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Top 5 Ineludible Benefits Of PHP- Loosely Typed Language

Programming languages are of two types- loosely typed and strongly typed depending on the variable declared initially or dynamically. In the state of utter confusion? Here’s the answer…

Top 5 Ineludible Benefits Of PHP- Loosely Typed Language

When programming script run, variable declaration is done where variable name, type and size is defined. In strongly typed programming languages like Java and C#, the variable declaration is done initially and variable’s value or type cannot be changed later. Instead, in loosely typed languages like PHP neither there is any need to define variable nor to specify the data value to be stored in it.

The loosely typed programming languages are considered as good for many reasons. During the execution of program, one can create new variables, change their names or the value/type assigned to them. The flexibility is add-on for the programmers and at the same time upsurge the popularity of PHP development.

Let’s breeze through the goldmine of benefits that PHP as a loosely typed language provides:

1) A Great length of flexibility

While building complex applications or dynamic apps, the variables cannot be enforced to a data type because the actions to be carried out by the dynamic application depends upon the type and value of the variable which is unknown. That’s where loosely typed language PHP is of great value. Having no restriction on data type offers optimum flexibility in complex programs.

2) Play with the code

The abundant flexibility let the programmers try out and do the experiment with PHP programming. There is a huge scope of experimentation where developers get to learn a lot more about PHP development and know how to deal with the challenges encountered.

3) Freedom of programming

There is a little opportunity programmers would have if the programming language follow pre-defined set of rules and basic standards. In PHP app development, programmers would have complete liberty over how to use the language where they can create their own programming rules and using trial and error method, hit the success.

4) Write error-free codes

Just the way every coin has two faces, the loosely typed language is good for dynamic app development, but at the same it proves to be disastrous, if programmer without having better knowledge of data typing, starts trying his hands on loosely typed programming language. Programmers can ensure error free coding by handling the variables carefully or writing well-structured and properly organized code.

5) Slash the development efforts

When programmers do not write codes for data type checking logic into function, then any data type to or from the functions can be passed, which saves a lot of time and efforts of developers as multiple values can be returned to or from the same function. Plus, the limit can be put on number of the functions to run the same logic with different data types and that eliminate the need to write repeated code.


Exploiting the benefits of PHP- loosely typed language, programmers can make the PHP web app development scalable. However, the loosely typed/weakly typed language has fair share of drawbacks or pose challenges that cannot be ignored. This is where the loosely typed language won’t work for the novice programmers to build and better handle the dynamic applications with complex coding. It’s good to gain experience first in strong typed language, then get started with PHP-loosely typed language.