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Successful Mobile App Development and Launch Tips for Businesses

Mobile apps are important entities for businesses these days in order to build a brand rapport with maximum target audience and to survive in the tough competition. Mobile application development and launching can be a costly affair with lot of time and efforts required to invest by the firm. However, if planned and executed correctly with wise decisions taken on the basis of factors like risk assessment, investment and app launch, application development process would not cost heavily on one’s start-up firm and would reap the best possible results for the business success.

Mobile Application Development

Here are the three important things that are crucial for developing a successful mobile application development and launch strategy for your business.

1. Minimum Viable Product or MVP

  • MVP for Market Research
    You should initially strive to build the least possible semblance of your app which would contain maximum required features to test your app in real time. It would not be an entire product but just a workable proof to show your audience what it would actually do. Instead of opting for complete development of mobile app from start to finish, it is always better to go with minimum viable product in order to reduce expenditure and efforts spent on it.
  • Concept Validation
    Validating your concept of app with MVP would provide you with immunity against the cases of worst failures. For example, just imagine that you spent lots of money for your development of your mobile app but at last found that there is no good market demand for it. It would just be the failure of your app development strategy. Hence, go for MVP strategy for protection against sharp failures.
  • Easy Funding with MVP
    With MVP, you will be liable to secure minimum funds for your app development project, because this will give a basic idea of your product and demonstrate your seriousness towards it. It will build trust for your investors and will showcase the soundness of your app.
  • Development Costs
    Building a MVP would cost you very much less in fact only half of the costs that you would require to spend on the whole mobile app design and development process.

2. Minimum Marketable Product or MMP

  • MMP with Relevant Features and Reduce Time to Market
    Initially you can opt to develop only the minimum marketable product with most relevant features that allows for rapid launch of your product and let users try your product. This is a good method to start making money off your product at initial stage. It will also reduce time to market of your product so that you can release your product earlier for better profits.
  • Costs of Development
    Developing a MMP would require spending much lesser budget on your app that a full-fledged app. Costs of development would be less with both MVP and MMP, but here you need to understand basic difference between these two. While MVP is ready to launch product in test geography, MMP represents a viable product ready to be released in target geography.

3. Ready to launch App Strategy

At this stage you are developing an entire product which is almost ready to get launched with full-fledged features. By this time, you would have released the beta version and would have good market and users to go for launch. Here you would have an app which is ready to be deployed in the app store for your target audience. Cost of development will be dependent on various factors like platform of the app, mobile app design, development, testing etc. Prices will be different for different use cases, but developing an entire app would definitely cost you more as compared to the minimum viable products.

Then what do you think is the best way to go for mobile app development and launch?

As you initially start up with minimum viable product you will have an opportunity to do market research and experiment your product with your target audience. Here you will be able to showcase your app for feedback and get a real-time perspective of your target audience regarding your app and its performance. You will be able to do this all before you commit to full-scale app development.

But, by the time, when you are launching a minimum marketable product, your product would have already hit the market and your initial target audience that would have initially shown some interest towards your product would now show some involvement in it with their feedback and suggestions about new features or any changes required.

This way you can plan out and go for a successful mobile application development and launch strategy for your business without any failures or loss.