10 Key Practices To Enhance Your Shopping Cart

You must think like a customer during Magento eCommerce development! When online shoppers browse through your online store, they come across a lot of products they wish to purchase and then add them into cart. It is quite possible they add some extra products into the cart, but then end up buying only a few of them or may be none. After adding all the products to cart when the shopper reaches to the shopping cart page, his anxiety level reaches at the peak.

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This is the point where he will start thinking if he should spend all the hard earned money into the things he added into the cart. Well, in order not to distract his mind and to make him click on ‘Order Now’, you must make him realize that the products he had added to cart are worthy buying and that he is getting a reasonable deal. Also, he should feel a sense of security and satisfaction at the end. To achieve all these, you must put into practice the following elements in the shopping cart.

1. Neat and clean design: Nothing can annoy customers more than a cluttered cart that is extremely difficult to understand. Keep the design simple and clear. Make sure the check out button is clearly visible.

2. Security seal: It is advisable to keep the security seal on the cart page in such a way that customers can see it clearly. This will boost up their confidence and they will trust you even more.

3. Up-sells and cross-sells: Suggesting a superior product with more features that is little more expensive that what customer is buying is the best way to boost up your revenue. Also, in order to make more sales, you can recommend related products. So, upselling and cross selling are extremely important to increase sales and boost up the revenue.

4. One step guest check out: No one likes to fill up too many details to make a purchase. So, it would be great if you allow guest check out and finish up the process in one step.

5. Promo section: Make the use of promo codes easier on your shopping cart page.

6. Multiple payment and shipping options: One reason of the cart abandonment is non-suitable payment or shipping option. Make sure you keep multiple options when it comes to payment and shipping, so that it becomes feasible for everyone to shop from your store.

7. Mobile friendly: Make sure your shopping cart works well with mobile devices like smartphones and tablets, along with the desktops.

8. Ratings and testimonials: The shopping cart page should have ratings, reviews and testimonials for your products.

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9. Check out button at top and bottom: The check out button at the top as well as bottom of the cart page increases the chances of people clicking on it.

10. Cart editing: Let customers edit their cart easily. Let them add or delete products or change the quantity as per their requirement.

If you put into practice the above mentioned elements in your shopping cart, chances are too less that your customer will leave the cart without making the purchase.

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