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PHP web development Framework You Simply Can’t Avoid in 2017

All most, the majority of the business ventures have got their hands on digital transformation through the web or mobile app development. Those who haven’t started establishing the online presence of business yet, they are simply out of the game of digital revolution.

Well, to observe IT enhancement with automated processes and personalized experience, you need to make your mind think towards the transformation. If you’re looking for developing a feature-rich PHP web development, then here is an ultimate guide for the best frameworks in 2017 of PHP, one of the widespread web development languages.

PHP, one of the most used server-side scripting languages makes development much easier by applying smoother development architecture, where the separation of business logic from the presentation and data structure made the true “Divide and Conquer” strategy implemented. Yeah, we’re talking about MVC (Model, View, Controller) pattern that is supported by many PHP frameworks.

So, let’s get started with best PHP frameworks in 2017 which are worthy to pay attention for your PHP web development.

The year of 2017 is more of personalization and customization and being in this digital era, powerful and feature-rich web application for your business can get the task done for your business. This Google trend shows the various PHP frameworks in search terms.

PHP Web Development Framework

1. Laravel

Due to its myriad benefits that represent robust architecture structure, Laravel is still an unbeatable player in PHP development. A built-in authenticity features, ORM, unit testing, and object-oriented approach made Laravel the best framework in 2017. It offers faster development process by providing appropriate documentation and programming environment.

2. Symfony

Symfony, one of the wide used frameworks for developing scalable web applications, it is most favored for database applications. It supports multiple databases and its stable in nature. Having huge community support it results in delivering high performance.

Symfony used by many giant brands that deliver fantastic performance. After Laravel, Symfony is the stable PHP framework to rely on it.

3. CakePHP

Again, CakePHP is a simple and robust PHP framework. It gives a wide range of benefits over others such as it provides built-in support for caching, validation, and authentication.

CakePHP is modern PHP framework and it’s actively developed. It comes with code generation environment and scaffolding functionality that aids in the development process. CakePHP can be the best choice for beginners due to its different MVC concepts. It also contains a portfolio of the biggest brand such as BMW and much more that shows its impressive usage scenario.

4. CodeIgniter

This flexible PHP web framework required minimal configuration and hassle-free installation. To build a full-fledged web application with the help of CodeIgniter is easy as it provides numerous libraries support.

Once again, due to its flexibility and simplicity, CodeIgniter is the best choice for learners and beginners.

5. Zend

Zend framework is counted as a robust development platform for developing high-grade, enterprise level applications. It delivers the best performance through the various built-in elements.

Zend provides a great MVC structure which facilitates ‘separation of concern’ in the development process. It can’t be suitable for smaller applications; rather, it is the ideal one for larger and scalable application.

Closing Conclusion:

Have you considered the Best Framework for PHP in 2017?

However, at last, it depends on your requirements and other factors that affect your choice for your application. We have covered best 5 frameworks for PHP but there are others frameworks such as Falcon, Slim, YII, and so on. Among all frameworks, each framework has its own advantages and disadvantages. And, the choice of framework clearly depends upon the final requirements to be framed.

Considering various factors such as cost, ease of use, speed, the size of the applications, features to be incorporated into the application, your choice should be capable of falling into the category of appropriate and best solution that shapes your requirements into desired way. Laravel is the top choice among PHP developers; on the other hand, Zend is used to build large-scale web applications.

Well, this information about framework helps you to understand different scenarios in choosing the best one.