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Ways to Utilize Symfony Framework

Symfony is one of the best present day PHP frameworks that allow for a better and organized way of web development. With thousands of code contributors, best practices available for standardization and last but not the least the incredible built-in components to support, Symfony PHP framework facilitates for the easy development of websites and web applications that are easily scalable and even easier to maintain.

Symfony Framework

One of the best ways to use this popular framework is to implement it for the development of business websites and applications. High performance business applications that can easily adapt to the changing business environment are possible to develop with Symfony. Moreover, when time is constraint for development for business applications, Symfony offers the solution. It allows reusability and re-testing of code and hence, minimizes the time for application development to a great extent.

Symfony is the best PHP framework used for development of open source projects and hence, is an ideal solution for developing projects for businesses irrespective of their size. Yes, Symfony framework development for creation of business applications or websites can profit both small as well as large-scale organizations because the costs of development are less and moreover the framework offers incredible features and full stack framework support to help for the development of efficient and customized business solutions.

One of the better ways to utilize Symfony is to use its components. One can easily integrate or use these components in their applications independently from the framework. Some of these are BrowserKit, ClassLoader, Config, Dependency Injection, Debug, EventDispatcher, Security, Templating, HttpKernel etc. Yes, one can make use of these Symfony framework components to enhance or customize the functionality of their web applications or websites. Talking about the components these when installed in PHP projects will enhance the efficiency of the projects to a great extent. Many popular projects like Drupal, phpBB, laravel, Joomla, Composer, Magento and many more are utilizing the components of this best PHP framework to enhance their core value and functionalities.

With Symfony and its variants like Symfony2 and Symfony Full Stack, one can efficiently develop open source PHP based ecommerce solutions and also the simple, single micro framework applications.

Symfony is just the right framework to use for development of complex web applications where using only simple PHP is not appropriate. For example, consider the website containing only a few pages. Developing such a website with PHP would not be a problem. But when you are developing a dynamic website with nearly 100 pages then simple PHP would not be as efficient as Symfony framework.

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Compared to flat PHP development, Symfony offers better ways to refactor and organize the code. It thus helps in faster and better development of software applications. It gives developers better control over the configuration of their applications. Its really easy developing robust enterprise level applications with this PHP framework where it is possible to customize everything right from the directory structure to the foreign libraries. Testing, debugging and documenting software projects can be done efficiently with this software development tool that gives great benefits to the organizations.