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How To Analyze Usability Before Mobile App Development?

Mobile apps are now talk of the town. Everyone seems to be talking about advantages and loopholes of apps. A Research conducted in the US says that in America 86% of mobile usage time is spent totally on mobile apps. They have also predicted that the usage may increase from 1 to 2 percent every […]

Count On Content As An Undeniable App Marketing Strategy

Amidst millions of applications in app store or play store, how does the visibility of an application sound to you? Unquestionably, you will. We have almost all type of application solutions in app store. Though, innovation and brand-new ideas are keeping app development companies busy like never before. At a present, visibility of your application […]

Best Mobile App Development Tips to Lure Users

Entrepreneurs, these days, are moving beyond building responsive design of their websites. They have started introducing applications, which actually add extra points to their bottom lines. However, this entire process of successful mobile app development is easier said than done. The success of an app solely depends on its simplicity, uniqueness, engagement, authenticity, and usability. […]

Why Mobile Apps Fail and How to Revert Them to Success?

The recent Gartner research suggests the mobile app downloads shall hit up to 270 billion mark by 2017. This clearly indicates the mobile shift in the present era where users prefer mobile apps for almost everything whether it is entertainment, shopping or information search. The demand for apps is rising at the alarming rate with […]

Beguiling Facts about What makes Mobile Apps go Viral

‘Mobile’ is the most acknowledged word of the modern times where the smartphones and tablets count on to be the bestselling devices. Today, everything is going mobile right from daily use products to computers, clothing to eateries and all this is because of the mobile apps that allow customers to get or buy whatever they […]

Design Plays A Significant Role In Mobile Application Development – Infographic

In this mobile app age, where thousands of applications are getting downloaded each day; thousands of apps are getting deleted as well, because of the bad user experience. The success or the failure of a mobile application depends upon the design of the app. When it comes to design, it is not always how attractive […]