employee is provided access to the relevant data.

Now, your employee won’t complain that they won’t get enough information from management.

Contextual data access and seamless communication optimize the workflows.

When employees interact using the app, the complete information that’s discussed among employees can be tracked and recovered at speed.

Furthermore, employer can anytime check the project’s status and identify how employees communicate and work together.

5) Knowledge transfer in real-time

The employees can provide updated information about the tasks assigned or instantly capture the data in real time using enterprise apps that increases the process efficiency.

For instance: The employee had a meeting with the customer in person and at some point, the employee need to immediately access the information to seal the deal. That’s where enterprise app would come to their rescue with which employees can get the information off the bat and successfully win the customers.

How’s the future?

No enterprise would remain in the near future that resist to mobilize the workplace. Be it healthcare, IT, education or travel industry.

Enterprise mobility ROI

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Of course, for digital workplaces, the mobilization is of a ton importance and significant proportion of workforce found it’s easy to work on mobile.

Are you interested in working with the employees’ strategy that delight your employees? If yes, get ready to join enterprise mobility revolution with us.