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Insider’s Guide for Businesses to Gain Maximum Profits from Mobile Apps

Mobile is BIG. Yes, you heard it right.

The recent figures about mobile usage and subscriptions have revealed the immensely growing popularity of the smartphones and mobile apps in today’s scenario.

According to a forecast in Ericsson’s Mobility Report 2016, the worldwide mobile subscriptions shall take up a huge form by 2021.

Nearly 6.4 billion people are expected to become the smartphone users by the end of 2021 whose 90% of time on mobile is expected to be spent on apps.


“November 2016 was a record breaker for the #AppStore – the highest monthly sales ever in App Store history!” says Mr. Philip Schiller, SVP of Worldwide Marketing at Apple in one of his recent tweets on Twitter.

Therefore, it is definitely not an ignoble fact that apps are growing in demand day-by-day and have a crucial role to play in one’s lifestyle. They are definitely the best medium for the businesses as well to target for their marketing needs.

According to Sales force, nearly 68% of companies today have integrated mobile marketing strategy into their overall marketing methodology for improved profits.

So, for a modern entrepreneur, leveraging mobile strategy is a must in order to get on with the present day competition.

It’s just not about a large-scale enterprise or a small start-up firm. Mobile app development is a necessity for every enterprise in the present age irrespective of its size or industry it belongs to. Hence, more and businesses are resorting to development of mobile applications for the lucrative benefits they offer.

The growing competition and increasing number of apps in the app store calls businesses to go for much better and innovative practices to remain on the edge of the competition and gain maximum traction for their apps for improved profits.

Here are a few things one can consider post mobile app development to fetch more customers and profits for their business right from the mobile apps.

Regular Upgrades are A Must

It’s not done with just the development phase, the post development phase is also important to drive profits from your mobile app investments. Launching your app in the right way after the development process plays a significant role in its success. The updates post development phase are necessary in order to ensure that the audience can get better and much better version of the app at regular intervals with the passing time. This way you can not only gain more and more users for your app, but you can also keep them engaged with your app for longer time. If your app is not updated regularly with newer features, more are the chances for the users to lose out their interest in your app. On the other hand, regular updates can keep your audience engaged and fetch you more profits.

Optimization for Better App Store Visibility

Just as the search engine optimization process is for the websites, App Store Optimization is necessary for the apps to enhance their visibility in the app store. Higher rank in search results for mobile apps means more visitors can find your app easily thereby gaining maximum attention required. To do this, one needs to optimize the apps with a process called ASO. According to a recent study, more than 50% of the total apps are found through app store searches. Hence, by optimizing your app for the app store search one can enhance the reachability of their apps so that they can easily be found to the users and gain maximum attention and downloads.

Costs Do Not Matter

Costs incurred in the development of mobile apps do not relate with its popularity. The costs cannot decide the success of the mobile app of an enterprise. Infect it is seen at times that the mobile apps that have incurred lot of expenditure on their development may fail to generate interest of the users, while on other hand, even the apps that were built easily and with lesser investments may come out to be successful. The reason can be its appealing design or UI/UX features which can give users what they are really looking for in an app. Hence, if you want to gain maximum attention for your app through app store optimize it for more appealing features and do not concentrate on its costs. Go for the experienced and reliable mobile app developers’ help in order to get your app developed in the best way possible and that too within affordable costs.

Marketing is very important and needs to be done in the right way in order to get success with your mobile app. No doubt you should get it developed properly without bugs and appealing features, but marketing when done right can have better impact.

Wrapping Up…

Mobile apps provide a crucial way for the business to connect with their customers and enhance their business scope with better reachability. They are in fact the best way to be engaged with your loyal customers for a longer period of time but yet they are not the only options for business growth.