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Mobile App Developers Help Track Lost People in Japan Tsunami

With Japan being affected by Tsunami, recollecting various other Tsunami instances occurred recently can give us some clue about enhanced technology that can prove to be a life saver for millions. The Japan earthquake has led to subsequent Tsunami waves that are hitting the Japanese coastline. Widespread damage to land and property is being reported, with no human casualties.

How does Tsunami occur?
As an article on Bionomic suggests, Tsunamis occur when there has been an earthquake or a major landslide. The earthquake is usually underwater and the wave develops as a result of the displacement. The danger of a Tsunami is that the main content of the wave does not necessarily appear at the water line of the ocean. It is carried at incredible speeds under the ocean. The waves can be as few as one or multiple waves. The power of the water can enter the shoreline and move inland many miles, carrying with it the ability to move ships, devastate the land and property and harm lives.

Systems built for Tsunami
There have been many Tsunami alert system built since 2006 till date. These systems fires warning the moment it encounters any devastating wave taking shape. Once the warning is fired, the scientist should be able to predict where, when and how hard the water will hit. It was said that these warnings would reach too late to the poor community living besides oceans. However, now with every second person carrying cell phones, even in the village, an SOS message can reach people in seconds and save millions of lives.
Mobile app developers have built an app that can help during Tsunami—Google’s person finder. Mobile application developers at Google launched this especially in response to Japan Earthquake/Tsunami. Available in Japanese, the app lets you report the current whereabouts of missing people affected by the earthquake and tsunami. It subsequently lets you search through records as well. The mobile application programmers’ action would indeed be appreciated if it proves helpful to people with technology in Japan.