Database Development Services

Database is a crucial element for any application. It is the place where the crucial data required for any application to perform is stored and maintained. At Grey Matter India, we provide customized database development services best inclined to the client needs. We have database experts who can help you streamline and manage your business processes with efficient database solutions. We can provide state-of-the-art database services for those entrepreneurs in Chicago whose requirement is to efficiently manage and secure their crucial business data.

Our database specialists can implement various technologies to provide cut-edge data management solutions for the enterprises. They can build user-friendly interface for enhanced retrieving, storage and manipulation of data as per client’s needs.

Our portfolio of custom database development services includes the following:

  • Customized Database Development
  • Database Designing Services
  • Database Integration and Conversion
  • Database Management and Administration
  • ASP Database Services
  • PHP Database Programming Services
  • Access Database Programming
  • Oracle Database Development
  • Database Maintenance and Support
  • Microsoft SQL Server Database Administration (DBA)

The DB experts at GMI have years of experience working with critical database systems including Oracle, MS SQL Server, MySQL, IBM DB2, PostGreSQL, RDBMS and Sybase. Our sophisticated database application development services ensure faster, scalable and highly efficient data management solutions for the entrepreneurial needs. We can also provide offshore services for our clients interested in hiring Oracle DBA, SQL DBA, and other database administrators for their crucial enterprise level data management objectives.

Database Development Processes at GMI

Easy access to information, faster data retrieval and consumption needs have evolved with digital improvements. At GMI, we have in-house database experts who can build processes to offer time and cost savings to our clients for the data management needs. Our processes include:

GMI’s processes for effective Database Development Services

  • Data Publishing: At GMI, we leverage our data publishing skills for creation of highly customized records quickly using the databases and templates.
  • Data enhancement: Here initially the sensitive business data is identified for use into business critical operations. Here the internal data is segmented using the statistical methods and the enhanced data is then updated in the database.
  • Data cleansing: It is the process of combining and refining the data extracted from various databases and updating it in the records for efficient and faster DB performance.

Custom database development at GMI is done with the following approach

  • Requirement Analysis: We understand the requirements of our clients and work with them closely in order align our services best with their needs. We develop scalable database applications by documenting all the analysis done for the project and also take our client’s approval at each and every stage before proceeding to other.
  • Design and functional specifications: At this stage, we design the basic architecture and define prototype best defining our client needs. We bring out a detailed design from agreed specifications as per client.
  • Implementation: Here a data source program inclined to the described requirements of the client is created. Customers can test prototypes during the process and provide reviews at different key levels.
  • Testing and Quality assurance: Quality is our first priority and hence, in order to ensure it at the best in our services we ensure thorough testing processes.
  • Deployment: Here our experts will determine the appropriate method for deployment of the project after ensuring the same from the client. This can be package deployment or whole business change program.
  • Support and Maintenance: We provide 24*7 services to support the needs of our clients irrespective of time and location factors. We put our efforts so that the client’s system is carefully managed and runs smoothly.

At GMI, we leverage our DB expertise so that our clients can concentrate on their core tasks without having to worry about the management of their business critical data.

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