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‘Things To Consider’ During Web Application Development In 2016

You can be a pioneer and still not win a game in that field! It is completely normal, if you are not updated! Success says, it needs the combination of clear understanding of industry, past relevant experience and adherence to the latest tools, trends and technologies. Fair enough!

Web Application Development

The concept of building apps and cooking a dish goes hand in hand. If chef gives you a recipe for a dish, you will follow the same process, but will need to make changes in some ingredients as per your taste. In the same way, the basis web application development process can be the same, but you will need to make modifications in designs and functionalities as per your requirements.

Everyone knows the basic process of build a web app which goes from analyzing the requirements, designing and developing to testing, deploying and marketing. Well, this post will not about the basic process, nor it is the list out the trends like any other web apps trends article. It brings you some of the most important things to keep in mind while building web app this year, so that you can beat the competitors and stay on the top.


  • Minimalism: The concept of minimalism refers to keeping only the necessary elements on the page. One of the most important benefits of this concept is that, it reduces the loading time of that page, which is extremely important.
  • Flat design: When it comes to mobile applications, you might have seen the latest versions of Android and iOS. They adopted the flat design, and so should you! It gives fresh, clean and modern look to users.
  • Bright colors: As minimalism and neat web applications are in trend, it has been observed that users like the web apps that have got combination of bright colors. However, don’t overdo it!
  • Single page apps: It has also been noted that users like to scroll more than to click, which is exactly why people are fond of single page apps.
  • Animation: Animation plays a major role in attracting users and engaging them into the web apps; whether it is during the process of loading, or confirming the success of an action or somewhere in the menu.


As you know the number of mobile users is increasing, you might need to build a mobile app any time soon. So, make sure you build your web app in such a way that when you build mobile app, the design remains the same and it looks as if it was designed initially for mobile only. So, make sure it is responsive, with easy to tap buttons, easy navigation and well presented information.

Apart from the above mentioned things, don’t forget about security and Internet of Things! Now that you are aware of some of the most important things to keep in mind when developing web application for business, it is advisable for to put the above mentioned tips into practice and get the most out of it!