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New generation Trendsetter ideas for web design and development in 2017

The first impression is the last impression. Web sites are also not the exception in this case. 38% people would leave the website if the content is not engaging or interesting enough. Further research revealed that in initial 15 minutes, people would like to read something artistically stated than written plainly. Web design represents a face on the entire website body. Web development becomes easy once beautiful website design is chosen.

Anything which is presented in a good way appeals the customer. It could be a tasty dish in a restaurant, a book with good cover, a mobile phone with great looks or a website with beautiful appearance.

SODA (Society of Digital Agencies) stated that 77% digital agencies don’t prefer poor websites. Poor websites are said to be a weakness of business and weakness cannot advance the growth. It always pulls down.

In This Article, We are going to touch Following Website Design and Development areas:

  • The current scenario of website development, its success, and its reach.
  • The framework of responsive design in the area of e-commerce.
  • The role of adaptive design when e-commerce dynamics are changing.
  • Some successful website design tools which gave a drastic boost to web applications.
  • Future web design and development trends and how to cope up with the change.

With Beautifully Designed Websites, Companies have noticed Increased revenue and Better Customer Reach.

Do you know that 44% customers would leave the website if contact information is not provided? A strong web application development helps in building trust with the customers.

Web Design and Development

For sales and marketing, interesting and attractive websites plays a huge role. The website gives the perception of products and processes of a business.

A good idea to show topics is via Card Layout style. Google has invented this card system. Every card contains a topic. A GUI incorporates a box of cards. The multiple cards are shown like columns. The CSSs are designed such a way that there is one page with multiple cards. E-commerce website design developers like to give more images and fewer contents to represent a topic.

Pop-ups as marketing idea have now changed the marketing strategies. Most of the websites use pop-up windows to take user’s details mainly e-mail to send the newsletters, product details, notifications etc.

User’s personal preferences now stay with the browser to avoid reloading the page. With the help of javascript and AJAX, the user is saved for rewriting common details like first name, last name, email or address. E-commerce storefront users are given the exclusive experience of a single page website because of dynamic development.

M-commerce is Penetrating at a rapid speed in the E-commerce Market.

A forecast says that mobile commerce would take a leap up till $284 billion that is 45% market share of e-commerce in 2020.

Mobile commerce has now grabbed the market with a strong share which means more people are looking for products via mobiles. The Websites also needs to be compatible for mobile user experience. The website must work beautifully whether the device is a laptop, desktop, iPhone, tablet anything. Brainvire has done a significant amount of work in the area of web design and development.

Adaptive design is like adaptive clinical trials. The adaptive clinical trial is the term in the healthcare field where the patient is given some drugs and depending on results, drugs are modified. And the process continues. This is again a different kind of web development and design for screen resolution solutions. This kind of frameworks detects screen size, finds out the custom designed layout and loads it. The problem here is that each time new resolution device comes in market, the custom layout needs to be developed for it.

So Responsive website had to take a birth. Responsive websites work regardless of the size of the screen. It adjusts the structure and content as per the screen size in an interesting manner. Flexible grids and layouts are embedded with CSS in responsive website design.

M-commerce and E-commerce Website Development

CSS transition and media queries have to work together for the customization like screen size and browser width constantly to present the effectiveness of the website.

Data tables are generally of a fixed size and in mobiles, it can be shown with small images. One has to zoom it to see enlarged readable contents but then contents may look blur. Responsive website design comes with reforming data table in order to be viewable to the user. So every time the resolution changes, data tables and charts are reformed accordingly.

Responsive menus take the shape of drop-down menu once the screen size is changed. Desktop website menu appears as the links of the horizontal bar. But with the mobiles and other lower screen resolution, this horizontal bar doesn’t suffice. So here menu appears as drop-down one.

Fluid images are the type of responsive images which adjusts according to screen resolution. Images would appear in a vertical manner. As user scroll downs further, more and more available images start to load. So here one can say that images come as per user’s interest in the website.

