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Enterprise Mobility Apps With iPhone Apps Development – Raising Barriers

Enterprise mobility solutions today are in demand. Apple devices are becoming more and more popular with enterprises. Many organizations are turning towards iPhone apps development to be able to work more efficiently. Creating enterprise apps requires planning.


There are typically five categories for enterprise mobile solutions:

  1.  Productivity For Employees
  2. Communication Apps For Better Collaboration
  3. Reporting apps
  4. Business Management apps
  5. Apps that support business operations

Well, taking a look at the above list, there are plenty of communication apps as well as personal productivity apps in the iPhone market today. Email, Calendar, business card scanners, personal to do list and organizer are apps that help improve personal productivity for employees of an organization. Apps like skype or WebEx etc. serve the purpose of means of communication and collaboration. These types of apps are plentiful. Reporting apps, business management apps and business operation apps are like finance apps, warehouse management apps, CRM and ERP. These apps are very business specific and require the help of experts to customize them as per business requirements. iPhone Apps Development experts can help create apps to provide for the demands of elegance combined with usability and better business management.

It’s however essential that the following barriers be overcome

Barrier 1 – Security Concerns

Security concerns need to be overcome – some perceived and some real. iPhone 5s comes with a lot many built in security features like TouchID, usage patterns, device IDs, or even user location. Well, businesses expect a lot more customized security while working in mobile devices in their businesses. Enterprises do not wish to put their critical business data at risk by incorporating unsecure mobile devices and apps. Getting apps custom built with the right security incorporated will ensure that your enterprise mobility solution is perfectly built to work with your business critical data.

Barrier 2 – One Size Fits All (Need For Customization)

Generalized apps for email, contact organization, business and work organizing apps are not something that can be used by app enterprises alike. Enterprises require custom apps as per their requirements. Today’s enterprises are more demanding when efficiency, productivity and performance is concerned. Custom iPhone apps development could give enterprises a perfect mobility solution.

Barrier 3 – Lack Of ERP, CRM and SAP apps and switching between apps for different functions

Integrating mobile apps with enterprise systems and cloud like SAP and ERP or CRM requires expert iPhone developers. Well, also one demand is for not switching between several apps to get business tasks done.

Well, the future of mobility as an enterprise solution means creating something that will act as a center point for mobile devices to connect to businesses and access and perform all the businesses functions via one single point of contact. That will truly raise all barriers. iPhone is becoming more and more appealing for enterprises for implementing such solutions. Who knows? May be in the near future, it will be possible to conduct business with a single mobile devices on your palm top!