GMI today announced the adoption of the latest Symfony 2.3.2 version for scalable and robust Symfony application development to accelerate the creation and maintenance of the web applications by replacing the repetitive coding tasks. The company firmly believes that Symfony development services complies with the latest development standards and also simplifies integrating and interfacing the application with the rest of the information system to help the client’s with the cutting-edge web applications using Symfony development.

Symfony is a robust web application framework written in PHP which supports Model-View-Controller paradigm and gives the Symfony developers a full control over the configuration to build robust applications in an enterprise context. Symfony have a very large community support and contribution to libraries and also follows a bundle structure which helps in effective utilizing of packages; improves reusability and more managed end-to-end solution. Also, Fabien Potencier and SensioLabs, the founder of Symfony Framework have started a new initiative to foster further development of Symfony community and also commented on Symfony 2.4 version which stated that the work can now start on Symfony 2.4 version soon.

The Symfony 2.3.2 Framework features include:
– Improved synchronized services
– Advanced CSS selector components
– Enhancement into internalization support
– New comparison validate classes
– Form processors for better implementation
– Ability to log fatal error in the production environment
– Fixed client implementation to return the right responses
– Improvised security and performance improvements

The Symfony 2.3.2 Framework Development Business benefits include:
– Prompt launch of the web solutions
– Reliability and robustness of the Symfony solutions
– Cross-platform interoperability of Symfony applications
– Quick response to market changes and client’s demands due to Symfony high-scalability
– Reduced operational costs

Mr. Chintan Shah, CEO of GMI said, “we hope with the adoption of Symfony2 will mark a new beginning of Symfony era for Symfony applications and will bring a huge business landscape full of great opportunities for web development companies to deliver the flexible web solutions for startup firms to global enterprises.”

GMI have built many large scale enterprise applications for various functional domains like finance, advertising, education, retail, social networking etc. with very large number of users and traffic and have broadened our Symfony portfolio from Symfony 1.0 to the recent Symfony 2.3.2 with successful delivery of robust and high quality web solutions for some of our clients worldwide. To name a few, we have worked on Symfony 2.3.2 projects like Valuecompass, CounselEdge, ThingsFolio, Ennovent, Vois, SaleServant, PCG (Peter Capital Group) etc. and have developed rich web solutions using Symfony 2.3.2 which addresses various challenges such as incorporating web usability principles for enhancing user experience, security of user transactional data, synchronization with third-party back-end system various enhancements etc. for quick and rapid application development.

With the current demand from businesses for highly scalable and reliable web solutions, GMI is now more focused in building applications using Symfony 2.3.2 in a structured manner for quick and fast application development and to help the client’s to make their business operations more agile and customer centric. GMI with its rich experience and proven expertise in various PHP frameworks has become the preferred choice for customized Symfony application development and you have the flexibility to hire Symfony developers for developing flexible solutions while achieving full client satisfaction.

About Grey Matter India 
GMI is a global information technology solutions company offering progressive end-to-end software development, mobile application development, enterprise portal development, web application development, e-commerce development, enterprise mobility, testing, data & analytic consulting solutions by combining our business domain experience, technical expertise, profound knowledge of the latest industry trends and quality driven delivery models. A company globally recognized for its comprehensive portfolio of services and a strategic approach in delivering innovation, GMI has 14,00 employees serving clients in more than 80 countries. For more information, please visit www.greymatterindia.com.



Peter Smith
Grey Matter India
+1 631-897-7276

GMI is an offshoot of leading and eminent Software Development Company. Its roots are well penetrated in the current market. It has broad client base in the industry. With the complete infrastructural facilities for the web application development, GMI provides the best service to its customers. Individuals can find testing and maintenance facilities under one roof. GMI has a big team of web application developers who are exclusively working oncustom web application development. The best breed of programmers working on web application development is an integral part of this web application development company. Having extensive experience in their field, web application developers India, at GMI, can develop web applications at any scale. more »

Mumbai – January 2008

GMI Launches Total Toolbar Deskband

Total Toolbar, better then ever.

So What’s The Latest Buzz? GMI, always striving to go the extra mile, has launched….. Total Toolbar Deskband

There are no surprises, as usual some extra effort to bring you the DeskBand with Dynamic Skins, Plug-ins, and Customizable SDK.

The specials on the plate this time is the dynamically called Data from XML, Unbelievable Search box features, Multiple search engine options, Easily Drag & Drop Files, Folders and URLs Shortcuts, The very desired Popup Blocker, Third party Plug-in display, the very essential Auto Update/ Upgrade and login, and very prayed for support plug-ins such as YouTube and eBay. more »

Mumbai – October 2008

GMI Launches Skinnable Advanced Toolbar

Pulling your hair trying to recollect the cool site that you saw?

Struggling with managing favorite URLs?


The specials on the plate this time is the dynamically called Data from XML, Unbelievable Search box features, Multiple search engine options, Easily Drag & Drop Files, Folders and URLs Shortcuts, The very desired Popup Blocker, Third party Plug-in display, the very essential Auto Update/ Upgrade and login, and very prayed for support plug-ins such as YouTube and eBay. more »

Offshore developers in India are now in demand for their cost-effective services that meet client requirements all over the world. Most of the offshore application developers and offshore mobile application developers in India have been successful in serving the global needs of software designing and development. GMI has created its identity as one of the successful offshore developers in India. GMI’s offshore application developers are with high skills and expertise. Their good knowledge of domain is the key factor to attract major projects and offshore developers in India as well. more »

Social networking boom in the internet market has brought forward many companies to take a stand as social networking developer. Likewise, GMI has launched their service into the social networking development, to once again prove their potential as one of the best service providers across the globe. They have been reported to have specialized development team forsocial network development. Social network developers at GMI are experts and capable for providing solutions to almost every problem. more »

After its magnificent products, GMI, web application development company in collaboration with Crafitti consulting has launched yet another exclusive product called SocialCitNet. This is one of the unique products, which, by utilizing knowledge hidden in citation information, introduces a new approach to search patent databases and to develop and analyze technologylandscapes. more »

Grey Matter India Technologies, launches Vendor Management System for establishing the proper online communication channels and information flows between manufacturers and suppliers. What makes Vendor Management System special is its three-way support between manufacturer, Vendor, and within its own organization. “Our Vendor Management Services can lead to increased efficiencies, reduced costs and better customer service” says Mr. Chintan Shah, head of GMI. more »

Mumbai – Jan 2008 GMI announced its ODCs as centre of excellence for web 2.0

Going with the market trend, GMI has announced that all the applications developed by it would be rich in web 2.0 platforms. It includes all the following domain areas. more »

Grey Matter India, A Leading Web Application company to pioneer in Android application development has planned to serve the world with its mobile application development service. Mobile application developers at GMI have expertise in delivering successful wireless application on committed time. GMI head Chintan Shah says “While the world of Mobile solutions introduces new facets to the application design and development process, our expertise in the mobile application development predecessor technology strategically positions GMI as a formidable mobile solutions provider.” more »

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