Adaptive designed website takes less load time because pages are already developed whereas responsively designed website takes the time to transform the pages according to screen resolution. But new era development is responsive only because of the emerging new devices of different screen resolution are coming in the market.

Don’t Design everything from scratch, use Website Design tools to unburden yourself.

We live in the 21st century where web design and web development is not as difficult as it was before. So many emerging and developed companies have approached the website design market with strong, robust and appealing website design tools. These tools not only transforms the look and fill with the website but it also works towards advancement and enhancement of the web application development.

Gridset provides responsive grid layouts for the custom screen resolution. Web design and development is orchestrated such a way that CMS like Joomla, drupal or WordPress and graphics like Photoshop are incorporated for one powerful website.

Wirefy has HTML snippets and templates which work according to screen size amendments across multiple devices. Along with knowledge of CSS and HTML, wirefy provides the best mechanism for simple CMS.

Adobe Edge Inspect lets you preview the layout as per different screen size. Is it a tablet, an iPhone, Galaxy phones, iPad or any other device, you name it and adobe edge inspect would provide a preview for it.

Gumby 2 is powered by Saas product – CSS preprocessor. Video embedment is its USP. Grids, drawers, templates, buttons, forms are strong CSS add-ons for responsive website design in Gumby.

Web Design and Development

Bootstrap provides front end CSS extensions for high profile responsive website design. Bootstrap is the brainchild of Twitter for effective and productive web design and development.

Uxpin tool facilitates the interaction between wireframe and prototypes. It is powered with huge UI library supports and thus it empowers the developer to create efficient website designs which sustain in the market for very long.

Marvel is a code-free prototyping tool. Its main job is to transform images and sketches to more appealing real kind of contents. Marvel came up with drop box feature which prompts you to drop files into the app and then the structure of the tool advances the design process.

Daily innovations are taking place in e-commerce devices and the new innovation always demands a change in the current development.

Every time when a year changes, it’s time to go for new ideas. The website development and maintenance also pass through this process. The user gets bored with the same concepts, same styles, and same processes. What innovation a company offers depends on the amount of research conducted for the user’s benefit.

Many times the old styles of designs which are not in practice currently, start seeming appealing to the user as well as a business person. So in order to give the user a new and personalized experience, one has to keep on digging past web styles and at the same time come up with a new design which facilitates full-fledged way.

User attraction is the key factor. So future generation web application development is opting for Bold Typography to showcase them on the home page in a big manner. The remaining pages are developed in minimal writing and with a clean view such that homepage looks different. Check out this Big Youth agency’s website.

Who doesn’t like smooth video or an animated image? Cinemagraphs consists of high-quality videos and GIFs which are executed in a smooth and consistent loop. Static pages cannot attract and engage the user, so cinematography with continuous loop gives the momentum to the website. See the example of Trench Coats.

Custom Web Design and Application Devleopment

A website in one color or combination of 2-3 colors looks good but not the best. The layers of colors with different texture and intensity in a stacked manner drags the user attention. Have a look at the following one.

Many companies want to showcase their business processes through graphics so that transparency and clarity of business can be perceived. Illustration can give your website a personal and customized user experience. With strong graphic arts and positive illustrations, companies can produce very attractive and the informative website at the same time. The example of terrible takeaways says much about the illustrations.

Many multivendor modules have created their space in the e-commerce market. Modular design is the latest trend in the year 2017. It provides clean, accessible and full fledge website which can attract the user very easy way. Some website with modular design provides animation as well so that a user could easily grab the functional aspects of the business.


The website has to be personal, relevant and interactive as per user manner. In order to achieve this target, one has to take all the necessary steps whether it is an issue of responsive websites or a layout things or a selection of a perfect tool to implement core features. Because if you haven’t transformed your website according to the trends, then the customer would change the preference to another website.