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Is PHP Still A Better Option for The Businesses for Their Web Development Needs?

In today’s world, where every business is competing hard to drive maximum profits and sales for their business with the help of latest technologies available, PHP is thought to be losing its fame. There are so many platforms or technologies like Java, HTML, Flash websites etc., available for the businesses these days to opt for their web development needs. However, it’s definitely not true that PHP web development is not being preferred by the modern businesses. In fact, the truth is that PHP is one such platform that works pretty well for customized web solutions development for the businesses at considerable cost advantage which no other platform can offer. While the debate regarding PHP and its popularity with web development needs of the modern enterprises is still going on, one needs to consider the brighter side of this technology in order to learn about its real benefitsfor businesses.

PHP web development is still a better option for the businesses to consider and here are a few reasons in support of this.

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Greater Efficiency and Variety of Options

PHP applications are highly efficient as they support faster data processing, easy functionality and greater flexibility as they can run on various operating systems, support different hosts and can handle different data sources. Moreover, with PHP development, businesses are free to select from variety of frameworks available for the development process. For example, Symfony, Laravel, Zend, Codeigniter, CakePHP are all PHP based frameworks and there are many more other than these. An enterprise can select anyone of these frameworks according to their web development needs. Hence, with such a huge variety and high efficiency to deliver, PHP still remains to be the choice enterprises for their web development requirements.

Evolution at a faster pace for Resolving the Challenges Being Faced

One of the biggest challenges for the enterprises who have gone for PHP web development long before is that they may find the older version on which their website or application is based, to be outdated after sometime. These websites or applications may not work well with latest versions of the PHP and hence, the programming language is evolving at a faster pace with faster upgrades resolving the challenges faced by the earlier versions and with better features. Hence, businesses can definitely rely on PHP technology in the modern changing times as well.

Rising Popularity

It has been found that nearly 77% of the websites are built using the PHP platform as compared to the other platforms which occupy very less percentages of the websites based on them. More than 50% of the websites today are based on WordPress, while 9.2% of them are based on Joomla, 6.8% are on Drupal and hence, all-in-all 70.3% of the global websites are based on PHP platform.

Hence, according to the above statistics it is definitely a wrong notion that PHP web development is slowly losing its importance in the modern era. It’s certainly not. In fact, it is the easiest programming language as compared to other wen development languages and hence, is widely used by the developers across the globe for development of websites and applications. Moreover, businesses are also preferring it and even more than before because this is one of the most reliable and scalable platforms that allows them to get their job done efficiently at comparatively most affordable costs.