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Top 5 Good Habits for PHP Programming

PHP, one of the best languages to build websites and web applications has been widely used across the world since quite a long time. However, with time, the language is getting advanced and you must make the most out of it for the quicker and better development. Although, in the early days, PHP was limited to procedural code, the programmers need to use object oriented characteristics into the PHP code. If you are not keeping OO principles in mind while building the applications, here you will get some of the best programming habits which will help you bridge the gap between procedural programming and OO programming.

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Here are some of the good habits for better PHP programming that every developer needs to follow.

1. Be a good neighbor: One of the good programming habits is to package all the classes in such a format that it can be understood easily by caller and class should also be able to handle errors properly. Moreover, in the state of null, it is always a wise idea to return the object. So, if you don’t want to waste your time, you must throw specific exceptions and verify arguments, so as to prove that the supplied arguments are invalid.

2. Embrace the weakest links: Loosely coupled modules will help you to encapsulate change. So, make sure you work towards coupling your modules loosely, as this habit will help you to lower the class dependencies. So, loose coupling between objects is one of the best PHP programming habits.

3. Stick to the family: When it comes to OO language, one of the worst programming habits is the copy paste operations. Nothing can create more chaos than copying code from one file to another. So, whenever you feel like copying the code, you must think about class hierarchies to get similar functionality. In short, it is not a good idea to copy code; you should always leverage inheritance.

4. Avoid the medusa: The programmers who are new to PHP certainly are not aware of the importance of interfaces. However, the experienced professionals know how important it is to use interface. According to Greek Mythology, the one who looked into the eyes of medusa (Greek Goddess with snakes for hair) directly would turn into stone. So, not using interfaces will be like looking into the eyes of medusa.

5. Be modest: When you are asked to be modest, it means you should hide your implementation information and not expose in functions and classes implementation. This will also know as encapsulation. Shortly, exposing public fields is bad habit and using public assessors is good one.

Now that you are aware of some of the good habits for PHP programming, you must share these with the professionals working in the PHP development company that you hire, so that even they get to know about it and ask them to put these into practice, so as to develop PHP web applications quickly and easily. This will ultimately benefit you, as PHP developer will build the best possible website or app for your business.