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Seven Reasons Behind the popularity of Symfony2 web application development Framework

PHP is certainly the best web application development technology used all over the world. It is a widely used open source platform for developing simple as well as complex web applications. However, with the increasing complexity of the web development process, developers have started making use of frameworks like Zend, CakePHP, Smarty and Symfony for simplifying their web application development process.

Seven Reasons Behind the popularity of Symfony 2 web application development Framework

Among these frameworks, Symfony is one such popular web application framework written in PHP which follows the MVC web application development pattern. It provides an architecture, components and wide verities of tools to build complex web applications faster by minimizing repetitive coding task. Here, are some most important reasons behind the popularity of Symfony2.

1. Flexible:

It is a very flexible and adaptable framework. Symfony2 follows advanced OOPS architecture, so it is easy to develop and implement it in any project. Moreover, it provides flexibility to include only selected features based on your business requirements.

2. Time Saving and Cost effective:

Symfony 2 offers the reusable component that helps to carry out some of the most common tasks. This helps you to reduce the development cost. It is certainly cost effective and time-saving, as it reduced overhead costs and the time for developing websites and web applications.

3. Easy Upgrades and great Support:

Symfony2 is easy to upgrade, allowing users to the advantage of the bug fixes, enhancement and new features. It also offers detailed documentation feature available along with active development and support community.

4. Ease of Debugging:

Symfony2 offers fast and effective debug toolbar which presents all the information required for easy debugging. The powerful, extensible toolbar and an integrated profiler offered by Symfony2 makes this PHP framework one of the fastest web application development frameworks.

5. An easy Testing process:

Symfony2 allows easy testing of any web applications. In this framework, unit testing is very easy. It also offers the first layer of functional testing by simulating HTTP requests and examining the output, as you do not require to write any script by using any testing tools. Moreover, in Symfony 2, developers don’t need to spend their time in manual testing.

6. Provide Ease of Deployment:

Symfony2 makes deployment real fast and effective. This helps you, as you don’t need to waste time and energy for manual deployments, as this framework natively supports separate configuration for different web application development stages like Development, Staging and Production.

7. Performance:

Symfony2 is fast and it also takes very less memory in your system. It is certainly much faster than its predecessor.

Thus, the above given points show that Symfony2 is the best platform for PHP web application development. This version offers an excellent opportunity to businesses and enterprises to develop effective web applications. Thus, it is highly reliable MVC supported framework which is apt to build dynamic web applications for different business organizations.

There are a lot of companies that offers Symfony development services, so make sure you hire the best one at the earliest and get a perfect web solution for your business.