With global economic rebounding, the emerging concept of financial service is changing—Customers are savvier, marketplace is extremely competitive and oversight is tightening. In such a scenario, the only prudent measure for survival is transforming your business architecture into a profit-generating, customer-adaptive arrangement.

We, at GMI, help financial service providers to gain efficient, innovative and effective financial domain solutions. We support virtualization. Through our deep-domain expertise, we develop solutions that mitigate risk, comply with regulations and open new earning opportunities for you and your customers.

We are specialists. We acquire a team of knowledgeable developers who closely work with financial service providers and understand every nuance that contributes to sustainability in the financial industry. Some of the top-notch clients have chosen us for our unrivaled financial portals design & development service.

Our portfolio and capability includes:

  • Financial portfolio management system
  • Financial control and reporting solutions
  • Integration of financial portals with trading platform
  • Asset and wealth management system
  • Operational fund accounting
  • Risk and compliance solutions suite
  • System for investment banking and brokerage
  • Financial community portal development
  • Accountancy website design development

Simplifying finance and earnings

We, at GMI, totally understand finance. Being leaders in the financial domain for many years now, we have seen drastic changes happen in this industry. Although the world is going through an economic downturn, finance opens new horizons. Traditional way of business certainly goes down; however, the contemporary earning methodologies may save cost and leverage your earnings.

We believe any time is the best time to build contemporary financial portal; therefore, our developers constantly thrive to upgrade themselves to build the best solutions of your genre that will cater to the current and future market needs. Our solutions quickly adapt to the market changes. Our inventive approach offers business outcome-based model thus adding certainty to the clients’ business.

Our goal is to optimize investment, enhance operational efficiency and minimize risk. We also build customized solutions and secure new opportunities to stay ahead of the competition.

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