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How Having an iPhone Application Will Double Your Business Size

World today is iPhone crazy…And this could be validated by the fact that people were seen standing in queues at stores day before iPhone 6 was launched even indulging in fights to have one.

The sales of iPhone 6 has broken all the earlier records with 10 million phones ordered in the first 3 days of the launch and Apple has recorded 61.2 million shipments till date. With that, Apple today stands at a whopping 900 millions of total iPhone sales till the second quarter of 2015.

iPhone Application Development

This clears the perception about the reach of iPhones in the world and also about the necessity of mobile applications for them. iPhone application development sees a brighter future as the number of iPhone users is having a good uprise. People nowadays can pay more and even more to keep the latest technologies in their pockets.

Businesses have started getting involved into developing iPhone applications for them. Getting their products and services stapled on iPhones has become important for them and their revenues. We have a big list of businesses like Walmart, Starbucks, Yes Bank, etc which have generated remarkable revenues solely through their iPhone apps.

Apple has nearly 1.5 million apps in its store and this fact is self explanatory as to why you  should have an app for your business too. However, to give you a clearer picture, here is an elaborated list of supporting statements that will clear all your doubts about an iPhone application’s importance for your business.

1. Number of iPhone Users is Increasing Exponentially:
The number of iPhone users is increasing day by day. The present number around 500 million is supposed to be turned into 650 million by the end of 2018. The reason behind this could be the ease of use of iOS interface with being more and more feature rich at the same time.

2. iPhones Have Huge Customer Loyalty:
An iPhone user is always an iPhone user. iPhone customers are the most loyal smartphone customers with the highest retention of 76%. Therefore, developing a mobile application for iPhone can never be a bad deal.

3. iPhone Users are More of a Mind to Pay:
People having an iPhone generally belong to richer sides of society having a higher standard of living which enables them to pay readily for the things they want. This could work in the benefit of your business and may allow you to generate good revenues through iPhone apps.

4. Transactions are Safer with iPhone Apps:
iOS has higher norms of security and the same applies for the mobile applications for iPhones. Apple only approves applications of good quality and so there is a sense of trust among customers while making a transaction through an iPhone.

5. iPhone Application Development Takes Lesser Time:
As a customer if you opt for developing an app for iPhone, you can get things done in very less time. iOS’s consistency for all devices makes it easy to update for newer versions. For developing them, you get a lower price quote owing to easy testing and development of these apps.

Apart from these reasons specific to iPhone, iPhone apps enjoy general benefits of smartphone apps too. Here are to name a few…

1. You are Connected to Your Customers 24*7:
An app once downloaded in a smartphone ensures a permanent link between a user and a business. The user comes across it several times a day while juggling with his phone and this makes him familiar with the product and he starts trusting on the product/service.

2. A Mobile App Reduces Extra Steps to Reach You:
To reach you through your website, a person has to follow three to four additional steps like opening a browser, searching for your website in a search engine and then choosing the right link from the search results.However, an app cuts down all these steps; all you need to do is to scroll down your apps and tap on the desired one. This saves time as well as the internet data and so one can prefer your mobile app instead your website.

3. Apps Make Your Marketing Direct:
Everything you need to tell your customers can be directly displayed on your app; be it a new offer or anything else related to sales and promotion, you can tell them all. Also, by sending push messages regarding the same at correct times, you can take your marketing to newer level.

4. Your Competition is Cut Down to Less Than One Percent:
May you run coffee shop in a city or a food destination search website, you have to face high competition to sustain in the market. Now, this task becomes a lot easier when you become successful in placing your app in your customer’s mobile phone. You almost beat each of your competitors, as you become his first choice in your product niche.

5. Mobile Apps Improve customer engagement:
Mobile applications are designed compact and robust, therefore they are easy to use. Whether you have to create an account on a service or book a movie ticket, you can do it with an app in less than 5 clicks. This allows a customer to get involved more into your product/service, thus increasing his loyalty towards you.

With about 95 billion of revenue generated only in the first quarter of 2015, iPhone applications stand tall. Nearly every business today has an iPhone app for it and you too should have one for your business.

By now, you must have made your decision and are moving ahead to consult to a mobile application development company for the same.

If you still have any queries regarding mobile application development, do ink them in the comment box below. Cheers!