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The ABCs of Swift Programming language

Everyone can code! Is it possible? A kid can also code! So many questions come to mind when we hear this statement? I reacted the same way as you might be thinking to say. But Apple has proved it. Tynker, a provider of STEM education platform shook hands with Apple for a new game based coding education to empower kids to code. And together they came up with Space cadet and Dragon Spells courses. These courses enable students to solve puzzles related to coding and they can create projects also with Swift programming language and Tinker’s visual code blocks.

Swift is not an instant baby! In 2010, Swift language’s originator Chris Lattner found out that LLVM ( Low-Level Virtual Machine ) compiler could not support more features of Objective-C, He began working on new kind of programming language – Swift!

Swift programming language

According to Apple,

Swift is the first programming language as per the industrial quality systems and it is like a scripting language – expressive and enjoyable.

Mr. Lattner said that Swift is a product of continuous efforts of a team which includes language and document experts, compilation professionals and the feedback provider group. The experience gained from Objective-C, Rust, Ruby, Python, C# etc. was orchestrated to form one language.

Swift is developed By Apple Inc. for its iOS, MacOS, tvOS and Linux environments. It is designed to work with Apple’s Cocoa and Cocoa Touch Frameworks and Objective-C code is written for products.

Swift will give you many more reasons to adopt it as a key programming language.

If you have an idea of Objective-C, learning swift is an easier task for you.

Objective-C is the foundation of Swift. So the Apple developers don’t have to unlearn Objective-C and learn Swift. Objective-C has provided a direction towards object oriented programming and Swift is lifting it upwards.

Swift programming is enabled in XCode.

XCode- Apple’s integrated work environment for programming is available for Swift also. Its programming kit will work the same way for Swift. The developers who work in OS X and Xcode, the transition to Swift would be smoother. Xcode is free but only one problem is that it works only on MacOS X.

Swift works for all Apple devices.

If you are a developer of Apple devices like Mac, iPad, iPhone, iPad or Apple watch, a combination of Swift and Xcode is the winner for you. But if it’s not working for you on one platform, for other platforms also, you have to work hard.

Swift’s playground effect adds a feather in the Hat!

Swift ‘Playground’ provides you with the output of your code without having to compile or debugging it, the output will be directly seen from your browser. Swift Playground is a document which provides an interactive step by step debugging experience to the developers. It can be created as a standalone document within the existing Xcode environment of the project.

Swift sandbox makes it a great learning tool.

Swift sandbox is an interactive website which takes the swift code and on top of Linux, it executes the code in the server environment. Swift still uses compile and link type of programming structure, but it is now advanced with sandbox kind of tools also. Without Sandbox, also swift has a power to provide feedbacks to the developers while they are writing a code.

IOS Programming Development

Objective-C and Swift can be mixed to develop an application.

The advantage is that you can take your time to shift to Swift while working in Objective-C. Modules which are developed in Object-c can be directly used in Swift programming language.

Objective-C libraries aren’t changed for Swift.

Swift has all access to Objective-C hardware supported libraries. The library structure has been kept intact.

Swift is continuously evolving.

Nobody likes to work in an environment which has bugs. Within a short time span, Apple released Swift 2.0 which eliminated all the bugs of the first version. Now Swift 3.0 is also released. Apple is taking each and every step to make Swift a big success!

Swift’s Linux availability directs it towards platform independence.

Swift 3.0 is now ready for Linux. Apple’s programming languages incorporated with Linux will make it more reliable and platform independence can be seamlessly achieved. If Xcode will also be available for Linux, then nothing would be better than that.

Swift 2.0 is an open source programming language.

Swift will no longer be restricted to Apple. There will be like a whole swift community. Currently, Swift is OS x, iOS and Linux compatible, Microsoft also is planning to release the versions for Android and windows for the open source community.


Swift incorporates all Objective-C features and library access. Swift is an open source programming language with Sandbox and Playground kind of tools. Apple provides continuous updates for Swift programming language. It is easy and enjoyable, that is why Tynker has partnered with Apple for encouraging kids to do coding. Swift is like a tortoise from a story of Hare and a tortoise. Slowly but steadily, it will win the race.

To learn about Swift 3.0, keep looking for our next blog!