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The Modern Schools Have Gone Mobile – Has Your School Too?

It’s raining mobile apps everywhere! Yes, everyone wants to have mobile apps in this mobile friendly era. Every business and industrial sector is adopting the mobile-first strategy in order to get ahead of the fierce competition. So, why should educational institutes and schools be an exception to this? Education industry is already realizing the invaluable benefits of the mobile technology adoption with easy mobile learning, online teaching and easy availability of tutorials right from the mobile devices. So now, it’s high time for the schools to catch up with the mobile trend and opt for the development of mobile apps of their own in order to promote better parent-teacher-student communication and efficient learning and school management processes.

Invaluable Benefits of Mobile Apps for Schools

Mobile apps for schools can offer number of new, interesting features, which would be beneficial for these educational institutions in number of ways.So, if you run a school and unaware of the benefits mobile apps can give to your school, read out this article for a better idea.

• Easy & Cost Effective Way to communicate School and Student Information to Parents

School mobile apps can be very helpful in communicating any updates about the student or school events and activities like any festival celebrations, school trips, student exam reports etc., to the parents. They reduce the efforts of the staff as well as costs invested in paper work to be done for the purpose. School staff can easily drop out a group message on these mobile apps without having to waste time in making unnecessary phone calls to each and every parent. They will remove financial costs of paper newsletters.

• Easy Communication between the School Management, Students, Teachers and Parents

When schools opt for mobile app development, they literally open up the channels of communication so that parents, students, management and teachers can exchange information effectively. It promotes clear and timely sharing of information between schools, students and their parents and thus, enables efficient and cohesive education mechanism.

• Arranging Appointments

School staff can easily and quickly arrange appointments with parents of the students without having to invest time in making repeated phone calls. They do not have to struggle to reach out to the parents at their convenient time to arrange meetings with them. They can just send out a message on the app with all the details of the meeting and their task will be done.

• Easy Way to Handle/Process Holiday/Leave Requests

Communicating about the holiday or leave request could be very ease through mobile applications. Schools management can easily intimate students about any unexpected holiday declared for the school in case of awkward situations in the city or region. Moreover, even the parents would not have to prepare physical notes to request for leave in case their child had fallen sick or would not be able to attend school in any undesired circumstance. All they need is to drop a message to the staff with clear information communicated.

• Online Payment Facility

Apps may also allow parents to make online payments for their child’s school trips, lunch meals or semester fees right from their mobile device or while on the go. This would reduce the delay in making the payment and moreover add convenience to make payments without having to travel all the way long to the school for making payments.

• Unify Communications across devices with cross platform apps

Schools can go for cross-platform app which can enable parents, students and management to access the school app from any mobile device. It would foster improved and effective communication with clear and timely information sharing between school management, teachers and parents.

Hence, with so many awesome features to support, mobile apps can be very useful to schools and the entire school community including students, parents, management and teachers. They can even be customized to meet the specific needs of a particular school. All that the schools are required to do is to find expert mobile app developers who can craft out their ideas into reality.