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Some Awesome Facts about PHP7

After the not so appealing PHP 6, it’s finally the time for a revamped and a new version of the web development framework. PHP 7 is what its creators call it. PHP 7 is the most awaited version of the PHP framework after the debacle of PHP 6, the version that was unable to win the hearts of the users or developers. Speculations are around about the release of the new framework in the very near future. It is said that the version is completely ready with its awesome set of features and is just awaiting its release to go on air. The version 7 is expected to raise the bar of PHP web development process and make it really easy for the developers.

PHP Web Development

However, as heard from the resources recently following are said to be some of the magnificent features that PHP7 would encapsulate for betterment of PHP web development.

High Performance
Just as expected with every new software or version release of an existing software, better performance is what PHP 7 is expected to get for its users. PHP 7 is based on PHPNG or PHP Next-Gen project which ultimately aims to speed up the PHP applications. All that the users are required to do is to upgrade to the new PHPNG to get maximum performance outputs without any code addition. As the performance of the PHP improves, the speed of yielding results through PHP also increases.

JIT Engine or Just In Time Engine
It was absolutely for this reason that the new PHPNG has been developed. The purpose is to implement the JIT engine for dynamically compiling the Zend opcodes into native machine code. This would enhance the speed of code compilation and execution. Therefore, speed of implementing the code is drastically improved thereby enabling for faster development processes.

Abstract Syntax Tree
Abstract syntax tree is meant to be an intermediary step in the compilation process of PHP. This is said to enhance the speed of PHP further with more optimizations done to the compilation and code execution process. However, in the times to come, AST is expected to be exposed to other PHP extensions as well that could open opportunity for more interesting tools like static code analyzers for the users to utilize for better results with PHP.

Asynchronous Programming
Asynchronous programming takes care of event handling which is related to the input-output operations or other tasks that may be going in parallel like file access, database operations, timers and much more. This feature would push up the PHP performance to an extremely new level by allowing the future PHP versions to easily implement the execution of multiple tasks in a parallel fashion.

Spaceship Operator, Declarations & Scalar Types
The PHP 7 has introduced a new operator similar to TIE fighter. This operator allows for three-way combined comparisons and specifically for string sorting. It is very much similar to strcmp and version_compare functions but the difference is this can be used for all generic values of PHP with the similar semantics. The developers will now be able to declare the return type of the function. The return type declarations will support the new scalar types like int, string, bool etc. With this user can declare what type of data he/she is expecting as output.

So, there are a few really awesome features that the developers can expect to get from PHP 7. This upcoming version of the PHP framework is expected to elevate the levels of PHP web development process thereby reducing the efforts of the developers while cutting down the time delays occurring in the compiling and execution processes.