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Enhancing Mobile App’s Usability: An Investigation

Your mobile app is ready. Your development team has done a commendable job. Your marketing team was amazing with the herculean task of promotion and advertising. And yet, when it comes to attracting users, you are outplayed by your competitors. Design, development, promotion, marketing, are very important for the mobile app. But they are of […]

Insider’s Guide for Businesses to Gain Maximum Profits from Mobile Apps

Mobile is BIG. Yes, you heard it right. The recent figures about mobile usage and subscriptions have revealed the immensely growing popularity of the smartphones and mobile apps in today’s scenario. According to a forecast in Ericsson’s Mobility Report 2016, the worldwide mobile subscriptions shall take up a huge form by 2021. Nearly 6.4 billion […]

Mobile Apps Development to fuel success for local businesses

Smartphones hit the market and changed everything. The devices are affordable and data plans are cost effective. A slew of devices powered with great data plans made it even convenient for businesses to interact with customers on a 24/7 basis. All that said, mobile application development has evolved and has given businesses the right tools […]

SiteKey: Adding Security M-Banking through Mobile Application Development

Banks are turning towards mobile application development to offer advanced banking services to their customers. As banks leverage the level of security, users need not worry about the malwares and online phishing acts. This blog talks about the role of mobile applications in banking sector. It also includes the description of Sitekey method of incorporating security for mobile banking.