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How to Boost Business Sales Online

How to Boost Business Sales OnlineThere are numerous ways to boost your business sales online, but the best way is through social networking websites. In the era of “Internet Boom”, everyone is aware of what social networking is. From 14-year-old kids to 70-year-old adults. Everyone is using social networking websites. Social network development is on rage because business personalities know the power of social media. Social networking sites are generating multi-million dollars through their high-end business scale advertising and promotional models.

Social Networking is indeed modern world’s one of the most valued developments. Not only do these platforms allow people to connect with each other no matter how far they might be, but also proves a boon to businesses. Businesses, no matter small or large scale, have experienced a major uplift in sales ever since they have started using social networking websites as their advertising mediums.

Social networking sites are considered as the fastest approach to spreading information. This appeals potential buyers which result in driving sales. The more your information would be noticed by the users, the more are your chances to drive powerful sales and experience an outstanding growth. Let’s take a look at the top social networking sites which are known as the power players of online marketing.


Facebook is dominating the world at present. Currently, it stands as the biggest and the most powerful social networking site in the world. This social network development has connected us with families, friends, businesses, and groups. Facebook hosts more than 1.71 billion active monthly users. The number hikes by 15 percent every year. Moreover, as of June 2016, there were 1.57 billion mobile active monthly users recorded for Facebook. These statistics are powerful enough to prove why Facebook is the king of promoting businesses online.

Facebook is a free system where you can interact with your potential clients directly. All you need to do is create a Facebook page for your community or business and you’re good to go. Keep posting the information regarding your services, products, contents, sales, promotions, etc., by the means of providing official links. These are ways to keep the customers engaged and fascinated. Engagement is the main key to driving business growth on such social media sites. The more engagement you’re able to create the higher ranking you will get on search engines.

Facebook page helps you in tracking your success. Facebook insights is a special feature that helps you to monitor analytics and data. You can use this page for customer service requirements. Facebook is a one-stop-solution if you wish to appeal a large number of your targeted audience on an online platform.


Following Facebook, Twitter is the second major social networking platform today. It is known as microblogging site because it has character limits for the contents you post (tweets). You’re missing a lucrative opportunity if you aren’t promoting your business on Twitter. It’s a great platform to enhance and seek growth for your business. Twitter is also home to the world’s most powerful business, politics, and entertainment personalities. Big names like Beyoncé, Elon Musk, Tim Cook, Kim Kardashian, Taylor Swift, etc., all maintain an active profile on Twitter.

As of 2016’s second quarter, Twitter hosts 313 million monthly active users on average. Business owners prefer Twitter because users are always keen for new products, information, services, and opportunities.  Large to small scale businesses are using this platform for customer service and marketing strategy. A total number of active advertisers on Twitter are 130,000.

Twitter allows individuals to follow you and vice-versa. Your followers will be able to see your postings. Post relevant and genuine content. As a business, the best thing for you is to follow and be followed by influential personalities. It gives you an edge and creates more fascination among users. For instance, if Taylor Swift follows Apple on Twitter, her fans are also likely to do the same. This way they will be updated with every latest news from Apple.

Final Thoughts

Now you know why people are coming up with new social network development ideas. Some way or the other they want to replicate the success of Facebook and Twitter’s business models. But what matters the most for you is the fact that you need to create your strong social media presence if you’re looking forward to boosting your sales.