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Why Mobile Apps Fail and How to Revert Them to Success?

How can Mobile Apps overcome FailureThe recent Gartner research suggests the mobile app downloads shall hit up to 270 billion mark by 2017. This clearly indicates the mobile shift in the present era where users prefer mobile apps for almost everything whether it is entertainment, shopping or information search. The demand for apps is rising at the alarming rate with no signs of stopping up with major brands seeking investments in mobile. Even the small to medium sized businesses are now looking to go for mobile app development to engage more customers for their business and hence, this counts up for the ‘mobile-first’ theory where every business is looking to capitalize on the mobile medium for their business.

But, can just mobile-first theory help businesses flourish in the modern era where there lies a huge competition? Truly said, NO.

The mobile-first theory alone can’t get success to businesses, in order to get the maximum benefits from the mobile investments, organizations need to adopt the ‘performance-first’ approach. It has been found that nearly 60% of the mobile apps developed fail because of the low performance and quality control issues. However, there are a few other factors as well that can lead a mobile app to failure like

  • Less Exposure
    There can be situations where an app could not find its relevant audience in order to get the needed popularity. Hence, the app shall be lacking the exposure required. Word of mouth is the best way to promote an app. Researchers suggest that more than half of the app consumers find apps through recommendations from friends and family as compared to very less of them who locate them through searches or through company’s website. If your app does not gain proper exposure in the market, it will certainly fail to have its best impact on the users in spite of its quality performance and functionalities.Hence, you need to promote your app in the best possible way through social media postings, sharing content about it on various websites and much more.
  • You are not projecting your app through notifications
    When you are looking to build consumer apps in order to provide benefits to your brand’s loyal customers, you need to understand certain things that your customer will use your app only to get discounts or coupons or to purchase app-exclusive products or not to miss out on latest deals and to save their shopping time. Hence, if you can promote your app along with these things you can certainly get your app going. You need to send out push notifications to your customer base about these things in order to approach them positively so that they use your app.
  • Bugs or development mistakes
    Though there are plenty of downloads for your app, it could not be marked successful unless it’s uninstallation rate is negligible. Sometimes, uninstalls for an app are quite more thereby making the app unsuccessful in spite of its huge downloads. The main causes for uninstalls could be any development mistakes or bugs in the apps, lack of long-term value offered by the app to the users, poor user experience design, complex registration process etc. However, one of the most important reasons leading to app uninstalls is the frequent crashes or hang up of the app. Hence, efficient quality testing and user experience checks are mandatory to assure that app rolls out in the best condition for optimum use by the users.

Tips to Overcome App Failure

Here are a few important tips for the businesses to launch successful mobile apps or to avoid mobile app failures.

  • Spread a word about your app through various media possible. Suggest it to everyone you know or write articles or blogs on it and post it on various submission as well as social channels for increased awareness about the app.
  • With mobile-supportive loyalty programs, apps can get repeat attention from the customers make your process easier.
  • Encourage your app users to engage with it on regular basis through special factors like badges, points etc.
  • Personalize your app’s user experience with alerts, avatars, and notifications
  • Apart from offers and discount information, give your app users something more engaging like games, important information about various products and much more.

Hence, by implementing the above-mentioned tips and by strictly taking care of the facts that lead to mobile app failure, one can get surely get their mobile apps going for more popularity and success.