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An Insider’s Guide on PHP Frameworks

An Insiders Guide on PHP FrameworksPHP developers rely on frameworks to make coding less complicated and faster. There are several PHP frameworks to help with rapid PHP application development for the enterprises these days.

So, what do you think these frameworks are used for? Why do the developers prefer frameworks for web application development with PHP? There are number of reasons for this.

Why prefer frameworks for PHP Development?

However, the first and foremost reason for the use of PHP development framework is to speed up the long web application development process. Tedious coding tasks can be done faster with the help of pre-built modules offered by the framework that help the developers with their actual core development tasks without having to leverage their time in writing the repetitive code right from the scratch.

The second reason is the simplicity of the framework. It’s very easy to use for the development tasks and can be very helpful in building stable and scalable codes for web applications without extreme efforts required. However, due to this simplicity of PHP, it’s fairly easy for the developers to get on with bad code or loopholes in their code. Hence, proper measures are required to be taken so that no security concerns or any other loopholes arise from the coding.

Last, but not the least, PHP frameworks are plenty. Hence, they are extensively available for the developers to choose from. The developers are required to select an appropriate framework depending on their requirements to get the best outcome for their web application development with PHP.

When to use PHP Frameworks?

There’s actually no specific situation or circumstance for using the PHP framework. Generally the programmers prefer to use frameworks when working on projects with tight deadlines. The frameworks can reduce the substantial amount of repetitive coding and thus making the development tasks much easier and faster for the developers.

For the beginners, PHP frameworks are great tools to get on with clean and good coding practices while saving lot of time for the developers at the initial stage.

Many experts do not use frameworks as they are of a view that frameworks are for weak programmers who have no clear idea of best development practices. But, this is a wrong notion as frameworks are for fast and efficient programming tasks.

Things to consider while choosing a PHP Framework

There are plenty of options for the developers to get on with PHP application developmentusing the frameworks. For example, some of the widely popular PHP frameworks used today are Zend, CodeIgniter, Symfony, CakePHP, Laravel etc.

Selecting a framework however depends on who shall utilize it and for what. For example, consider that there are number of developers working on a large PHP project. In this case it’s better to use a framework that is quite popular and well-known to all the developers involved in the project. However, if you are building a PHP application for your personal use, you can go with any framework which you feel comfortable with and hence, here the popularity of the framework does not matter.

There are various things you need to consider while finding the right PHP framework for your development need. User-friendliness, performance, popularity in the PHP community, its features and last but not the least the security features are some of the essential things a developer should consider while selecting a framework for PHP development. All the frameworks have their own positive and negative side and hence, it’s better to try out a framework initially before actually implementing it for a real-time project. Take experts’ advice and learn from colleagues and community members as which is the best one to use for your needs. Those who are experienced with the use of the PHP development frameworks shall be able to suggest you whether the particular framework that you have chosen is easy to use or not, its shortfalls, support from community available with the framework and so on. Hence, this can make your task of selecting the right framework for PHP application development much easier.