Blackberry/RIM Application

Blackberry is synonymous to “Office on the Go’.  It has been a decade that enterprises blindly rely on this tiny device for almost all organizational activities.  To enhance your Blackberry experience even further, GMI brings Blackberry/RIM application development service.

Blackberry covers the entire business stripe. It has become a quintessential part of many corporate networks. Its live Push alerts and browser-based rich internet architecture forms its key features for success.

Blackberry RIM is a well designed platform that offers support to Java and WAP. Various versions of this operating system run on various Blackberry handsets. Although RIM Blackberry is based upon a closed platform, it has proven its ability by rescuing many organizations from daily hassles.  Its support from voice mail and document services alleviated limitations and provided flexibility of remaining connected wherever users are. It is one of the leaders in the smart phone industry.

Competing in the mobile market, Blackberry has also expanded its services from Office applications to entertainment applications for every smart phone users. More than that, Blackberry has also upgraded its platform for best user experience and accessibility to unique features that no other mobile platform would offer. Its latest BB 10 platform is set to release with some of the major competent features that may leave rest of the mobile platforms far behind.

Outflank Blackberry application development at GMI

At GMI, our developers understand the nuances of Blackberry platform. Understanding the user requirement and present market status, our developers always remain at par with technology. We upgrade ourselves with the latest RIM platform technologies and build right solutions using the latest Blackberry Java Development Environment (IDE). The IDE provides a complete set of tools and APIs simplifying the developers’ job and  enhancing client satisfaction by producing feature-rich applications.

We, at GMI, develop blackberry applications for individual clients and top-notch enterprises that want to gain maximum ROIs.  We develop high-speed and productive apps for individuals that need users to be connected to the business at all times. At GMI, we have a team of proficient developers who understand your business well and create an app beneficial for you in every way.

Our team of developers, designers and testers stay up to date with new RIM updates and OS versions, and incorporate novel techniques to help you win over your competitors. Our RIM developers constantly thrive to build triumphant apps, each time.

Our Blackberry portfolio and capability:

  • Business app for expense and time management  (includes reporting suite)
  • VOIP solutions for RIM phones
  • Communication and IM applications
  • Client/Server application development
  • ERP applications
  • B2C and B2B application development
  • Wireless entertainment/ game applications
  • Business Intelligence applications
  • CRM Applications
  • M-commerce applications
  • BlackBerry GPS solutions
  • Blackberry mobile banking applications
  • Migration of applications from J2ME to Blackberry and vice versa

RIM’s tablet app development

Tablet popularity won over a separate space for it. Today, tablet devices are popular than high-end laptops and computer. Following the trend, GMI led up tablet application development.

RIM being one of the leaders in tablet device manufacturing, we support application development for RIM tablets as well. RIM has not just won over the smart phone industry, but also the tablet industry. Its Playbook enjoyed success worldwide. Keeping up pace with the fast growing industry, we also develop unrivaled applications for RIM’s tablet. We understand the difference between smart phone and tablet hardware. Exploiting its full capability, we develop magnificent applications for RIM tablets.

End-to-End development at GMI

  • Rich experience in developing applications for Blackberry platform
  • Cater to diverse industries with professional enterprise solutions
  • Tailored solutions as per client requirements to help achieve desired business goal
  • Responsible for end-to-end development, applying effective practices and fast turnaround time
  • Hire resources at flexible package
  • 24*7 technical support available
  • Reasonable cost for quality development

Blackberry Play

BlackBerry smartphones are integrated with software that provides access to a variety of data and communication services. Email, phone, organizer, applications, games, the internet, a multi-media player and a camera are some of the cutting-edge features packaged into a sleek BlackBerry handset.

Keeping users’ demand in mind, Blackberry has moved beyond corporate. With apps like BBM entering the industry, BB is no more for black suits only. This gave us an urge to develop enticing BB apps for our users. Today, we are a company that knows in and out of RIM development.

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