Media & Entertainment

Digital revolution, that’s what we are going through since more than a decade. With information Technology’s presence in every sector, we simply call this generation as a Digital generation. Media and Entertainment industry is also going through a revamp, thanks to the digital consumerism. Today, “the one device-one use” concept has become obsolete and the world is magnetized to options such as better devices, variety of media conduits etc. Accepting the very fact of survival, Media and Entertainment industry now embraces social media, connected consumers and changing behavior patterns. This brings the challenge of engaging consumers through anytime, anywhere presence.

Eliminating the challenges and providing the competitive edge in the ever so busy industry, GMI form niche solution with deep-domain, industry-specific expertise. We address unique challenges in three ways: business remodeling, accelerating innovation and streamlining operations.

Our capability and broad portfolio comprises of:

  • Digital media content publishing platform
  • Social Networking portal
  • Online marketing and campaign management system
  • Web Content Management Solutions
  • Native Mobile Application development
  • Cross-platform mobile application development (using the latest HTML5, CSS3 and other technologies)
  • Multi-channel distribution platforms (B2B)
  • Enterprise systems and business intelligence
  • Broadcasting applications

Simplifying media and entertainment

With a proven forte in web application development and wireless application development, GMI supplements online media companies and entertainment providers with state-of-the-art online advertising solutions, social network development and content distribution channels to effectively empower the entertainment value chain.

With powerful analytics to predict the ‘where, what and why’ of consumer needs, GMI delivers business value and increased profitability by catering to all the phases of the project lifecycle. We provide the right mix of technology and domain acumen in order to craft the right solutions for your industry and typically for your organization’s needs.


To help traditional entertainment providers synergize their output with intensive networking, GMI upgrades productivity through the implementation of ‘Web 2.0′ based solutions that offer a next generation web experience. GMI simplifies the generation and distribution of web content by empowering web portals with blogs, podcasts, RSS feeds and numerous other emerging technologies that enhance market reach. Proficient at establishing seamless web and wireless inter-communication, GMI maximizes visibility for businesses by capitalizing on the mobile networking boom.

At GMI, we are a team of skilled professionals who strive to leverage the way you operate and keep up the pace with fast technology transformations through our passion for technology. Contact us for the best solutions for each industry!

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