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Swift 3.0 Empowers Apple to step in the world of Linux!

Ted Kremenek, Senior Manager, Languages, and Runtimes at Apple said, “With the diverse ecosystem, either working on servers or applications, we want swift for everyone. Swift 3.0 is a big update since swift went on Linux platform.” You might have read my previous article– ABCs of Swift Programming language. So now you can have the […]

Top 6 Benefits Of Hiring An Experienced iPhone App Development Company For Your Business

With the continuous releases and updates that iOS development is making into this world, it is clearly visible that it is putting in all the efforts to attain new heights in this mobile application development world, thus celebrating its success. As the importance, popularity and use of iPhone apps is increasing, it is becoming the […]

10 iPhone Facts You Didn’t Know About

iPhone is without a doubt the most popular smartphone today. It did rise to popularity very quickly and is the most desirable smartphone in the mobile market. Ever since it’s inception, iPhone has been steadily growing and gaining more and more traction. Checkout some stunning facts about iPhone here: