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Symfony – The Heartthrob of PHP Web Development

PHP being an evergreen language to develop scalable and secured websites and web applications, new frameworks keep emerging out to make the modern development even advanced, so as to suit specific business needs. There are a lot of PHP frameworks today, including Zend, CakePHP, CodeIgniter, and the list goes on, out of which Symfony is becoming the new anthem for PHP developers. Not only for developers, but it is also becoming the favorite of business owners. Of course, there are a lot of reasons behind this increased popularity is such short span. Symfony web development has long list of advantages.

Symfony Application Development

Businesses like Symfony framework out of all the other PHP frameworks out there in market, because of its compatibility with business libraries, infrastructure, platforms and methods. They like it because it provides the projects which can be maintained for long time. Who doesn’t like high quality apps? The business owners have noticed the improvement in quality of applications. Moreover, Symfony applications are adaptable, so they quickly change as per the changing business needs; and the code can be re-used too! The last but not the least, it is open source and free; thus bringing in significant amount of benefits to the software development process of any and every business. Now that you know why business owners like Symfony, it is time to know why it is the favorite of PHP developers too. So, let us take a look at the benefits of Symfony framework for developers.

Developers like Symfony because of its outstanding flexibility. It is completely configurable and adaptable. It lets you develop apps by incorporating all the functionalities that you need. Also, developers can add those functionalities one by one as needed, as it works like brick by brick framework. Moreover, Symfony has wide set of command line tools which can be used in the development and management. In addition to that, if a new feature has to be added into the framework, it can be done using a plug-in, so that it can be used in another project later on, which saves immense amount of time and efforts. Apart from all these, it has got extensive cache system.

Of course, people are greedy about the web application that performs well. In this modern world, where performance optimization of apps is a big deal, Symfony can build apps that perform well.  Moreover, Symfony is one of the most sustainable and stable frameworks. Also, it is expandable and it has a large community for support when it comes to the security related issues. Because of good documentation and best in built web practices, it is extremely easy to use, thus being an ideal choice for the novice PHP web application developers.

Now that you are aware of the benefits of Symfony development, it is advisable for you to choose Symfony for your business website or application, so as to get all your business requirements fulfilled and add wings to your business to take it to the next level at the earliest!