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PHP web development Framework You Simply Can’t Avoid in 2017

All most, the majority of the business ventures have got their hands on digital transformation through the web or mobile app development. Those who haven’t started establishing the online presence of business yet, they are simply out of the game of digital revolution. Well, to observe IT enhancement with automated processes and personalized experience, you […]

Is PHP Still A Better Option for The Businesses for Their Web Development Needs?

In today’s world, where every business is competing hard to drive maximum profits and sales for their business with the help of latest technologies available, PHP is thought to be losing its fame. There are so many platforms or technologies like Java, HTML, Flash websites etc., available for the businesses these days to opt for […]

PHP Web Development And Performance

PHP powers millions of websites on the internet today. It is the most dynamic and versatile web development language. But is PHP performing well in the fierce competition that drives the web world today? Let’s find out: Not The Fastest That’s right, PHP is not the fastest known language. But, pure speed is not the […]