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Mobile Apps Development to fuel success for local businesses

Smartphones hit the market and changed everything. The devices are affordable and data plans are cost effective. A slew of devices powered with great data plans made it even convenient for businesses to interact with customers on a 24/7 basis. All that said, mobile application development has evolved and has given businesses the right tools to carry out businesses on a non-traditional way.

Well, this kind of connectivity has created a lot of opportunities for businesses to target the right kind of customers. Local businesses can derive great benefits from this mobile first approach. Recent studies show the following results for mobile local searches:

  • 94% of the smartphone users search for location information of a particular business.
  • 51% of these users visited the store later.
  • 48% called the store after the search.
  • 29% of these actually made a purchase from the mobile store.

So, retailers need to wake up and quickly adopt a mobile strategy for their business. 80% of the mobile searches triggered a store visit. And 85% of mobile searches triggered a call to the store.

Mobile Apps Development

Well, if your business is targeting a local market, here are some pointers for you:

Mobiles make local possible

Mobiles make it possible for users to search for location specific information. Users also search for shops, restaurants, schools and local stores via mobiles. Having a mobile presence is essential. Well, not only searchability, but also in terms of mobile application development to present your customers with quick and easy ways of communicating with local businesses. Accomplishing simple tasks should be possible for them via  the mobile app that you provide for smartphones. This will greatly improve your reach and approach. Customers like convenience and what’s better than providing them with quick facilities to either place an online order for a product or make a quick call to your local store, once they have located it via a mobile.

Mobile ads amplify local marketing efforts

Mobile ads can also be an important factor for local business growth. Ads that are time targeted and local can bring the best results for local businesses. Customers get access to real time information via the mobile ads and can instantly take action, knowing where exactly the local business is located!

Mobile apps provide a great m-store experience

Mobile apps provide your customers with a different store experience. Quickly tapping a few times on their screen and getting the product of their choice delivered is a great experience. Mobiles have definitely brought about great changes in the way businesses work and the way customers interact with businesses. This means that your business can leverage from a mobile app to drive more customers to your store virtually.

On a closing note..

Customers for local businesses are literally just “round the corner” how to tap the right resources and implement the right strategies is up to the business. Implementing a mobile strategy for your business could be the key to success. Simple mobile ads or a mobile apps development could bring about a great difference to your business.